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    God's Firmament: Part 1 | Part 2 | Aches to Quakes | Yakutia Mystery | Hurricane Katrina

    The Cosmos

    The Twilight Zone:
    God's Firmament & the Earthquake  [part two]
    Nicola Tesla and Zero Point Energy

    Larry A. Park, a senior computer engineer and holder of patents for earthquake prediction, explains how modern science has taken a wrong turn on the ether. Nicola Tesla was a genius in the early part of the 20th century who discovered many amazing facts about nature, including Alternating Current, the technique for electricity transmission which keeps modern society throbbing. This is part two of Larry's article, which discusses Tesla and earthquake prediction, scalar waves and zero point energy

    Science ‘goofed’ on assuming ether is non-existent

    Another ‘goof’ in science is that, since ether didn’t exist (Michelson-Morley experiment interpretation), this pesky term in Maxwell’s equations could be fudged – or assumed to be zero. Scientist Oliver Heavyside didn’t like the increasing complexity in solving equations in the full equation forms. By assuming this term ‘non-physical’, it allowed the simplification of equations and thus working with them. Turns out, this pesky term is not zero at all and is real. Oops.

    What does this mean? It means that science has missed the fact of existence of this term. It means that this term implies an ability to interact with Scalar Field Effects – or Scalar waves. Tesla knew of these. He called them Longitudinal waves. And what does Longitudinal waves propagate within? A medium, or the ‘ether’.

    How do Scalar Field Effects, Ether, and Zero Point Energy tie together? It means that the tremendous energy of ZPE can manifest in our world in a synchronized way. The earthquake. [For a description of scalar waves see prior articles].

    Did Tesla really cause an earthquake?

    To date, all who have studied an experiment Tesla performed in New York have completely missed the physics of what Tesla did that day. It is profound. I will reveal enough detail of the physics to prove to science that there is a true secret to earthquakes. This secret is what makes easy the early detection of earthquakes. This secret will radically change existing earthquake theory.

    New York World – Telegram
    July 11, 1935

    “I was experimenting with vibrations, I had one of my machines going and I wanted to see if I could get it in tune with the vibration of the building. I put it up notch after notch. There was a peculiar cracking sound.”

    “I asked my assistants where did the sound come from. They did not know. I put the machine up a few more notches. There was a louder cracking sound. I knew I was approaching the vibration of the steel building. I pushed the machine a little higher.”

    “Suddenly all the heavy machinery in the place was flying around. I grabbed a hammer and broke the machine. The building would have been about our ears in another few minutes. Outside in the street there was pandemonium. The police and ambulances arrived. I told my assistants to say nothing. We told the police it must have been an earthquake. That’s all they ever knew about it.”

    – Nikola Tesla

    What Tesla was doing was using an air powered mechanical oscillator to resonate a girder in a building. He was adjusting it to find a precise resonant frequency. Other reports describe earlier experiments when he resonated a two foot long and two inch thick metal bar using this oscillator. When “in tune” with this bar, and after a long wait, unusual phenomena developed. The steel bar began to tremble, increasing in its trembling until it dialated and contracted like a ‘beating heart’ – until it finally broke. After this experiment is when Tesla resonated a building girder.

    Other versions of what happened are written:

    “After setting the little machine up, he proceeded to putter about the lab on other projects that needed attention. Meanwhile, for blocks around, chaos reigned as objects fell off shelves, furniture moved across floors, windows shattered, and pipes broke. The pandemonium didn’t go unnoticed in the local precinct house where prisoners panicked and police officers fought to keep coffee and donuts from flying off desks. Used as they were to the frequent calls about diabolical noises and flashes from Mr. Tesla’s block, they hightailed it over. Racing up the stairs and into the lab, they found the inventor smashing the vibrator into bits with a sledgehammer. Turning to them in accustomed old-world aplomb, he apologized calmly: ‘Gentlemen, I am sorry. You are just a trifle too late to witness my experiment. I found it necessary to stop it suddenly and unexpectedly in an unusual way.”

    There is a reason Tesla had to smash it with a sledgehammer. The device froze its controls. Huh? A hint develops from more:

    “One source has it that the device ‘bonded to the metal on an atomic level’ and Tesla was unable to get at the controls, but it seems more likely that the wild movements of the girder, combined with the panic that he might bring the neighborhood down, moved Tesla to this unsubtle action.”

    Even the writer thought it too far fetched that the device ‘bonded on the atomic level’ – thus the commentary 'but it seems more likely...' Again, this demonstrates how people have missed what truly happened. It did bond on an atomic level.

    Reports do not dispute that the surrounding area (blocks) ground was moving (shaking). How could a simple oscillator result in metric tons of oscillatory motion in the earth?

    Remember the steel bar that was undulating like a ‘beating heart’? This describes an elastic property that the steel developed AND that a force within the steel at an atomic level was dialating and contracting itself.

    Before I get into the physics of exactly what happens, I want to illustrate how material science today has partially discovered resonant effects in structures of metals.

    Vibratory Stress Relief (VSR)

    In metal component fabrication, an undesirable effect develops within the metals that degrades its quality. Residual Stresses in metals are introduced from fabrication, machining or assembly. To reduce these stresses, a heat process called Thermal Stress Relief (TSR) can reduce/modify the internal stresses. TSR is typically done in large furnaces by heating to high temperatures followed by slowing cooling. Of course, science today recognizes that heat will soften the metal. This occurs from atomic vibration (heat). The lattice structure of the metal becomes more elastic. Stresses (strain) within the lattice structure shift to even out.

    When materials become more elastic, they are said to change in rigidity. Science uses a rigidity factor called Young’s Modulus, or Modulus of Elasticity.

    Materials scientists have found that the same stress relief can be achieved by a process of vibrating the metal part at its precise resonant frequency.

    William F. Hahn

    “..The results show that the frequency producing the greatest stress relief occurs at the resonant frequency (natural frequency). The reduction of residual stress after resonant vibratory treatment can attain 97%. Sub-resonant VSR treatments get less or no residual stress relief, depending on the frequency level applied.”

    This process saves a great amount of heat energy to do the same stress relief using just vibration. This gives an indication of small amounts of energy applied in a resonant fashion has a notable heat energy equivalence – irregardless of the heat loss from the furnace.

    These scientists are on to something. But what happens when you vibrate in an unabated, escalating process? A whole series of mechanisms combine. It involves known phenomena in physics referred to as Casimir effect, Van der Waals force, Coulomb forces, and a coherence effect similarly found in LASER’s (other more detailed effects such as photonic spectra of longitudinal wave are skipped to keep from getting too complex).

    Casimir Effect
    LASER’s, Casimir, Van der Waals, ZPE, and Coulomb café

    Most people are familiar with the popular laser pointing devices. Laser light is unique in that it is a powerful beam of ‘coherent’ light. Coherent light means vibrating light with the same momentum, frequency, and phase. This type of light is ‘triggered’ in a material by an escalating light ‘bouncing’ back and forth between mirrored ends in an energized material. It is simply a photonic version of people doing ‘the wave’ in a stadium. Energized electrons in an atom are triggered into emitting a ‘photon’ of light as ‘the wave’ comes through. It is synchronized light – or coherent light.

    When heat is applied to metal, the atoms will vibrate in a random way. This is like billiard balls bouncing off each other. The atoms have forces that keep them connected together even though they are vibrating. These connecting forces are charge based – like static electricity – and these forces are magnetic based – like magnets. These forces are described as Coulomb forces and Van der Waals forces. When heat (vibration) is applied to metal, the metal will start to soften. This softening effect is the changing of the Modulus of Elasticity (it becomes more rubbery). What is happening is that the vibratory movement is affecting the Coulomb forces and Van der Waals forces as these forces act on very small distances. Vibration changes some of the distances (and other complex effects).

    Now let’s throw in Casimir and ZPE. This is where it gets interesting. Science has proven the existence in one famous experiment of Zero Point Energy by the Casimir effect. This effect creates a powerful force when very smooth metal plates are moved together to very tiny separation distances. The Zero Point Energy then very strongly pushes the plates together as the middle becomes a void of the Zero Point Energy in this region. The result is energy comes from ZPE into our world. This violates in essence the second law of thermodynamics – translation: free energy or energy not from plates that is put into plates.

    Now, back to vibration. All vibration should include three forces; Coulomb force, Van der Waals force, and Casimir effects at the atomic level. Dr. Willis Lamb in the 1940’s measured a single atomic effect called the ‘Lamb Shift’. This is an effect where Zero Point Energy affected the atom and caused a upward ‘shift’ in the orbital levels of the electrons. Now we are up to four types of factors.

    Heat is considered a random vibration and will result in an average summation of effects. The net result is a softening of the mass as heat rises. However, if vibration were created that was very precise and involved the organized movement of the mass in a synchronized (coherent) way, the interesting phenomena start to occur.

    Energy grows and is ‘magnified’

    Tesla was correct in stating how a little oscillator can create tons of force. It comes from within the atoms. Coherent vibration will cause atoms to synchronously collide in greater and greater intensity. This intensity pushes atoms closer together as the synchronous ‘wave’ bounces back and forth from the ends in a resonating material (such as a metal bar). This is a metal version of a light laser. Instead of triggering light photons, the atoms are physically rebounding from each other using the added Zero Point Energy in a miniature Casimir effect way. The rebound has more energy than the initial collision.

    This escalation of energy within the resonating material will continue to grow as long as the coherent vibration wave is maintained – such as with small control energy of a precision oscillator. At a certain point, the Coulomb forces and Van der Waal forces are overwhelmed, the lattice structure of the material will become very elastic. At the same time, the power of the synchronized motion within the atomic structure will cause the material to undulate or expand and contract like a ‘beating heart’.

    This atomic interaction is how the oscillator became ‘bonded at the atomic level’ to the metal beam. It reveals the highly excited atomic condition.

    Longitudinal waves spread to nearby mass

    Longitudinal waves or scalar waves are induced into the surrounding medium (‘ether’ as Tesla referred) and begins to cohere synchronized movement of ordinary rock, dirt, or in other words, simple mass. This mass will then move to the symphony of these waves in unison. Remember that the energy for all of this is coming from the incredibly huge available energy – Zero Point Energy – that permeates everything (and the universe) as local waves in this medium cause its release. This is where the metric tons of force come from. This is how it spreads many blocks away. This is how rock transforms into a rubbery and undulating motion. This is the secret of the earthquake.
    [Note that this process does not apply to landslides, rock bursts, or traditional rock failure.]

    But this whole process takes time to build. In nature, the process for natural earthquakes can take days to weeks in building in this coherent resonance.

    Faults are natural scalar resonators
    I have equipment that can map unseen faults by detecting the scalar presence of resonating faults deep below. Faults are natural scalar resonant structures. Pressure within strained faults lead to a complex process where a sudden flash or scalar pulse occurs. This pulse is a highly effective stimulant to escalate a resonating fault. Increased scalar resonance leads to increasing pressure as the nearby rock atomic structure changes in its Modulus of Elasticity (becomes more rubbery). This leads to another series – flash – resonation – Elasticity change, etc. Scalar resonance is a wave developing process in the surrounding medium or ‘ether’. It is not detectable with traditional seismographs. What is needed is the equivalent type of equipment such as a ‘scalar seismograph’. I refer to this technology as a ‘Mass Resonant Sensory Device’. This type of device measures the change in mass effects from the developing resonant energy.
    [Note that this energy is also elusive to traditional electromagnetic, magnetic, or electrostatic methods. Energy tends to be neutral to traditional devices – only elusive artifacts appear.]
    Crust ‘softens’ or changes Modulus of Elasticity

    The earth’s crust will change in its rigidity over time as a resonant series escalates. This is how and why P-waves are detected as moving slower in the crust prior to large earthquakes. Not all processes lead to the final climax of the earthquake burst as complex interaction of other faults and stress transfer processes occur.

    Powerful burst is genesis of earthquake timing

    When the resonant escalation process develops a climax can occur. This is where a powerful burst of energy develops a strong wave in the earth. This wave is typically in the 10’s of milli Hertz range in period. The energy will then slowly transition upwards in frequency. After many hours this energy approaches the primary resonant shaking frequency of the typical earthquake motion. Flashing from the hypocenter is the outward synchronous dialation and contraction of the earthquake.

    Below are real data from recent earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest. These are from ‘scalar seismograph’ technology that recorded the transition of energy in frequency shifting.

    22milliHertz waveform
    Waveform of 22 milliHertz burst. Tick marks on top designate 1 minute. Amplitude in millivolts from scale of instrument gain. Waveform for reference only (precursor days prior).
    333milliHertz waveform
    Waveform (top trace) of hundreds of milliHertz transition phase of scalar energy. Precursor recording was for magnitude 5.0 near Vancouver Island Region December 18, 2003 PST. Top tick marks designate 1 minute intervals (precursor hours prior).
    Brittle fracture theory vs Mass Resonance & ZPE

    Plate tectonics provides an excellent model to crustal pressures. Brittle fracture theory – or sudden rupture of a strained fault – is an excellent model in identifying areas of strain. These points of strain are important in identifying areas of potential ‘flash’ processes. However, from locus of strain (points of high pressure & shear) to the resulting earthquake is inserted a new process or theory. I realize that this represents a very difficult acceptance position or viewpoint to the masses of trained seismological theory, but science cannot ignore the physics regardless of past assumptions or ‘turns’ taken.

    Intense debate on old models

    Debate can be intense – even in discussing affects of syzygy (sun, moon, tidal alignment – dynamic pressures in earth). However, these debates will be in error on both sides until the delay process of Mass Resonance to earthquake variable timing are understood. My equipment records the strongest bursts (genesis) of recordings via ‘scalar seismographs’ at syzygy timings. However, the delay process can fool statistical analysis methods as events can move outside of ‘brittle fracture’ only type models.

    Besides these interactions are the ways the energy will seek to dominate in a region before a climax burst series. This energy competes with other regions in vast distances which tend to space events evenly in time and location. More so for smaller quakes. However, when a strong event ‘wins’ it is dominant in subsequent events. Thus the clustering of what science calls ‘aftershocks’. Really, they are independent earthquakes, but in a pre-dominant region mode (scalar).

    Give the Dogs a break

    In the debates, scientists will distance themselves from reports of animal disruptions associated with earthquakes. These effects on animals are real. Scalar based instrumentation record ‘impulses’ which cause atmospheric infrasonic pulses, tones, and even pressure changes in biological tissues. The effects of scalar energy are myriad prior to earthquakes as the energy works its way to climax, and then to final frequency genesis.

    Effects range as ionization or a localized ‘Lamb shift’ in atomics in biological tissue. This can affect resonant tissues in animals and people. Not all people detect factors as the energy is extremely selective in mass. Tesla was aware of this too. He knew of the vast number of unique channels to transmit or receive through by the tuning of a mass body – he used a device called ‘sensitive device’ or a ‘coherer’.

    This precursory energy also is at the root of Luminous Phenomena associated with earthquakes. This energy also causes upper atmospheric disturbances including the ionosphere.

    Virtual Ear tones in humans is the result of modulation of tissues within the ear. It is not from direct acoustical tones. This is also how traditional acoustic equipment will not detect its presence. The fact that only certain people can detect the ‘tones’ goes back to the ‘mass resonant’ structure in the tissues which can vary from person to person. Ear Tone sensitive people detect the spectral harmonic component of the base wave that is moving up in frequency. From person to person, the time at which the tone is detected will vary too. This is due again to the resonant structure differences between people.

    NOT all animal disruptions are reliable. This is due to processes that occur that lead up to the final climax burst. This earth activity is real and animals are more sensitive to all of the processes. This is why animal plots to earthquake plots can be statistically elusive. Animals can be fooled by geologic conditions to energy – deep and lateral on emissions. Again, this adds to variability in overall statistical correlation. Only using appropriate primary MRSD devices are the reliable precursors detected.

    Protect turf, theory, expertise – or.....

    Unfortunately, what can be done with equipment with modest cost and with unprecedented accuracy will likely obsolete very expensive current projects funded to uncover the mystery of earthquakes. This is not stated lightly. The development of technology that sees the true process will represent a threat.

    Regardless of how many experts say a theory must be so does not mean it is so. This situation represents the hardest position science would face, a singular voice against decades of scientific thought, papers, publications, and beliefs.

    Nikola Tesla was right. Science took a wrong turn. Nikola Tesla did cause an earthquake. Science misses the true causes. Back then it was a singular voice – Tesla. He was disbelieved by the throngs that followed Einstein.

    History will likely repeat itself. But the Firmament will remain.

    This is the end of the article.

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    God's Firmament: Part 1 | Part 2 | Aches to Quakes | Yakutia Mystery | Hurricane Katrina

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