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    Click these great astrology links!
    Deb Houlding's classy site
    Brilliant. The name says it all
    Naadi Shastra 
    Amazing facts about your life
    Daykeeper Journal
    Maya del Mar
    Astrology News Service
    Marjorie Orr
    Excellent & Comprehensive
    Cosmic Karma by Marguerite Manning
    Understanding Your Contract with the Universe
    Creative Mandalas
    Healing Beauty by Helen Grant-Johnston
    Crazy Horoscopes
    Oooh! Really Good!
    Malvin Artley
    Astrology bridging East & West
    Amazing Alternative News
    Zahi Music Astrology
    Strange & Cool!
    Numbers Work!
    Powerful Numerology Cards
    Essential Ptolemy
    Bill Herbst
    Astrologer Extraordinaire
    Neptune Cafe
    First Class from WolfStar
    De Sphæris
    Superb Astrology Revue (French)
    Excellent Astrology by Eric Francis
    Consider the Whole Sky
    Philip Sedgwick Galactic Times
    Loans that Change Lives
    The Horoscope Junkie
    What more can I say...?
    directory of Astrologers
    Real Health
    Energy Solutions!
    Darkstar Astrology new!
    Fixed Stars, Myth & Magic!
    The Covenstead
    affordable pagan ritual items
    My Astrology Signs
    Real Knowledge, Real People
    Wilson's Almanac
    The Book of Days
    Natural News
    Essential! News on Natural Health
    Lunar Planner
    Fine site by Nick Fiorenza
    The Secret Doctrine
    It's All Here!
    Vast Alchemical Resource
    Alchemy Lab
    Comprehensive & Valuable
    Indranet [Ivo Quartiroli]
    Outstanding! Smart.. & Wise
    Explore Astrology
    Very comprehensive!
    Astrology Online
    It's Big!
    The Occult
    Encyclopedia of the Unexplained
    Astro Jyoti
    Authentic Vedic Site
    Excellent! Right on Target!
    Zodiac X Files
    New from Curtis Mainwaring
    ACT Astrology
    Astrological Dialogue
    Excellent Vedic Astrology
    Pythagorean Physics!
    Psychic Guild
    On Line Psychics
    Mars Hill Astrology
    Hot Stuff from Gary P. Caton
    Dream Central
    all about dreams!
    Liz Greene astrology resources
    Ellie Crystal
    metaphysics, science & links
    Astrology Notes
    Astrological Knowledge Base
    Rob Hand trad. astrology
    daily info site
    Divine Explorations
    Rudhyar Archival Project
    All about Dane!
    Ursi's Eso Garden
    Wonderful Esoteric Guide
    Astral Gemstone
    the power of gems
    that's what it is
    online dating
    Fine Art Astrology Book
    Beautiful Personal Book
    Fragrant Veil
    Essential Oils for Love & Romance
    The Amazing Hondo
    put some magic in your life...
    Project Hindsight
    Hellenistic Astrology
    School of Wisdom
    Profound info from Arnold Keyserling
    Natural Essences
    Flower & Gem Essences
    Byzant Mystical
    You must see this!
    Trust Your Heart...
    Borderland Sciences
    Hidden Knowledge
    Astrology Course
    Study at home
    Constellations of Words
    Fixed Stars complete reference
    top Mac astrology software
    Celestial Weather
    by Rich Humbert
    Free PC Astrology Software
    Remarkable. A Delight!
    Claire Courts Celebrities & Current Events
    New Age Online Australia
    New Age Information
    Robert Bauval
    The Orion Mystery
    Near Death Experiences
    and the Afterlife!
    Astrologer Extraordinaire
    Vedic Astrology
    Consultation by Indian Astrologers
    Astrology Fertility
    Your fertility in the stars
    analysis of trends in global culture
    Insights into Ayurveda
    Hillside Herbal Products
    Herbs, Oils, Remedies
    The Poddys Directory
    Unique on The Web
    Popular Link Site
    Eugenia Last
    Astro-blonde. She's good!
    Chiron & Friends
    The Wounded Healer...
    Body Mind Soulhealer
    Alternative Health
    Renaissance Astrology
    Timings, Questions, Magic!
    Esoteric Technologies
    Serious PC astrology software
    Purple Energy
    Expect a Miracle!
    Free Readings at TruthStar
    Astrology Weekly
    Very Good Material!
    The Astrology Matrix
    astrology software & more
    Bernard Casimir's
    Celtic Art & Other Oddities
    Astro IQ
    Good Jyotish site
    Zodiac Designs
    Gorgeous! Barabara Nagel
    Horoscopes & Forecasts
    Good stuff by Kevin Burk
    Astrology Wizard
    Fun from England
    The Solar System
    Science innit...
    Excellent Astrology directory
    Shamanic Astrology
    Celestial Timings
    Vibrant Astrology Mandalas
    for all signs
    Fibonacci Numbers
    & the Golden Section
    Zen of Rocky
    I love this site! (non-astro)
    Claudia's Lightworker Supplies
    Useful Resource
    Planet Thrive
    Health & Wellness
    Astrology for the Soul
    Moses Siregar & friends
    astrology software
    Elbert Wade
    In-depth readings & articles
    Pagan Origins
    of the Christ Myth
    Top Vedic Site by Uma Shankar Shukla
    Feng Shui Tips & Tricks
    ultimate reference guide
    WebCam Astrologers
    The Mountain Astrologer
    top astrology magazine
    Birth Time Corrections
    Internet Encyc. of Philosophy
    Peer Reviewed Resource
    Ecclesia Gnostica
    In Nova Albion. Bravo!
    Lipstick Mystic
    something cool in the Mystic Zone
    Hubble Gallery
    Amazing Images
    New Consciousness Rising
    Excellent Esoteric
    Harmonious Space
    Feng Shui in the UK
    Ann George
    Moon Phases & Candle Magic
    Astrology Center of America
    Great Astrology Books
    Harish Johari
    Yoga/Tantra/Art/Music. Genius at Work!
    AstroFutureTrends Philip Brown
    World Events; Cultural Trends
    Cultural Mythology
    Interesting, valuable material
    Robert Zoller
    Mediæval Astrology Master
    Café Astrology
    Comprehensive & Satisfying
    Dirah Academy
    Vedic Astrology Resource
    Vedic Astrology & Horoscopes
    Excellent Indian Astrology
    Biblioteca Arcana
    Deep Secrets. Superb!
    Aeclectic Tarot
    All About Tarot
    Nicholas deVore
    Encyclopedia of Astrology
    Elsa Elsa
    The Astrology Blog!
    Edgar Cayce
    The Sleeping Prophet
    Zodiacal [Zephyr]
    Good Articles & Resources
    Psychological Synthesis
    Classical Astrologer
    Ancient & Classical Traditions
    Spiritual Alchemy
    Vast Occult Resource
    Crop Circle Connector
    All About Crop Circles
    Origin of Culture
    A New Theory
    Sacred Sites new!
    Places of Peace & Power
    On Truth & Reality
    New Paradigm Physics
    Crazy Horoscopes
    Says It All!
    Earth Files
    Weird News
    Predict Weather
    Long Range Forecasting
    The 27's
    Greatest Myth of RocknRoll
    Master of Lightning
    Star Names
    Their Lore & Meaning
    Nutritional Balancing
    by Dr Larry Wilson
    Robert Phoenix new!
    Cool Astrology for the Now Age
    Altair Astrology new!
    Re-examining Tradition
    Ed Tamplin new!
    First Rate Australian Astrologer
    John Frawley new!
    The Astrologer's Apprentice
    Configuration Hunter new!
    On Line Astrology Tools

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