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    Sircam Worm Gets Hotter | SirCam ready to drop payload | Retrograde Mercury | Health

    Sircam Virus Alert! October 16 Deadline...

    No, I'm not talking about the flu! If you are one of those whose computer has become infected with the socalled "Sircam" virus/worm, you might be interested to check out some of the astrological indicators. This latest illnatured contribution to global communication is costing millions in terms of time wasted and computer downtime. It infects your hard drive and randomly selects files from your My Documents folder and sends them out by email attachments to people on your address list. Click Here for more about Sircam.
    This virus, or worm, appeared on Wednesday July 18, when transiting Jupiter (expansion; overload) reached the partile (exact) quincunx or inconjunct aspect with the rising degree of the Internet. This is an aspect which demands resolution of a feeling that something is somehow out of joint. Jupiter was also exactly on the cusp of the Internet's sixth house (work; routines; illness). Transiting Mars, the ruler of the Internet's 3rd house of communication was at his station before turning direct after a long and frustrating period of retrograde motion. Transiting Pluto (obstruction) was in partile opposition to the midpoint between transiting Saturn (restriction; structure) and transiting Venus (relationships; money) and partile sextile to natal Mars (passion; action; violence). Neptune (deception; secret acts) and Uranus (sudden upheavals) were both retrograde in Aquarius, the first house of the Internet, showing difficult circumstances beyond anyone's control. Transiting Mercury (communication; trickery) was in partile inconjunct to natal Ceres (loss; rejection; work and productivity) and partile sextile to natal Uranus!
    Rob Tillett has had some frustrating experiences with the Sircam virus/worm, which appeared last Wednesday and has been attacking the communications system of the internet ever since!

    Fortunately, it has not directly affected our system, since most of us here use Macs, but it has cost us a lot of time receiving the piles of huge unsolicited files that the virus sends out at random.

    Rob says: "So far this morning I have been downloading files for 22 minutes and the process is far from over. Uh oh! My connection has just crashed. Now I have to do it again!"

    Read this article to find out the astrological factors at work.

    Beware the New Moon in Libra on October 16, for this is set to trigger more mischief from Sircam.....
    Stresses on the Internet's Chart
    The Internet has Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Taurus and Aquarius rising. The aspects reveal the stresses on the Internet's chart at the time, as well as indicating something of the mental state of the perpetrator of this technological disaster. Jupiter (long distance communication; publishing; public figures) being placed in the ninth house of the natal chart seems to rule this event, and since Jupiter also signifies growth it seems likely that the virus will continue to replicate at an exponential rate at least until the beginning of August when the maximum damage will be signalled by the sextile to natal Moon, followed by a resolution through the sextile to natal Saturn (perhaps producing a solution).

    In the meantime, the opposition of transiting Sun to natal ascendant makes it difficult to resolve the problem, which is a partnership issue (between the internet and its users, as well as the infected victims and their subsequent contacts).
    Sting in the Worm's Tail
    There is a sting in the tail. The worm is set to do even more damage on October 16, the time of the New Moon in Libra. This lunation at 23° occurs in conjunction with the Internet's natal Jupiter at 25°. Transiting Mercury is retrograde and will square transiting Jupiter when the Sun reaches this point. Transiting Neptune is retrograde and natal Moon/Saturn are square the midpoint between Neptune and the natal ascendant. This does not look good, either. Transiting Saturn is retrograde in opposition to transiting Pluto in a grand cross to the natal Nodes. The nodes at 29° are in partile aspect with natal Sun, having just crossed into Gemini/Sagittarius. Astrologers may mull over these points, but this week in October looks nasty for the net!

    Okay, that's a brief outline of the problem. The aspects indicate that it can be resolved without completely crashing the Internet, but that there will be a more serious outbreak in October.

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    Updated: Wednesday, 7 May 2003

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