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  • SignCapricorn Weekly Scope  November 22 - 28
    (If you know your rising sign, read that too, for a balanced forecast. Go to Forecasts)
    The Moon's in your sign at the start, so tidy up the benefits of the weekend and get your gear into order. Tidy up those travel plans and watch out for nasty surprises with transportation and bookings, as Mars and Mercury may not be on your side. Friends and money are not a great mix this week, so prepare for misunderstandings or even a rift of some kind. Mind how you go and stay out of something to be on the safe side rather than getting involved. Make sure you've got what you need rather than trusting to luck, impulse or other people's promises. Everything hots up from Thursday on, when your social life especially in the local area will be sweet. Enjoy a fun Saturday, then hang with the family on Sunday and relax. Catch up on chores and sort out any differences or disputes.

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