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    Passionate Mars, your life-ruler, ruler has joined the other celestials in your sign, increasing your personal magnetism and verve. Members of the opposite sex find you irresistible! Your personal energy is boosted and you'll seem quite wonderful, especially on Wednesday, which is a lucky day for you, so make the most of it. You've entered a totally new phase of self-discovery, which will have long-lasting effects, for Neptune has crept into Pisces, your house of secrets, beginning a long phase of spiritual growth. You'll feel a deeper interest in the occult and the paranormal. Avoid such destructive emotions as self-pity, guilt, inadequacy, and fear. You will need to restructure your personal values as the week begins and then enjoy a sociable few days, followed by a quiet weekend entertaining at home.
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      s2 Mandala by Helen Grant-Johnston
    Mandala by Helen Grant-Johnston


    Your most intimate relationship has been somewhat restricted in recent times, thanks to Saturn in your seventh house, but your personality (and problems) have been dominant, reshaping your lives. Sort out matters of profession or responsibility first up, dealing with authority and taking it yourself where and when you need to. Look at the budget with your loved one, making clear decisions about what's worth the cost it requires. You'll disagree or feel pinched or pressed by necessary constraints but don't act on impulse to throw them off. In the midweek, share with friends or join in with common activities or interests. There'll be a push and pull between what you can do and what you'd like to do. Let it ride, as things will improve anyway. On the weekend, draw the blinds, dress for a favourite fantasy or wickedness and get private with your loved one.
    Compatibility shown is a guide for long term relationships (taller=better). Signs not shown are less compatible, but sexual attractions can be formed between any of the signs.
    Some of the most explosive sexual combinations can be with technically incompatible signs, say Aries & Cancer, or Aquarius & Scorpio.
    sexual compatibility - click on column to see sign

    Love Compatibility

    Tensions due to fundamental sun-sign incompatibilities can fuel the sexual fires, especially when other factors (Moon, Mars, Venus & Ascendant) come into play.
    The best way to check your compatibility with your partner is to get your own horoscope and relationship analysis done by us!
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