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    2010 Sagittarius Solar Festival: part 1 | part 2 | Scorpio Fest | Libra Fest | Leo Fest | Cancer Eclipse | Cancer Fest | Wesak Festival
    Bathing Beauties
    A Parade of Bathing Beauties

    Sagittarius's Moon:
    The Sagittarius Solar Festival Part 2
    Wandering in the Great Void

    Malvin concludes his esoteric examination of the Sagittarius Solar Festival, 2010. In this case it is a total Lunar Eclipse on the 21st of December 2010 at around 08:18 UT (GMT). This is followed by a Solar Eclipse at the New Moon in Capricorn on the 4th of January at around 08:52 UT (GMT), which Malvin also examines with a view to its esoteric significance.

    The first eclipse is also the full moon, a full lunar eclipse, both of which take place at 7:18 PM AEDT (8:18 AM UT) on the 21st of December. The second eclipse is a partial solar eclipse, taking place at 7:52 PM AEDT (08:52 AM UT) on the 4th of January 2011. Both eclipses are of the 13 North modified Saros series, indicating an initial break or separation, followed at some point by a reuniting and eventual achievement of some sort. These eclipses favour large enterprises and group efforts. We will start with the lunar eclipse, and it is a powerful one, taking place conjunct an Aries point (29 Sag 20).

    The full moon/eclipse figure is quite dynamic, and it is essentially the same in dynamics as the Capricorn ingress figure as well, which occurs just over 12 hours later on the morning of the 22nd of December, Australia time. In the full moon figure we have a stellium composed of the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Pluto. All of these oppose the Moon except for Mars, on top of which we see squares to the full moon axis by a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. The Chiron/Neptune conjunction makes an 'easy opposition' of the full moon axis and the whole figure is capped off by a lovely square between Mars and Saturn. Venus is sitting there by its lonesome in Scorpio, though it does form a septile triangle with the Sun, Mercury, Chiron and Neptune. In addition, the Sun and Mercury are in quintile to Saturn. All I can say about this figure is, “Merry Christmas!”

    Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

    Actually, I think a lot of good will eventually come from what is likely to be a difficult eclipse period and its subsequent activations, most all of which are by Mars. Those activations will come on 2 Aug and 16 Nov 2012, 12 Jul 2013 and 15 Oct 2014. There is a Jupiter activation which will be on 23 Jun 2013. Though it is a south node eclipse, denoting finishing of business and possible separations, the symbols for the degrees of the Sabian symbols are rather uplifting. The symbol for the solar degree reads:

    The pope, blessing the faithful. 30 Sag

    Have we been faithful to the best part of ourselves this year? Have we held faith in our spiritual teachers and that within us which is right and good? Santa's been watching, you know? Joking aside, this is typically a time of year wherein we do receive blessings from the realized beings of this world, if we have made efforts in our spiritual practices. Perhaps instead we get a little 'reminder' to renew our efforts and do better in the year to come, but that in itself is a blessing. I see this symbol not so much as one of organized religion, but as a call to those of faith to renew their efforts. One must have faith if one is to walk the path with any facility. There are times when the teacher is needed. This is also a symbol of a universal blessing that is given out in the Capricorn interval, which this degree presages. It is a symbol of faith in that which is beyond our comprehension, but towards which we aspire, regardless of one's religious affiliations. That is in distinction to the lunar symbol, which is all about ordinary appearances and the allure of worldly life, which reads:

    A parade of bathing beauties before large beach crowds. 30 Gemini

    Now, I have nothing against bathing beauties. For myself, I quite enjoy the 'scenery' at the beach when I go, but I also know what I am engaging in when I am in that frame of mind. We all do similar things in our way. The main meaning of this symbol in relation to this eclipse and full moon period is to look beyond the glamour of things and people's surface and appearance. It is a trap if we allow it to be. How many people, for instance, have married or involved themselves with someone on the basis of looks, only to regret it later? How many schemes have we engaged in for the same reason? Beauty has its place and it can be a powerful draw. However, there is also nothing wrong with simply enjoying a beautiful day at the beach, the beauty of nature in all its forms, but at the same time not getting too caught up in matters. Making a show of things is another aspect of this symbol, too, but eventually one has to deliver something of substance in any relationship, otherwise there are consequences. Too often the focus is on the package and not the contents therein. It is the content of relations and life direction that will come under judgement at this eclipse.

    On the whole, this full moon period and its subsequent activations can bring powerful schisms between people, but those will be for the purpose (largely unrecognized as such) of reorientation and reassessment rather than of major separation. That is indicated in dual fashion in the chart. Firstly there is the aspect of separation, indicated by Mars and Pluto with the Sun and opposing the Moon, which is the focus of the eclipse. The activating factor is indicated by the t-square with Jupiter/Uranus, a most beneficent duo in a spiritual sense, pushing one toward expanded thinking and higher goals. Then, after the dust has settled, healing comes from the Chiron/Neptune sextile/trine to the full moon axis, which is a powerfully alluring conjunction in and of itself, but also one of high spiritual insight and healing—and, it is an aspect that augers longevity in outcomes. So, with this eclipse and its activations, don't be surprised at blow-ups and glitches in relations, but at the same time do not write those relations off. Things will not be what they seem at the time of the split, and there are opportunities for healing later. The main trigger for splits is frustration, indicated by the Mars/Saturn square.

    Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

    The second eclipse, the solar eclipse takes place on the 14th degree of Capricorn, the symbol for which reads:

    An ancient bas-relief carved in granite remains a witness to a long-forgotten culture.

    There are two main elements to this symbol: recognizing what is of true value, and historical perspective. What is it that we wish to leave behind as a testament to our lives, if anything? What mark do we make on the world and what impression will it leave for those who come after—many generations after? What is the soul history that has brought us to this point? The 'granite' of this symbol could be seen as the permanent atoms in the causal field, wherein all the records of one's long series of lives are stored. There they remain until we attain liberation from cyclic existence, being the seeds from which our bodies are formed in life after life. The body is, in one respect, an historical record as well as a vehicle for earthly experience. There is something of ancient memory and soul history represented in this symbol. We have no knowledge of the past lives that are influencing our present one. They are long-forgotten and ancient, yet we get a glimpse of them through our predilections for certain foods and cultures, feelings of deja-vu and so forth. So, what does this symbol represent for us in terms of this solar eclipse?

    In the eclipse figure we again see a very potent mix of energies. The Sun/Moon conjunction is at the midpoint of Mars and Pluto, making a stellium. The reading of that midpoint structure is one of daring, impulsiveness, ambition, even to the point of violence, an upset or shock caused by the intervention of a higher power, injuries and accidents, the ability to push things through against the odds, strong hunches played through, unredeemable upsets and the ability to work very hard. The Sun and Moon are square to Saturn, further highlighting ambition (children born at this time will have an unstoppable ambition and ability), but also increasing levels of frustration and bringing about very fated events. If this eclipse occurs near one's angles or luminaries then expect things to change in a big way. This is a north node eclipse, which will eventually bring new starts, but the events surrounding it may seem anything but opportune. Basically, if you want to make an indelible mark on the world this eclipse will be an excellent opportunity to set things in motion—but be very careful not to throw out the baby with the bath water. This eclipse can also set one up for any of a menagerie of karmic consequences if care is not taken with people.

    Critical Degrees

    Both of these eclipses fall on so-called critical degrees, the first one being at an anaretic degree and the one just described at a lunar mansion point. Both eclipses mark times of major decision in one's life if one's own chart is activated by one of them and also times of potentially great upheaval. If one gets an activation to their own chart and the eclipses and subsequent activations go by relatively unnoticed, then you can bet that you have made good choices in the past. However, if nothing happens, one might well ask why no opportunity for growth was presented. It doesn't have to be traumatic or even dramatic, though it is likely to be, given the nature of the eclipse figures. You may not see anything at the time of the eclipse, but things may and probably will happen around the times of subsequent activation. The Mars activations of the solar eclipse will come on 23 Aug, 4 Dec 2012, 2 Aug 2013 and 13 Nov 2014, with Jupiter activations in 2013 and 2014. Look for the opportunities in all circumstances surrounding these eclipses and know that some powerful forces for change—positive change—are in the works.

    Yes, this letter was a bit longer than usual, but it is also an end-of-year letter and a consideration of two eclipses. In a way, the world is in a uniquely 'Sagittarian' state of mind at the moment, but that is a good thing and it will eventually bring about a reorientation toward sounder and more humane values in society. I really do wish all of you well over the holiday season. Next year, the Year of the Iron Rabbit, will be a complement to the Year of the Iron Tiger now finishing, and will mark a more introspective time. I will talk about what I see for that at length in the Chinese New Year letter. The Chinese New Year is on the 3rd of February next year. For now, may your travels be easy as you wander through the Great Void, and may yourselves, friends and family be of good health and happy. I'll see you all in the New Year!

    16 Dec 2010

    This is the end of the article.

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    Yin YangMalvin Artley is an accredited member of the American Federation of Astrologers. His primary focus over the past 25 years has been on the sciences as they express occultism and with bridging work between the two. His special interests in those fields are the human subtle energy system and all the chakras, or energy centres, physics and technology, astronomy and all aspects of Chinese occultism. Malvin has just announced that he now has his own website! Check out www.malvinartley.com/
    He sends out periodic emails about astrological happenings and developments. These letters are sent out as a gift and a service. If you wish to be added to or deleted from the mailing list please let me know. If you feel inspired to pass them on please do so, but do so without alteration or charge. They are sent to people of many persuasions, not just astrologers. Blessings. Click here to subscribe to Malvin's periodic letters.

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