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    Relationship Analysis | Soul Connection | The Zodiac | More Info | Health

    What can Astrology tell us about Relationships?

    Astrology can provide us with useful information and a revealing perspective on how we relate to other people in our lives. All types of relationships can be explored: love, family, business—you name it. You can discover through astrology how you relate with particular types of people, and about the nature of the relationships themselves.

    Your own birth chart, or horoscope, will show how you can achieve fulfilling relationships and the basic type of lover or partner you seek. A Relationship Analysis chart will unravel the complexities of an existing relationship, using the data from both people involved. The Soul Connection chart gives insight into the very nature of the relationship itself.

    Patterns of compatibility, communication, emotional affinity and sexual attraction are revealed through the art of chart comparison, or synastry. The inner focus of the relationship is revealed through an astrological analysis, something that many couples find so helpful in discovering the truth about the way they fit together and how their future will evolve.

    An astrological analysis can also reveal the direction in which your relationship is heading. Is your relationship on the skids? Is it about to blossom? Are you meant for each other? Will there be marriage and children? Timings, durations, psychological, physical and emotional perspectives—anything you need to know can be found using astrology.

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