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    Astrology and Health
    health by the stars

    Health Signs
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    Mercury, the divine healer
    Not many people realise that our health can be tracked in the stars! Each of the planets and the signs have particular areas of the body that they influence through their rulership.
    For example, Aries rules the head, brain and eyes, so people with the sign Aries prominent in their charts are subject to head injury, headaches, general problems with organs in the head and fevers (although the nose is ruled by Scorpio). Aries is such a headstrong sign!

    Medical Astrology

    One of the great things about Medical Astrology (as this aspect of the study is called) is that it can enable us to work around the timing of diseases, or accidental injuries, or other health problems and to estimate the duration of any illness. This is very useful, as well as being reassuring to sufferers.
    Health issues are largely governed by the
    sixth house and its planetary ruler, along with the ascendant and its planetary ruler in a nativity (personal birth chart). The situation of the Sun and Moon are also significant, as are the placement of Saturn (chronic conditions) and Mars (acute conditions). Naturally the nativity must be viewed as a whole and these factors seen in context, especially with regard to the Decumbiture chart, the horary tool for astrological diagnosis.
    We also have a health-oriented discussion of each sign (
    select your sign from the columns on the left) and also offers Body Connection a fascinating health analysis of your horoscope by our expert astrologers, crammed with valuable information. This will reveal the influences on your health and wellbeing of the Sun, Moon, rising sign and all planets, the houses and the planetary aspects. Such an analysis is essential if you are concerned about the secret keys to your health and wellbeing as revealed through the stars.


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