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    Year of the Dog: part 1 | part 2 | Chinese Zodiac | Applied Feng ShuiFeng Shui Tip of the Day
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    Richard Giles, writer, astrologer and Feng Shui consultant, was born in Adelaide, South Australia, spending his childhood in sunny bliss in the climate of the City of Culture. The Vietnam war and conscription turned him towards another way of life. Spiritual journeys in Thailand, India and Indonesia with Buddhism and meditation led him to a new analysis of the world. He took up the study of astrology and more recently Feng Shui.

    Richard lives in sunny Queensland in the cool mountains in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, where he works as an astrologer and Feng Shui practitioner doing consultations and continues writing for various magazines and newspapers.

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    Check the Feng Shui
    for your house in 2006

    Feng Shui Compass

    Richard Giles, astrologer and feng shui expert, reminds us that the Flying Star numbers change each year and that in order to maintain the best and most prosperous living environment, we need to adjust it to maximise the beneficial chi and minimise the antagonistic chi. The best way to do this is to have a consultation with a practitioner in your neighbourhood, but here are a few pointers, according to the energies of the coming Year of the Dog.

    In this year of the Dog, the Flying Star numbers that create challenges in your home will move over to new locations (see the 2005 Chinese Forecast). The Flying Stars are the moving parts of the Chi or energy of the house that shift each month and each year to accentuate or detract from different sectors of your house. There are the prosperous energies and the illness energies. The prosperous numbers are 8 and 9 and the sickness numbers are 5 and 2. These new numbers come into place on the 4th February each year, but it's always good to have your remedies in place in the last weeks of January.

    In 2004, the major cycle number found in the centre of every new building moved to the Age of Eight energy (see the 2004 Chinese Forecast). Number 8 is now key to your success in the twenty years ahead. Number 9 is the following cycle, so its influence is also important. During 2006, the numbers 8 and 9 are found in your North section of the house and the SouthWest. If your front door or office is in the North then you are blessed with a positive flow of supportive success energy in 2006. To help it work, avoid any blocking energies in those sectors: give them a good clean out, shine the windows and clean the doors. Get rid of clutter. The same applies to your SouthWest.

    Windchimes and Bells

    6 rod windchimeThe numbers 5 and 2 fall respectively in the West and SouthEast of your house this year. If this is your front door, your bedroom or office then you need to take precautions for 2006. To remedy the number 5, hang a six piece metal windchime somewhere in the West sector of the house (outside). If you can't get hold of metal windchimes then find a bell or gong that you hang. The best metals are copper, bronze or brass. If it is a front door or office, then add enough metal items until the space settles down. The most difficult months with the 5 will be in April, July, and September. In the SouthEast corner, which is your wealth sector, place a set of six coins tied together with red ribbon hung somewhere in the room. Colours to avoid in the these sectors are reds and pinks, yellows and purples. Move them out for this year. If you have any moving objects in these sectors, especially water features inside, then move them away this year.

    Another important influence in 2006 is what's called the 'Grand Duke'. If your building faces the Grand Duke you may experiences problems. The Grand Duke energy is to do with the direction on the compass of the Fire Dog which is WestNorthWest (at 295 to 308 degrees). Hence it's not favourable to do substantial construction work or earth moving in this direction. It is also not recommended for you to sit facing to exact WestNorthWest as you will be sitting against that unfavourable energy. The other challenging Star in the house is number 3, a star of conflict and robbery. This is present in the centre of a house for 2006. Put a sheet of red paper in the centre to minimise its influence.

    For any more detailed information on house influences in 2006, I suggest you find a qualified Feng Shui practitioner. You can contact me in Australia, or look up the lists in your local directory in the state or country where you live.

    Yin Yang Richard Giles is a Feng Shui practitioner and astrologer who is available in Australia for consultations on your home and business. He has been involved in astrology for 15 years and writes for several Australian magazines. He is also the director of the Earth Healing School of Queensland, running practitioner courses in Earth Healing and Geomancy. Click to contact Richard Giles.

    Year of the Dog: part 1 | part 2 | Chinese ZodiacFeng Shui Tip of the Day


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