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    Ptolemy's Dignities | Pars FortunŠ | Zodiac | Hellenistic Astrology | Symbols & Signs

    Table for Calculating Planetary Values

    Traditional astrologers use a weighting system to ascertain the value (relative strengths) of a given planet in a chart. This system is used in order to determine the overall chart rulership, along with the discovery of any almuten or important factors that clarify the issues in a delineation.

    To use this table, first check the position in the chart of each planet in order to establish its dignities and debilities. Essential Dignities can be ascertained from Ptolemy's Table of Essential Dignities and a simple analysis of the chart in question will provide the Accidental Dignities. Then list the numerical values of the planet according to this table, adding the value of its dignities and subtracting the value of its debilities. This will give you a final number, which is its value in the chart concerned. Only the visible planets, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Moon, along with the Moon's nodes, have traditional dignity. The outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and asteroids, etc., have no traditional value – and though they may be allowed to have some influence, they do not fit into the symbolic structure of the traditional astrological system.

    Bear in mind that Accidental Dignity is more significant than Essential Dignity in the interpretation of a chart, although both are important. The unfortunate influence of a malefic is usually diminished when in dignity, whilst the fortunate influence of a benefic is increased.

    Please consult our online Glossary of Astrological Terms for more information.

    Essential Dignity Score Essential Debility Score
    Planet in Own Sign 5 Planet in Detriment -5
    Planet in Mutual Reception 5 Planet in Fall -4
    Planet in Exaltation 4 Peregrine -5
    Reception by Exaltation 4    
    In Own Triplicity 3    
    In Own Terms 2    
    In Own Face 1    
    Accidental Dignity Score Accidental Debility Score
    On MC or Ascendant 5 In 12th House -5
    In 7th, 4th, or 11th house 4 In 8th or 6th house -4
    In 2nd or 5th house 3 Retrograde -5
    In 9th house 2 Slow in Motion -2
    In 3rd house 1 SaturnJupiterMars Occidental -2
    Direct 4 MercuryVenus Oriental -2
    Swift in Motion 2 Moon Decreasing in Light -2
    SaturnJupiterMars Oriental 2 Combust -5
    MercuryVenusMoon Occidental 2 Under Sunbeams -4
    Moon Increasing in Light 2 Partile conjunction with Saturn or Mars -5
    In Terms of Jupiter or Venus 1 In Terms of Saturn or Mars -1
    Not Combust, nor Under Beams 5 Partile conjunction with Dragon's Tail -4
    Cazimi 5 Partile opposition with Saturn or Mars -4
    Partile conjunction with Jupiter or Venus 5 Besieged by Saturn or Mars -5
    Partile conjunction with Dragon's Head 5 Partile square with Saturn or Mars -3
    Partile trine with Jupiter or Venus 4 Conjunct Algol, or within 5░ -5
    Partile sextile with Jupiter or Venus 3    
    Partile conjunction with Cor Leonis 6    
    Partile conjunction with Spica 5    

    See also our traditional
    Table for Calculating Antiscions of Planets
    For values of
    Pars FortunŠ , see Table to Calculate Value of Part of Fortune
    For further info, please see also our
    Ptolemy's Table of Essential Dignities & Debilities
    [Astrological researcher Robert Hand on his website has a historical view of weighting systems, collected from a variety of sources]

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