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    Rob Tillett has been an astrologer for more than three decades.
    In previous incarnations a poet, musician, magician, healer, dramatist & composer, he is the editor and publisher of Astrology on the Web and has written many articles on this website.
    Rob lives in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, on the east coast of Australia.

    Pisces, the Fishes. Click for more on Pisces
    Pisces, the Fishes
    bullet Relationships: The Journey to the Heart
    bullet Career & Finances: Stake Your Claim
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    2010 Horoscope Forecast
    Pisces, the Fishes in 2010 
    This is Definitely Your Year!

    Happy New Year, dear Pisces. And does it look like a splendid one for you! Mighty Jupiter, your planetary life-ruler, moving through the last few degrees of Aquarius as the year turns, cruises forward into Pisces on January 18th. This is the first time in 12 years for Jupiter to come home to Pisces, so it's definitely a Good Thing!

    2010 will be a year in which your personality shines and your natural charm is boosted by the stars. You will be able to take your whole life to a new level, for the power of your dreams will be magnified. It's a fortunate time, when the world will appreciate you for your unique abilities and will love your looks. One thing to watch, however, will be trying too hard to impress other people, mainly through grandiose gestures and attempts to seem more important. No need for that, as people will think you are wonderful anyway.

    Be careful not to put on weight in all the feasting and merriment, because the expansive influence of Jupiter can also enlarge your waistline! Uh, oh. But if you can resist the temptation to overindulge, your health and wellbeing will work out nicely. If you've been starving yourself under the crusty old influences of 2009, you'll do well now to put some meat on your bones.

    Jupiter powers forward in Pisces this year, leaping into Aries on June 6th. This turns your attention to your financial situation and can see you spending more than might be wise, perhaps in an attempt to show off. Tsk tsk. Nevertheless, excellent opportunities will present themselves during these heady weeks, even after Jupiter turns retrograde on July 23rd, returning to Pisces once more on September 9th. This is a good time for sorting out anything which has been bugging you, especially in the days around August 17th, when Jupiter opposes Saturn, a major celestial event, just as sharp-tongued Mercury prepares to turn retro on the 20th in picky Virgo. Be as flexible as you can, and don't count on others—especially partners, older people, financial types and father figures—to be of much use. It may be best to resist some promising new must-have and hang on to what you've got, at least for the time being. And don't try to bend or break the rules, or weighty consequences will surely ensue. It's important to understand that you will probably not be able to remove the forces that oppose you, which only leaves you the option of finding a constructive way to work around them, or with them.

    Jupiter remains retro in Pisces until he turns direct again on November 18th. The week or so on either side of this date is ideal for making bold decisions regarding who you are and where you will be heading in the months ahead. Venus too turns direct on this date, so it's definitely the time to make decisions about relationships, especially if you have been enjoying a passionate dalliance with an exciting mysterious figure in the preceding weeks.

    Love and Money Relationships: the Journey to the Heart  Go to Top

    It's an unusual and stimulating year for the Fish. Not only is healing Jupiter at home in Pisces, his night-throne, giving you confidence and boosting your personality, but Mars, fierce masculine planet of passion and action, and Venus, sensual feminine planet of desire and relationships, both turn retrograde—Mars in dramatic, egocentric Leo and Venus in intense, sexy Scorpio. With the Dragon's Tail, the Moon's south node, moving through your house of romance all year, a sense of destiny, or karma, will propel your attractions, no matter what you might feel inclined to do about them. Power on!

    Mars begins the year already retrograde in Leo, opposing Jupiter and Neptune, the two planetary powers that relate most strongly to Pisces. Mars turned retrograde in Leo on December 20, 2009, and will remain retrograde until March 10. Mars stays in Leo until June 7th, a long stay, since Mars only turns retrograde once every two years and two months or so. This makes it an important but trouble-prone phase that pressurises your health as well as relationships with co-workers and underlings. Don't try to achieve too much, or go too fast and too far, especially in mid-August when Saturn opposes Jupiter—you might explode under the pressure! A passionate affair, probably a secret one, is indicated with someone connected with work. Be careful if you are having a sexual indiscretion, as Mars in this place tends to infections and fevers, not to mention nasty violent outbursts from those who deem themselves hard done by.

    Mars in Virgo between June 7th and July 29th stimulates a lot of action with partners and open enemies, so the secret affair if there is one is likely to come out into the public domain, thanks to Virgo's penchant for picking up little details and tiny clues that you might have forgotten to cover up. Ugh. In any case, people are likely to pry into your business, and relationships with men can be troublesome.

    Mars skips through Libra between the end of July and September 14th while Venus is in Libra too, so a delightfully exciting time may be expected discovering or rediscovering the mysteries of life, death, taxes and sex, among other things. Mars and Venus are conjunct in Libra on August 20th, just as Mercury turns retrograde in Virgo, your seventh house of marriage, partners and open confrontation. This is a banner day, so if you are partying (it's a Friday) be ready for some fantasy-fulfilling action. Don't expect it to last, but it will be fun.

    On September 8th, Venus, bold as brass, slithers into Scorpio, the sign of her fall, just as Jupiter moves back into Pisces in his retro phase. Mercury turns direct on the 12th, then Mars, the mighty Warrior, joins Venus in his night-throne, Scorpio, just as Pluto, the dark lord of transformation, turns direct after months of retro motion in Capricorn. A rare treat! Mars rejoices in Scorpio, where his best qualities are expressed, but with Venus slowing there in preparation for her rare retro phase, ample quantities of sensual delight will be piled on the cosmic platter. Scorpio rules sexuality and in your chart governs enticing foreigners, faraway places, artistic and cultural types, along with spiritual progress. Quite a mouthful, so to speak...

    Venus turns retrograde in Scorpio on October 8th, conjunct the jealous and dangerous fixed star Zuben Algenubi (the South Scale). Sexual exploits will therefore follow during the retrograde phase, which lasts until November 18, when both Venus and Jupiter both turn direct. Remember that the Venus shadow period lasts until December 21, the solstice.

    Venus in Scorpio is highly-sexed and risk-prone, so with macho Mars there too, we can expect some serious sexual shenanigans. If we add the retro phase into the mix, this spells trouble with a capital T. A jealous love nature, intense passionate emotions, and a love of sensation, luxury and pleasures will be the flavour of the month. If you get any infections, go straight to the clinic. This period will present a powerful mating phase, but those already mated may find trouble on the home front, especially August 17-20 or thereabouts, so tread carefully.

    2010 Pisces Home and Family Home and Family Go to Top

    Home and family are likely to be lower than usual on your list of priorities, because the big focus this year is, well, you! With Jupiter in your sign for most of the year—with a foray into fiery Aries, your house of personal finances—your main preoccupation may be how to find the money to pay for all those things, clothes, travel, etc. that will help you fulfil yourself to the max.

    Saturn, the other Great Chronocrator, spends most of the year in Libra, your house of sex, death and taxes, as well as other people's money; so borrowed money and partnership funds will be a big part of the picture, along with mystical or occult investigations, and, well, sex, especially during August, when Mars and Venus are there too. Saturn's presence in your eighth house may bring a death in the family, and is likely to see problems with lenders, such as home mortgage providers etc.

    Mind you, when Saturn retrogrades back into Virgo between the end of May and the middle of July, you'll be placating your partner for having blown the budget, not to mention all the other naughty things you've been up to for the past two and a half years, while Saturn was making his way through Virgo last time around, between September 2007 and October 2009. Financial crisis, anyone?

    Children are not all that favoured for you this year, as the Moon's south node is trudging through Cancer, your fifth house. You'll need to watch their health and make sure they don't get mixed up with the wrong crowd. Mothers of young girls, take note. Other people's children are more likely to take up your time, as the north node (the other end of the karmic nodal axis) moves through Capricorn, your eleventh house of friends, hope and wishes, along with, yes, other people's children. They might help you find fulfilment and many of you who are available will be marrying, or shacking up with, someone who already has children from a previous union. Saturn's venture back into Virgo between April 8 and July 22 prepares the ground for a marriage where practical matters are the guiding factor.

    button Work and Health Go to Top

    Mars starts the year retrograde in your sixth house of work and health, so you should get a medical and dental check up, even if you have recently had one. Mars, which in medical Astrology rules acute conditions, is likely to stimulate headaches, fevers, inflammation, or a flare-up of chronic illness. Avoid conflict and argument with co-workers, especially men, as violence and accidental injury, particularly burns and cuts, are bubbling beneath the surface. The intense phase is between December 20, 2009 and March 10, 2010, though the shadow phase lasts until May 17. There will be plenty of things for you to do in the way of physical exercise and work—on the job as well as around the house, and you may need to hire others. The flow of physical energy can make you more aggressive or competitive concerning work, co-workers, or employees, right up until the first week in June. Be ready to confront problems and seek a solution, but don't fall for the tendency for angry outbursts or rash actions. You could well be inspired to begin a program of physical fitness, and the best time would be during March. Be sure to consult health experts before you start, because if your body is not used to vigorous exercise, you don't want to overexert yourself.

    Saturn rules chronic conditions and is better for you in Libra than in Virgo, as you must have noticed since the Lord of Sorrows moved into Libra at the end of October 2009. Unfortunately, Saturn turns retrograde on Jan 13, moving back into Virgo on April 8. This may restimulate chronic problems, especially those affecting pessimism, hypochondria, nervous disorders and obstructive conditions in the bowels. Blood afflictions and arthritic conditions, especially of the fingers, may re-emerge. Maintain a positive attitude and remember that Saturn's job is to point out obstructions and obstacles, so that we may become healed through overcoming them. Saturn turns direct in Virgo on May 20, a good time to implement plans regarding marriage or partnership, returning to Libra on July 22.

    2010 Pisces Career Matters Career and Finances Go to Top

    Jupiter rules your career and public image, and is in the last few degrees of Aquarius as the year kicks off. This suggests benefit will come through hospitals, government and other big institutions, such as universities, even prisons in the year to come. As the Lord of Fortune enters Pisces on January 18th, your own personal charm will cause you to shine during the year ahead, so make the most of it. You are naturally lucky, and money should come your way. The key will be hanging onto it!

    Venus in Earthy Capricorn as the year begins shows that benefit will come through friends and associates. You will be concerned with what does or does not make you happy, but group activities will turn out to be rewarding. Venus enters Aquarius on January 18th, only hours after Jupiter enters Pisces, so the idea of money coming through dealings with institutions and anything concealed or behind the scenes is supported.

    The big development of the year happens just after the Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 27th, when disruptive Uranus moves out of Pisces (huzzah!) and into Aries, your second house of personal finances and values (ugh!). Uranus has been stirring you up for the past seven years, creating substantial havoc with your personal life, self-image and even your appearance, which has rocked and rolled alarmingly. Now the arching sky-lord gets started on your money box. During this next seven year phase your financial status is likely to undergo change, including one or more complete reversals. Unstable conditions surrounding your income and finances suggest that money may be gained and lost, and even gained again.

    This is not necessarily negative. Losing money in one enterprise may inspire you to make it up in another. Expenditures need to change as new or unexpected situations develop. The major influence during this period is not concerned solely with money and material wealth; it encompasses whatever you value—and that includes relationships. The loss or gain of an important relationship can cause you to establish new values, or shift old priorities. New circumstances may challenge your basic principles, or, as the case may be, place such an emphasis on what is really important that you abandon whatever is no longer meaningful.

    Over all you should do well this year, but as Jupiter powers into Aries from June 7 to September 9, you will be more likely to spend at least as much as you receive during this period, probably on status-related items. Jupiter conjoins Uranus during the first half of June, when circumstances make you more aware of freedom and independence. This can mean physical freedom as well as independence of thought, or both. You may be encouraged to join, or actively participate in groups or mass causes. These group activities should prove highly beneficial. Your approach to dealing with people will be more egalitarian and outgoing, as you seek more understanding of your role in the lives of others: as friend, parent, lover, or associate. You should find success if you are in finance, fund-raising, computers, technology, astrology, travel (especially the airlines), and group activities.

    Uranus and Jupiter both turn retro in July, rubbing shoulders again during most of September. The influence of this conjunction is subliminal, but important, and is going to be felt over this whole period, but will have more of a feeling that circumstances govern the situation during the retrograde conjunction. These massive forces meet again in direct motion during the last week of December and into the first half of January 2011. The benefits will be decided and aimed forward during this final phase. People born during the late 60's, with Uranus in late Virgo or early Libra will be strongly affected by this planetary transition, as it will mark the phase of their mid-life crises!

    2010 Pisces Mercury the MessengerMercury the Messenger  Go to Top

    Mercury moves into retrograde motion three times a year as a rule, for about three weeks each time. This year sees Merc travelling in reverse four times, which is unusual. The retro phase marks a time of confusion and misunderstandings, which can affect arrangements, travel, transport, appliances, machinery and communications. The breakdowns that occur are a function of neglect, inattention, simple misunderstandings or component failure. They will often bring to the fore the very contingency we should have planned for—and didn't. During the retro period, and even for a week or two before and after, in the Mercury Shadow, we need to be aware of this tendency. It is best to put off major decisions, or signing crucial documents and agreements. It is not exactly wise to make important decisions while Mercury is retrograde, since it is likely they will be clouded by misinformation, poor communication and careless thinking. Mercury is all about mental clarity and the power of the mind, so when Mercury is retrograde these intellectual characteristics tend to be less acute than usual. Make sure you pay attention to the small print!

    Mercury's first retro cycle begins on Boxing Day, December 26th, 2009, in Capricorn, the Sea-Goat. You have no doubt been experiencing an increase in communications and activities with friends—and not just because it's Christmas. Unfortunately, there are likely to be some hiccups with communication in this area, and interactions or travel with children, especially children who are not biologically yours but for whom you have responsibility. Be sure that all your arrangements are clear and that everyone knows where the tickets are. Disruption can occur in clubs and associations, as activities such as fund raising, membership drives, or newsletters can suffer crossed wires. The Divine Messenger turns direct again on January 15, at the Capricorn New Moon, which is conjunct the benefic planet Venus. It's a good day to start over, but remember that the shadow phase lasts until Feb 4.

    Mercury's second reverse motion cycle begins in Taurus, the sign of the Bull, on April 18th. It's busy busy for you, as business projects (especially sales), contacts with siblings, correspondence, educational meetings, neighbourhood activities, errands, or travel are thrown into disarray, no doubt due to carelessness and not paying attention. You will be tempted to gamble on a "sure thing" but make sure your tip is correct and that it's not scratched. Information and ideas are flowing, but gossipy types will spread malicious rumours, if you are not careful. Be sure to keep a firm clasp on your mouth, lest secrets come out into the open. Cars and other vehicles, computers, phones or mechanical and electrical equipment tend to play up, perhaps from overload! Mercury moves forward on May 11th, with the shadow lasting till May 29.

    Mercury's third retro cycle begins in Virgo on August 20th, so you can expect some discussions with lawyers and concern with legal matters. Partners will be picky, so be sure to get every detail very clear in your mind and check the fine print. Debates, communications with partners, contract negotiations, and joint ventures of any kind can see confusion unless you have everything marked out for all to see. The dates and times of consultations should be carefully checked. Mercury moves forward on September 12th, with the shadow phase around till Sep 27.

    Mercury's fourth and final retro phase begins on December 10, 2010, in Capricorn again. A lot of issues from the past have emerged during the past twelve months, concerning your hopes and dreams and relationships with friends and associates, and now is the time to finalise them. Be sure to make your position clear, lest some misunderstanding get you in deeper water than you'd like. Plan travel well in advance, and be sure to have the agendas confirmed in writing. Don't leave things till the last minute, especially Christmas and New Year arrangements. Mercury returns to direct motion in Sagittarius on December 30th, with the shadow phase dogging your footsteps until January 18th. Have a cool Yule!

    2010 Lady Moon Lunar Life with Lady Moon Go to Top

    Your New Moon arrives on March 15th, conjunct both disruptive Uranus and cerebral Mercury in your very own sign. Mercury is the planet of intellect and communication, while the esoteric side of Uranus stimulates your native genius. Some marvellous writing then? Or brilliant media creations, marking a new start for you this year. As cerebral as these planets may be, Pisces is a deeply emotional, sensitive even psychic sign, so even though communications may have little personal relevance—being more to do with your outer environment than with personal problems or goals—everything you create has a deep emotional undertone. You will put your feelings into this new direction, even when the primary issues involve larger societal activities and motives. For the greater good, then. Other people will be a prime factor in the direction you take.

    Mars is stationary direct in the first degree of Leo now after months of retro delvings into things long left undone, so prepare to power forward in your daily responsibilities and working life over coming weeks. You may even need to hire people to help you, but remember to keep your temper with the noobs. This could also be a productive time to take on a new health regimen, or a fitness program. Your personal communications, information, or even travels may be unique, nontraditional, or out of sync with everything or everyone else. Technical information, computers, software, international finances, newsletters and websites, or the business side of organizations to which you belong may be on your agenda.

    Your Full Moon comes on August 24th, as the Sun enters Virgo, your seventh house, so everything must be just so. Your partner or spouse is likely to seem rather too demanding and critical, especially where money is concerned. It is time to heal past wounds, so that you can forge ahead with things that seem to have been kept out of sight for too long. Since Mercury is retrograde in Virgo now, you need to watch your p's and q's even more so than usual. Your love is likely to seem touchy, but probably it's not your fault. Worry and financial cares lie at the bottom of it. Be your beautiful healing self and use your charm to find a way through it. Next month improves, when Jupiter retrogrades back to Pisces.

    EclipsesEclipses Go to Top

    Eclipses of both the Sun and the Moon often indicate the end of a cycle or a significant change in the direction or pattern of the affairs governed by the house in which the eclipse falls. Eclipses of the Sun affect work, direction and relations with people in authority. Eclipses of the Moon affect matters connected with home, family and emotions as well as relations with women and children, and with the public at large. Both may affect your health.

    The year begins with Lunar Eclipse at the Full Moon in emotional Cancer on Dec 31, New Year's Eve 2009, stimulating teary farewell to a year that most of us will be glad to see the last of! Romantically inclined Fish will find love on New Year's Eve, perhaps with an old flame, but will it last? Those of you with children need to keep an eye on them, lest they run riot or get too mouthy, and if you have been dabbling in risky investments, caution is most strongly advised. Friends and associates will be fine company, but watch what you say, for misunderstandings can lead to trouble up until the Solar Eclipse of January 15, when retro Mercury turns direct again.

    An annular Solar Eclipse comes with the New Moon in Capricorn on January 15th, when trouble with friends or those you work with can lead to a breakup. You need to give serious consideration to the role you play in the lives of others, whether as a friend, lover, parent, or business associate. Don't try to manipulate your way out of difficulties in this area, because the eclipse cycle won't let you get away with it; the cosmic spotlight is focused firmly on this zone all year. It really is time for a new beginning, so that you can take advantage of the beautiful vibration of the year once fortunate Jupiter enters Pisces on Jan 18. A secret affair is in the wind for some, as Venus enters unconventional Aquarius on the same day. Is this the igniting of a new flame, or a resparking of an old one? Passionate Mars retrograde in Leo wants you to resolve the past, but sexy Venus is pulling in the opposite direction and wants you to make a new start. Gosh!

    A Lunar Eclipse comes with the Full Moon in Capricorn on June 26th, stimulating or finalising a change, perhaps a break in relations with a lover or a friend. The movement of the eclipse cycle has been focusing heavily on your friendships and love affairs this year, ever since the Lunar Eclipse in romantic Cancer on New Year's Eve. You must find a new place to stand with regard to your relationships and how you fit in with others—and indeed, how they fit in with you. This sector of the zodiac also governs how you achieve your hopes and dreams; tread carefully this month, for on the day of the eclipse, Mercury and Jupiter are under severe pressure. You had better prepare for a big transformation in your friendships and business contacts this month.

    A Solar Eclipse comes with the New Moon in Cancer on July 11th. Good news should bring you financial benefit, but lifestyle, romance, and family life will be subject to change or a cyclical ending, especially given that Jupiter is preparing to turn retrograde in fiery Aries on July 23rd. New interests or activities will shift your focus, and a complete reassessment of your personal priorities and system of values is in the wind. The Cancer New Moon always marks a new start for the Fish, and since this is a Solar Eclipse, you'll probably find that you can't make an omelette with breaking some eggs. Now is the time to make serious financial decisions, so be sure to manage your interests with care, especially where children are concerned, or where your financial investments and speculative ventures are involved.

    A Lunar Eclipse comes with the Full Moon in Gemini on December 21st, the Solstice, awakening an unexpected outburst or upset from someone near you, for the eclipse is square to disruptive Uranus in your sign. Mercury and Jupiter are both under pressure, just as they were at the Lunar Eclipse in June, so this should bring matters that have been bubbling beneath the surface to a very visible head. You might not like what you hear, as Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius, the sign on your mid-heaven, governing your career, public image, and dealing with important people. Prepare yourself for a power struggle with friends or associates, who might not always have your best interests at heart.


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