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    Aquarius, the Water Bearer Aquarius the Water Bearer

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    Aquarius, the Water Bearer

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    The Sun shone in Aquarius, a masculine sign on your birthday. The Sun in astrology stands for our inner nature, or character. The eleventh sign of the zodiac, Aquarius, the Water-Bearer, is ruled by serious Saturn and outrageous Uranus. What an alarming mixture! A fixed (strong and solid) sign, Aquarius governs intellect and originality. It is an Air sign, which makes Aquarians generally intelligent, unorthodox and inventive, although you often appear to be eerily detached and personally uninvolved.

    The Sun, ruler of our inner nature, is in the sign of its detriment here, for Saturn, the ruler of the outer darkness, is enthroned in Aquarius. The erratic energy of Uranus, planet of the unorthodox and eclectic, makes you unpredictable and subject to profound and unexpected deviations from the norm. Yet, due to the restrictive influence of Saturn, Aquarians exhibit considerable personal stability and work well within a structured environment.

    Apparently Contradictory

    These apparently contradictory influences work strangely well together in your Aquarian personality. When friends see you suddenly change course, or do something unpredictable, they probably do not realise you are acting on some quite practical, or advantageous course of considered action.

    The astrological emblem for Aquarius is a man pouring water, the collective consciousness of mankind. As an idealist, you champion the highest principles, while at the same time being an independent thinker.

    Determined Aquarius, a fixed sign, can be rather stubborn, offhand and resistant to imposed changes. You accept the substantial alterations in life as a challenge, but are quite averse to those small changes which can throw a spanner in the works. When confronted with unreasonable authoritarian demands or dogmatic principles to which you do not subscribe, you rebel. You certainly resent being told what to do, although you can be quite co-operative when properly approached. Aquarians are naturally sceptical; they like to test things for themselves, but, once convinced, become firm in their determination to see things through. Anyone who wants to get on side with you needs to see what must be done and share the load without being asked.

    Off the Beaten Track

    You are somewhat prone to immersing yourself in unorthodox fields of study and can make significant discoveries off the beaten track. Astrology could become a passionate concern for you, as may other investigations of the limits of consciousness and human abilities.

    Bird of Paradise, by Richard Fischer

    A lover of science and originality, you treasure the unique while immersing yourself in the traditional. You readily adopt lifestyles and ideas that run counter to the mainstream and you try to visualize any situation objectively, as a kind of mental exercise. In relationships, your intellectual approach makes you seem interested, but not particularly passionate or possessive. Of course you do not really lack passion, for when you focus your feelings, your passion is as intense as it is inspirational.

    Find Your Niche

    Most of you are less than fabulous cooks, although you'll eat just about anything! So far as sports are concerned, my dears, as long as you can participate in such activities with a partner, or as part of a team, you can get quite enthusiastic about it, so have little trouble keeping physically fit. You do have a tendency to laziness, however, so are reluctant to engage in any boring series of exercises on your own. Broad jumping, camping, ballooning, tennis, swimming, racquetball and baseball are cool for you. Science and engineering, international finance, writing, music, astrology, psychology or social work are all fields wherein you could find your niche.

    Aquarius rules shins, ankles, and the circulatory system, while cramps, allergies, sudden illness and freak accidents are common for those with Aquarius active in their charts. You may also suffer from various nervous disorders.

    Aquarian colours are silver, aqua, purple and electric pink and blue. Your birthstone is amethyst, the healing gemstone, which restores and maintains mental equilibrium. Flowers for Aquarians include the gladioli, tiger lily, trillium and bird of paradise.



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