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    Aquarius, the Water-Bearer

    Aquarius, the Water Bearer Aquarius, the Water-Bearer in the year 2001

    Powerful Action and Intense Desire

    The bell of the New Year rings an odd and uncertain start to what certainly will be an eventful journey with strong highs and lows. Mars the warrior is stamping in the sign of Scorpio and your solar tenth house as the chorus of Auld Lang Syne rises, then fades into the distance. This creates a theme of powerful action and intense desire for the year, urging you forward, at least as far as work and vocation are concerned.

    Water-bearers are paradoxical. As air is your element, you love change, excitement and stimulation and yet your stubborn ‘fixed sign’ nature makes you resistant to change when you’re not the author of the experience. You are quirky, eccentric and individualistic, raising the flag of your own idiosyncratic way of doing things and yet you love groups and associations and the banner of humanitarian ideals. You can be changeable, restless, disruptive and erratic and yet you pride yourself on an easygoing demeanour that takes every eventuality in its stride. You can be aloof, detached and cool, and yet with equal ease you can be involved, concerned and compassionate. You can be the artist or the scientist, the analyst or the spiritualist, reformer or conservative, leader or rebel. From John McEnroe to Jules Verne, from Galileo to Mary Quant, the only thing that’s sure about you is your unpredictability.

    The Egyptian myth from which the stories of the water-bearer originally flow is of the god Hapi, a male deity with female breasts that filled with water the empty urns of two female spirits who then used these urns to replenish the waters of the Nile. Hapi had no altars and stood outside the Egyptian pantheon. He did not wish to be worshipped, only to enjoy life. He wanted no gifts or sacrifices for the joy of doing what he did was reward enough. His waters were the waters of compassion that sustained the life cycle of those who lived under the blessing of the river system. Thus we have the age-old association of the god whose mind embraces the highest ideals with the waters of compassion that are his gift to all humanity. This is the water-bearer, Hapi. He cares for all and yet none follow him. He is the true god of Aquarians.

    Wild Planet

    Much of the Aquarian eccentricity flows from your ruling planet, Uranus. In the solar system, Uranus is known as the revolutionary planet, because of his tilting, erratic orbital plane. He literally lies on his side and rotates around the Sun across his own equator, placing one of his polar regions in darkness and the other in light for long periods of the eighty-four year journey of a Uranian year. He is a planet of extremes, the revolutionary one, and his behaviour is at odds with the other bodies in our solar system. He does everything differently. In these last few years, Uranus has come to bless his own with his eccentric whirlwind of change and the waters of changing consciousness.

    In April of 1995, Uranus entered the sign of Aquarius and began a journey through your solar first house. Those water-bearers born up until February 10th will have felt the wild touch of his quickening through a rash of upheavals or stimulating events that have brought upsets and changes. Some of you will have changed direction, others will have changed your mind and attitudes. Some will have changed your partner, others your job or even your country. And all of you will in some way or another have changed the course of your life. For some of you the changes will have been chosen, for others they will have seemed like an act of fate. But the changes will have also brought new awareness, new friends and associations (very important for the water-bearer) and a whole new sense of what your life is about.

    Not all of the changes will have been welcome and some will have required big adjustments. Uranus does not so much change things as he does reverse their trend or direction. One Aquarian pursuing a career might have suddenly opted for home and family where another studying computer science might have suddenly formed a band and gone into the music business. Gardeners might have become sailors and soldiers resigned from the forces to become spiritual seekers. This year it is the turn of those Aquarians born up until February 14th to pass through the gate of the revolutionary one to drink from the waters of Hapi. Make the most of the wild freedom that comes with such liberation. It may not always take you where you want to go, but then you hate being told what to do anyway even if it's you doing the telling. But Uranus is only part of the Aquarian tale of recent times. Joined with the revolutionary one is the journey of Neptune, the mystic sea.

    Relationships: the Journey to the Heart
    Sparkling Venus shines in Aquarius as the year begins, increasing your personal magnetism and social verve. With Moon in Scorpio and Mars on the midheaven, a sexual tryst connected with your career may set the cat among the pigeons. If you are inclined to keep this action secret, be very careful that more than your fingers do not get burnt. In general, however, love and pleasure will be very much in the forefront this year.

    Career and Finances: Stake Your Claim
    Speculation should bring dividends. You can find success and renown through writing, publishing and creative use of media. You can also find honour and profit through professional activities, honorary office and government employ. Your mother's influence could be valuable. Enemies may be working against you behind the scenes, so choose your words and actions with care. Journeys and dealings with foreigners should be profitable. An inheritance or legacy is possible, but be prepared to fight for it.

    Health: Balancing Your Energies
    Health this year will have its ups and downs, but you should avoid intoxicants. Career pressures and trouble with your mother or partner's father may bring affliction, or sorrows, which you may prefer to keep to yourself. Be careful of accidents and unpleasant disagreements in the workplace, or public environment. Respiratory infections may be hard to shake.

    Home and Away: Family and Children
    You can expect much joy and pleasure through children, friends and beneficial circumstances, but towards the middle of the year, you must guard your children's health and wellbeing. Your mother may have some good contacts or influence and property dealings should bring profit.

    Mercury Retrograde
    Periods of confusion affect
    • work, health, speculative activities, creativity, romance, children Feb/Mar
    • travel, cultural pursuits, dealings with foreigners Jun/Jul
    • self-image, confrontations, partnerships, health Oct/Nov.
      More on retro Mercury
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    Mysterious Feelings  Go to Top

    While moving much more sedately than Uranus, Neptune, the mystic sea, entered Aquarius and your solar first house in the beginning of 1998. Aquarians born up until January 27th will have felt the subtle mists of Neptune descend upon them. Artistic or spiritual inspiration may have come, sending you off down new paths or allowing you to see the world in new ways. You may have chosen more compassionate paths, or let your natural compassion find its fullest expression. You may have been drawn to metaphysics or spiritual disciplines. But, there might have also been loss or deception, fatigue or even illness. You may have misrepresented yourself and your capabilities to others or found yourself among people who were more than willing to distort or misunderstand what you are. You might have indulged more than usual and paid the price. You might simply have lost your way or lost yourself or your will in the desires of others.

    With Neptune we must take the path of spirit and the creative, learning the discipline of submerging the ego in the greater call to service of some kind. But we must be careful not to lose the self in illusion and false goals. Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s true when Neptune comes calling so it’s important to find a discipline that helps anchor our spiritual values in practice. Those Aquarians born up until January 30th will feel the subtle touch of Neptune in the coming year. Enjoy your dip in the mystic sea.

    Confront Hidden Forces  Go to Top

    The bell of the New Year rings an odd and uncertain start to what certainly will be an eventful journey with strong highs and lows. Mars the warrior is in the sign of Scorpio and your solar tenth house as the chorus of Auld Lang Syne rises then fades into the distance. The tenth house rules profession and professional status. Are you ready to push forward, breaking any resistance that confronts you in order to get to the new vistas you’ve been seeking for sometime now? Well, the answer to that is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Mars is also in square to nebulous Neptune in your solar first house, the square creating intense pressures that will stop you moving ahead until you have faced some weaknesses and overcome your own resistance to the progress that you need to make. You may have to face some things about yourself that you don’t like in order to grow, emotions such as anger or fear, or the desires you harbour for things you can’t have. Chasing forbidden fruit will not be a good path to take this year.

    There may be secrets or hidden forces in you or your situation that you will have to confront. This is not the year to bury all this under the nearest bar of chocolate or glass of wine. That way lies loss and loss of self-esteem. Remember! It’s easy for you water-bearers to live in your heads and think you’ve dealt with something because you’ve understood it intellectually. Mars and Neptune call you to come to grips with any such problems viscerally. If you face them and overcome them, then there is nothing that will stand in the way of a new life and powerful achievements. Understanding how you live a more spiritual life and yet maintain yourself well in the world is the key that will unlock all doors. Mars and Neptune combine to call you to start a quest for what’s most important.

    You may have to be careful throughout the year of manipulation or betrayal by bosses or authority figures. These could be matters of the present or bear on situations that are part of the past. You may be smart enough to know what’s going on or what’s gone on but Neptune may make you afraid or uncertain about confronting it. Equally, you may find you have somehow been naive in a past situation or now have an attack of naivete when you most need to be clear and insightful. Trust your perceptions, creativity and gut responses to somehow reveal any truth. Close friends and partners can help you find the truth.

    Lunar Eclipse  Go to Top

    An eclipse of the Full Moon in Cancer in your solar sixth house on January 9th may bring an interruption to daily routines or patterns of life. Disturbing revelations may come from the past or from hidden or secret matters. You could find yourself upset and people who are part of your life somehow affected. Watch any health problems that occur. Given time, what happens here can find its way back into the flow of things.

    Venus is Dancing  Go to Top

    Venus, goddess of love, begins the year in your own sign, Aquarius and your solar first house. This is a year for relationships where you will sometimes have the glow of the goddess about you and all will flow well because of her radiance. People are a focus for you, meeting them, being with them, relating with them, especially if they are somehow unusual or occupy an important place in your life. There could be important meetings for you this year, especially in the last two months when the Moon’s North Node moves into the user-friendly air sign of Gemini. A new relationship could be in the stars for the single Aquarian. Older relationships may change unexpectedly or enter a new phase with dramatic suddenness. However, it is not all just an endless shower of the gifts of the goddess this year. There are other factors to be taken into account.

    Cashflow... or Cashflood?  Go to Top

    Jupiter, monarch of the Heavens begins the year in Gemini and your solar fifth house, that of pleasure, recreation, entertainment and lifestyle. Jupiter calls you to that elusive good time we’re all seeking but the monarch is also squaring Venus. Watch the budget this year for you may spend more than you intend when you go on the path of pleasure, travel or recreational shopping. Tension between Jupiter and Venus is bad for the credit card and the overdraft so make sure you budget well and stick to what you’ve budgeted for. Travel may call you this year. Or you simply may be drawn to have fun and seek entertainment as much as you can. It’s important to remember that some part of you will want others to notice you and enjoy your company. People will provide what you’re seeking, not money. Spend by all means but don’t be deluded into thinking that your gold card has suddenly turned platinum. Insufficient funds for this transaction! You can’t measure the value of good company in dollars and that’s where your real joy will come from. This is not a good year for gambling yet you may have the odd bout of extravagant good luck before mid July. Just don’t push it though. Know when to stop.

    Equally, it is also possible that your problems may not be financial ones so much as personal. With Jupiter in your solar fifth house squaring Venus in the first, you simply may not know when to stop. You may exaggerate yourself and your abilities, losing touch with the grounding of other people and the balance they provide. You may go off down weird and wonderful tracks, caught in hopefulness and exaggerated responses. This is a year when your best friend will be the one who both lifts you up when you’re down but brings you back to earth when you’re threatening to ascend body and soul into the realm of self-delusion. Use the impulses of this year creatively, get a good editor or mentor and you can produce a body of work made from the stuff of dreams.

    Saturn, the Taskmaster  Go to Top

    While Venus is squaring Jupiter at the start of the New Year, the love goddess also squares Saturn, your traditional ruler, holding his ground in Taurus and your solar fourth house. Home or matters of home and family may be somehow stuck as the year begins. You may be unable to move, caught in a situation or going through the repeat of a process you thought was over. While Jupiter creates expansive and enthusiastic responses, Saturn holds us to responsibility and sobriety. With Venus squaring both of them, you may alternate between a more outgoing and social phase and an inner phase, where time at home and in your own company is desirable, necessary or simply unavoidable. There may be financial limitations, a severity of manner and even some loneliness. Old matters may bind you to the background of your childhood despite your best efforts to leave it all behind. Parents and authority figures, especially your father may provide the key that releases you into the new phase of life that you’re seeking.

    The Dance of the Giants  Go to Top

    There is a New Moon in your sign on January 24th. Resolutions that you make and action that you take at this point could help you advance your aims and goals dramatically in the coming year though it may be at the cost of some of the people in your life. If you’re heading down the path of expansion or change, you may need to leave a past connection in the past. Other connections remain and new ones come so make the separation if you have to. Saturn and Jupiter, the giants of the Heavens begin moving forward on this auspicious day. In combination with the New Moon, this can be a powerful time for you to begin to really break free from the blockages or resistance you have so far encountered in yourself or in the world around you. Set your goals, but work at moving towards them by degrees rather than trying to push through all a once. Jupiter will smile on all of your efforts for the first seven months of the year while Saturn promises rewards and assistance after April.

    While the end of January sees more freedom of movement, don’t get too carried away for February brings confusion and uncertainty as Mercury the messenger turns retrograde (reverse motion), initially in Pisces and your solar second house but then moves quickly back into Aquarius and your solar first house. When this busy little traveller turns back on himself, matters of movement, travel, business and communications are subject to confusion and breakdown, often because of some little nagging detail that’s been missed. It’s advisable to put vital decisions and the signing of documents and contracts on hold at such a time. Place important matters under review and wait to see what occurs. If you act too quickly, some hidden flaw or feature will make its presence felt later on and catch you out. To do too quickly is to have to redo later on. Watch communications here. It is easy to get lost in misunderstandings when everyone thinks they know exactly what’s been said. These are usually ‘more haste, less speed’ periods of time.

    It will be important to take a long look at yourself during February, especially in regard to the way you communicate and conduct yourself. Matters of money or the physical body could spark off issues to be explored or examined. Just take it easy and go with the cycle of the retrograde energy. Mercury hits hard aspect to both Mars and Saturn in the reverse motion journey so there will be deep issues to be considered and these cannot be pushed ahead or aside. Once again, authority figures or parents are in the frame. This could bear on your sexuality. Watch the middle of the month when Mars the warrior enters Sagittarius and your solar eleventh house, touching the mercurial fuse. Don’t blow your stack unless it’s to let off a head of old steam that you’ve just discovered is locked away inside you. Enlist the help of friends and associates to do what you need to do. You’ll get lively and supportive action from them. You’ll make headway as the month comes to an end.

    The Grand Mutation  Go to Top

    March and April see Lady Venus enter her own retrograde cycle in the fiery sign of Aries. The natural forward motion of the fire sign is not an easy mix with a planet in retrograde (reverse) motion, so there may be some feelings of frustration or impatience in matters of love, money and close relationships. Venus turns retrograde in your solar third house, that of communications, education, thought and speech, travel and transport, business, siblings and neighbours. It may not be possible for you to advance your plans as you would wish at this point. You may have to revise matters or simply withdraw for awhile or someone may withdraw from you. This isn’t a major problem but a minor delay that requires evaluation with regard to how and with whom you relate out in the world. Look at the cycle of interactions with business associates and people with whom you communicate regularly. How do you appear to them? What do they expect you to be? Does all of this need thought? Work towards making a new start with people in this area.

    Brothers, sisters or old associates that you have not seen for some time may come back into your life. You may want to review your own relationship and change the way that you and your partner operate together in business or out and about in your daily life. Just be conscious of the energy around the 3rd week of April when Mars the warrior, now in Sagittarius and your solar eleventh house, forms a conjunction with Pluto the transformer, similarly placed. This is a powerful and intense period that could urge you forward when you still need to keep something of an inner focus. Balance between the inner and the outer is the key. You may benefit from the powerful efforts or friends or associates. Changes that flow from this period can be very beneficial and set the ground for better times to come, especially in the realm of the wider community as Venus completes her retrograde cycle in harmonious aspect to Pluto in Sagittarius in your solar eleventh house.

    New Ways and Means  Go to Top

    On April 21st, Saturn the taskmaster moves out of Taurus and into the sign of Gemini and your solar fifth house. An increase in responsibilities will come with this change. It will open doors for you and send you forward on the path of your life. Undertake creative projects. Put real time and effort into your children (if you have them). You may have to anyway. Teaching and teachers should play a strong part in this phase for though you are taking command of what you’re doing, there will be powerful karmic lessons at work and you will have or need to have a teacher to guide you. It’s not always clear who the teacher is. Sometimes the sage, sometimes the wise but difficult child, sometimes a partner who seems to be on another path from your own even though you’re together! This will be an important learning cycle for you over the next few years. What you create and what you learn will in combination become the cornerstone of your life for many years to come.

    Mars, Chiron and Pluto  Go to Top

    Just after Venus turns direct again, Mars the warrior takes his own shot at the backward cycle, turning retrograde in the second week of May in fiery Sagittarius. Once again the discomfort of fire in reverse motion will make its presence felt. Frustration and impatience will be in the air, not just for the water-bearer but for all of us. Keep a good rein over the temperament from May through to July, for the warrior takes longer than Venus or Mercury with his rare backward phase. Under a retrograde Mars it can sometimes be difficult to advance matters or take clear and necessary action. Slow down and work patiently through any delays or obstacles you encounter.

    Relationships with groups or associations or with people who share common goals or aspirations may be under review. What effort do you want to put into the common cause? What beliefs do you share with others that you need to act on? Give these matters thought. Seek advice from others and look especially at your fears around groups or crowds or belonging. When Mars turns retrograde, he does so in conjunction with Chiron, the wounded healer.

    The Wounded Healer  Go to Top

    In January, 1999, Chiron moved into Sagittarius and your solar eleventh house, urging you to deal with issues that you have about being part of groups or associations, about belonging to the wider community, about achieving your heart’s desire or living by the beliefs or aspirations you share with others. Astronomy believes Chiron to be the shell of a burnt out comet that came into orbit in our solar system between Saturn and Uranus. The myth of Chiron is that of the centaur who was a warrior, master at arms, herbalist, healer and a mentor for the ancient heroes. Chiron perished from a wound inflicted by an arrow that was poisoned with one of his own concoctions, a poison he could not heal.

    Chiron urges us always to look at the hurt and damage we carry and see to the process of our own healing so that we can contribute to that of others. Retrograde Mars puts emphasis for you on how you fit in and work with the wider community in relation to your own beliefs. Childhood or karmic fears may block you or keep you apart from those you need to be with and love to work and cooperate with. Work to overcome these fears so that you can choose the destiny determined by your deepest desires. Look in particular at how anger or destructive action can block this journey or send you spiralling off into a world of your own. Just as every water-bearer loves to rebel and be different, so they find their greatest joy in cooperation on the path of a higher purpose. This period can be invaluable for you in finding your place on the path of cooperation. Similarly, Pluto the transformer urges you on this same journey, bringing you into contact with those you most need to clear the karma you carry from other lives so that you’re ready to start afresh.

    June Is Jumping!  Go to Top

    Everything goes a little crazy in June. First, Uranus, your ruler, turns retrograde at the end of May, slowing matters down a little and causing a little internal meandering to begin. Then, Mercury the messenger turns retrograde in your partner air sign of Gemini and your solar fifth house. You may have a change of plans or a change of heart. Put things under revision and wait to see what happens. Watch communications and communication devices in particular. You could have some problems with technology. Children may also be a big issue at this time and there might be adjustments that you will have to make because of them.

    The middle of the month sees hot debate, exaggerated reactions and a strong dose of Mediterranean temper as retrograde Mars opposes Jupiter in Gemini and everybody (including you) thinks they’re right and is prepared to go into battle to prove it. Moderate your responses and make sure you’ve understood what’s being said before you go to war. Beware of unrealistic desires or expectations. Don’t run on hope, fire up a clear understanding between you and others. Don’t make final decisions or try too hard to sort matters out. Once again, wait and watch.

    The Solstice and the Solar Eclipse  Go to Top

    June 21st brings the solstice, quickly followed by an eclipse of the Sun in Cancer. Blockage, disruption or unexpected developments could throw your daily routines or work patterns into disarray as old or hidden matters or secrets emerge to the light of day. You might find hidden enemies or people working against you in secret that you’ll need to deal with. Or you may find that such things have affected your past in a way you have not understood until now. Roll with the blows and come up smiling. Though Jupiter is filling the airwaves with exaggeration and overreaction, he also blesses you with the beneficent light of his protection. Fortune will either favour you or prevent real hardship from coming.

    A further lunar eclipse comes on July 5th, once again touching matters that have been hidden or kept secret. Losses could come unexpectedly. Be careful of your health in the period from late June to July and remember that the blockage of light that constitutes an eclipse is stressful and fatiguing. This will be a fairly exhausting period but it may well sort some things out and bring clarity in the end. Giant Jupiter changes sign from Gemini to Cancer in the 2nd week of July, bringing a change of focus for you. Health, healing and nurture for yourself or for the young will be important features and practices for a while. Focus on your daily routines and really work at incorporating your beliefs into what you do. Benefit can come from good healthcare and attention to detail. Take a course. Learn from a teacher who knows and loves you. The Full Moon in your sign on August 4th should bring clarity and understanding after initial confusion. This will stand you in good stead for a rather trying month to come.

    Battle of Titans  Go to Top

    As July ends and August begins, Saturn in Gemini meets Pluto in Sagittarius in opposition, wrestling one another over matters of power, authority, information and beliefs. The following month or two could be a stressful time in the cosmos with power struggles or clashes taking place and hard or demanding conditions touching us all. You might find yourself at loggerheads with friends or associates, you determined to go your way, others bent on theirs. Don’t fight the battle to end all battles here. Learn to negotiate. What ground can you give so that you can hold to what’s important? Don’t expect these matters to be resolved quickly or simply. This is a process that will take time so be patient as you take each step rather than wishing that the journey would end. Are you being obstinate? Is someone else? If the answer to either or both of those is yes, then try to work out how you can resolve matters between you.

    The end of September sees Saturn turn retrograde, slowing down some developments and perhaps putting some projects or activities on hold for the time being. October opens with a hiss and a roar as Mars now in Capricorn and your solar twelfth house opposes Jupiter in Cancer in your solar sixth house. Once again, big emotions and overreactions are in the frame. This time, however, your energies are low with Mars in the twelfth. Be careful of health and accident around now. Don’t take undue risks and don’t neglect any conditions that really require treatment. Hidden or secret anger or opposition may suddenly come into the light of day and confront you. Be extra careful, for Mercury the messenger also turns retrograde in the sign of Libra and your solar ninth house.

    Disputes or misunderstandings with partners or close associates could occur. Poor communication will be at the root of this. Communications with overseas or people from or in foreign countries could somehow be involved. Hidden underneath all of this is an important thread of where you’re really going so pay attention to what’s happening. Work things out properly by talking them through with partners or associates. By the end of the month, the retrograde Mercury has passed and Uranus, your ruler is moving forward again so energies should free considerably and allow you to progress.

    The Home Run  Go to Top

    November will bring some challenges and even conflicts, especially at work as the energy of the scorpion pushes through your tenth solar house of work, profession and dealings with people in authority. Rise to the challenge but not to the bait. December however brings the energy of fiery Sagittarius, bringing perhaps an end to the challenges you have faced in regard to groups, associations and your place in the wider community.

    On December 12th, Chiron moves into Capricorn and your solar twelfth house of dreams and the unconscious, urging you to the deepest emotional healing and trust in the world of spirit. Go with the journey. Two eclipses mark the course of this final month though. December 14th sees a solar eclipse in your solar eleventh house that may benefit you in the end by ending the blockage or blindness that has stopped you from seeing just what part your efforts can play in the broader picture. A lunar eclipse on the bell of the old year falls in your solar sixth house, touching matters of health and daily routine. Once again, hidden or secret matters may unexpectedly come to the surface to surprise, unsettle but eventually clarify. Watch any children you have under your care at this time. Ensure your learning is up to scratch in any courses you’ve been doing. Pace yourself through the end of 2001. Don’t take risks or push yourself or your situation too hard.

    With Mars in Pisces in your solar second house in square to Pluto the transformer in Sagittarius in your solar eleventh house, the opportunity to work and be with others in a new and different way comes, though it comes as a test and not as a gift. Still, it will be the reward for the effort you’ve put in over the year. Be careful of the aggression of others or attacks on you or what you’re doing. You’ll have the strength to deal with anything if you stay focused. And there will be strong support from close friends and associates. Go well!

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