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    Check out the List of Previous Winners:
    NOTE: many winners have not claimed their prizes, or have had email bounced.
    Please supply a valid email address and remember that you can be in the draw for up to 6 months.
    If you see your name on this list, please claim your prize. Email filters may have trashed our messages to you.
    • January 2004 Winner: Peta Fisher, Perth, Western Australia
    • December 2003 Winner: Tiffany McCrossin, (so far unclaimed)
    • November 2003 Winner: Chris Davis, (so far unclaimed)
    • October 2003 Winner: Ramani Manasa, (so far unclaimed)
    • September 2003 Winner: Thierry Afane Otsaga, of Paris, France
    • August 2003 Winner: Ian Evans, (so far unclaimed)
    • July 2003 Winner: Ibitola Agoro, of London, England
    • June 2003 Winner: Denise Renee Robinson, (prize redrawn: so far unclaimed)
    • May 2003 Winner: Tanja de Villiers, of Pinetown, South Africa
    • April 2003 Winner: Stephen Kirton, of Sydney, New South Wales
    • March 2003 Winner: Victoria Rowland, of St Kilda, Victoria
    • February 2003 Winner: Steve Ison, (prize redrawn: so far unclaimed)
    • January 2003 Winner: Traina Riddle, (prize redrawn: so far unclaimed)
    • December 2002 Winner: Valerian Nefedow, (prize redrawn: so far unclaimed)
    • November 2002 Winner: Anna Cicak, of Boise, Idaho
    • October 2002 Winner: Louise Beauchamp, of St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Quebec
    • September 2002 Winner: Misty Vowell, of Carbondale, Kansas
    • August 2002 Winner: Rayna Lamb, of Perth, West Australia
    • July 2002 Winner: Giak Chee Teo, of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    • June 2002 Winner: Amanda Duke, of Sydney, New South Wales
    • May 2002 Winner: Hiroko Hasegawa, of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    • April 2002 Winner: Carine Verhoeyen, of Wetteren, Belgium
    • March 2002 Winner: Patricia O'Brien, of Sydney, New South Wales
    • February 2002 Winner: Mira Wiselberg, of Ramat Hasharon, Israel
    • January 2002 Winner: Shelley Wong, of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    • December 2001 Winner: Gopal Krishan Pharlia, of New Delhi, India
    • November 2001 Winner: Keitha Lois Kennedy, of Regina, Saskatchewan
    • October 2001 Winner: Kandia Mara Crazy Horse, of New York, New York
    • September 2001 Winner: Koleka Mahambehlala, of Port Elizabeth, South Africa
    • August 2001 Winner: Adelene Donkin, of Gisborne, New Zealand
    • July 2001 Winner: Nurit Hattab, of Jerusalem, Israel
    • June 2001 Winner: Tracy Gull, of Blair Athol, South Australia
    • May 2001 Winner: Rahul Parashar, of New Delhi, India
    • April 2001 Winner: Rhoda Geminski, of Southampton, New York
    • March 2001 Winner: Tammy Swing, of Martinsville, Virginia
    • February 2001 Winner: Mark Watkins, of Mermaid Beach, Queensland
    • January 2001 Winner: Antoinette McDonald, of Smethwick, England
    • December 2000 Winner: Rebecca Scroop, of Reynella, South Australia
    • November 2000 Winner: Natalie Sorensen, of Hobart, Tasmania
    • October 2000 Winner: Ben Poole, of Wellington, New Zealand
    • September 2000 Winner: Robyn Castle, of Johannesburg, South Africa
    • August 2000 Winner: Zack Berg, of Bellevue, Washington
    • July 2000 Winner: Janel O'Sullivan, of Lake Oswego, Oregon
    • June 2000 Winner: Morag McIntosh, of London, England
    • May 2000 Winner: Andrea Morales, of Plant City, Florida
    • April 2000 Winner: Jenelle Harrington, of Helensvale, Queensland
    • March 2000 Winner: Alexandra Burdett, of Leeds, England
    • February 2000 Winner: Judi Sessions, of Plainville, Connecticut
    • January 2000 Winner: Mirela Meçaj, of Tirana, Albania
    • December 99 Winner: Janet Kampf-Firestone, of Tallahassee, Florida
    • November 99 Winner: Wendy Houston, of Wichita, Kansas
    • October 99 Winner: Jacqui Neill, of Wagga Wagga, New South Wales
    • September 99 Winner: Noni Howells, of Sydney, New South Wales
    • August 99 Winner: Gunna Andersen, of Naestved, Denmark
    • July 99 Winner: Michael Mitchell, of Milton Keynes, England
    • June 99 Winner: Ann Hardwick, of Abergavenny, Wales
    • May 99 Winner: Kudrya Galina Andreevna, of Donetsk, Ukraine
    • April 99 Winner: Roxanna C. Taylor, of Chico, California
    • March 99 Winner: Grace Hall, of Pismo Beach, California
    • February 99 Winner: Henk Kruijsdijk, of Harderwijk, The Netherlands
    • January 99 Winner: Robyn Williams, of Cardiff South, New South Wales
    • December 98 Winner: Sean Farrell, of Chicago, Illinois
    • November 98 Winner: Kim Haskins, of East Moline, Illinois
    • October 98 Winner: Ariadne Oliveira, of Sao Paulo, Brazil
    • September 98 Winner: Melissa Napolitano, of Albuquerque, New Mexico
    • August 98 Winner: Cindy Millin, of Delray, Florida
    • July 98 Winner: Jody Rice, of Halifax, Nova Scotia
    When you enter the prize draw, your name remains in the competition for six months,
    so you get at least six chances to win!

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