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    Stephen and Lynda Kane are awareness empowerment mentors for kitai practitioners all over the world. They also offer the Energy Solutions service for people suffering from chronic problems that haven't responded to conventional or alternative interventions.
    To contact Stephen and Lynda, please click here.
    Their excellent e-book, Hidden Secrets of Real Health, for restoring and protecting your health, awakening your healing talents and developing your energy awareness is available through www.realhealth-online.com.

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    The Human Energy Field

    The Energy Egg
    Environmental Stress Eliminator

    There has been a lot in the news lately about the effects of Environmental Stresses of various kinds, especially phone towers, EMF, wireless networks and the like (see my article on Environmental Stress – ed.). It seems even to have begun to decimate the population of the bees in North America. This is truly spooky. Other people's hostile energies are also quite a problem. Our own Energy Doctor, Stephen Kane, has just released a new improved version of the incredible Energy Egg Environmental Stress Eliminator, that will get you back in tune in a flash! Environmental Stress is a major source of problems for everyone today. Now you can protect yourself and your health from mobile phones, computers, televisions, microwaves, geopathic stress, other people, 'sha chi' entities, electromagnetic pollution and many other stresses of modern-day life.

    Go to Top Why We Need Whole-Body Energy Protection

    The human energy field is shaped like an egg. It is being attacked by many forms of natural and man-made environmental stress and other harmful energies 24 hours a day. Your energy field repels and eliminates many of these energies itself. However, using your innate defence mechanisms against harmful environmental energies in this way costs you precious energy you can’t afford to lose. Also some environmental energies remain in your energy field and start to accumulate there.

    The more this environmental stress builds up in your body, the more it damages the life energies that control your health, wealth, relationships, creativity, awareness or any other area of your life. Frequent exposure to environmental stress is a primary cause of symptoms, diseases and relationship problems. Doctors in Germany discovered, many decades ago, that environmental stress not only causes illness but can also prevent you from responding to treatment. In fact, the original Environmental Stress Eliminator (1982) was developed to help people overcome problems that hadn’t responded to many forms of conventional and alternative treatment.

    "I feel so much better in this house. I am no longer affected by the television and I don't sweat anymore – so long as I have my Energy Egg with me. Even my pulse is back to normal – it was starting to worry me since it was often over 100 in the mornings. It is wonderful at night – I can now sleep in bed, not on top..."
    —Margaret T, Wales

    Environmental stresses are emitted by certain images, buildings, chemicals, shapes, electrical devices, computers, phones, underground water—even some cars generate more stresses than others! The Guardian Energy Egg environmental stress eliminator is the only energy protection device that protects human life energies from all common forms of environmental stress.

    The Guardian Energy Egg Environmental Stress Eliminator is the only energy protection device that does all this:

    • Eliminates all common forms of environmental stress (geopathic, electromagnetic, sha chi, etc.)
    • Protects you from other peoples’ energies
    • Removes foreign energies received in the past
    • Protects your whole body
    • Does not emit any harmful energies itself
    • Is never out of date—it upgrades automatically or manually, whenever you want
    • Increases your own energy awareness
    Go to Top What Is An Energy Egg?

    The Guardian Energy Egg is a hand-cut and hand-polished stone egg, charged with over 50 forms of ki (as alcohol can be charged with the form of ki used in homeopathic medicine). The Energy EggThe Energy Egg’s shape echoes the shape of the human energy field, enabling the Energy Egg’s ki to benefit your entire energy field. This whole body energy protection is one of the fundamental differences between the Guardian Energy Egg and other energy protection devices, which only influence small areas of the human energy field.

    The method of charging the Energy Egg with its ki is a unique, proprietary process that has taken over 20 years of intensive research and clinical experience to perfect, allowing the Environmental Stress Eliminator to evolve into its final form, the Energy Egg. This deceptively simple, crystal transmitter emits a unique, protective energy which covers your entire energy field, constantly scanning for new stresses to be eliminated.

    "I’ve felt a tremendous benefit and am feeling really good. I’m not reacting stressfully to difficult situations and my writing has tremendously improved. My energy is great – I love my life more and more!"
    — Maggie B, London

    Unlike the Guardian Energy Egg, other energy protection devices only protect your energy field from one or two environmental stresses—while, at the same time, usually transmitting additional environmental stresses themselves. This is because they’re designed with dowsing, or with scientific tests that focus only on isolated human functions or energies—such as the damage caused by mobile phones to red blood cells—without awareness of the human energy body as a whole. Such highly-focused tests fail to detect the harm being caused by other forms of environmental stress, or even the same form of stress in other areas of the body. By contrast, the Energy Egg protects your whole body from many forms of environmental stress, and is constantly adapting to new stresses entering your energy field.

    Go to Top It not only protects you, but also eliminates accumulated stresses
    “The abdominal pain I get while operating printing equipment in my office, completely disappeared after I put my Energy Egg in my pocket”
    — Thea W., France

    Another unique feature of the Energy Egg is its ability to eliminate environmental stress already in your body. Environmental stresses that haven’t been grounded out in the past accumulate in your body, replacing the ki (life energy) that should be there. This accumulation of stress is called your environmental stress burden. The Energy Egg not only protects you from incoming environmental stress, but also is the only product that steadily reduces the environmental stress burden you have acquired over the years.

    Go to Top Upgrading Your Energy Egg

    You can upgrade the environmental stress elimination power of the Guardian Energy Egg whenever you wish. If you ever notice the energy of any place, object or person affecting you, you can immediately change your Energy Egg’s signal to take this influence into account.

    Go to Top The Energy Egg Transmitter
    "I have much more energy at home after a day at work. I really noticed this after forgetting my Energy Egg on a few separate days. I was much more tired, even though I slept well."
    — Toby R, Brighton

    The Guardian Energy Egg, like most personal energy protection devices, must be kept within 1cm of your body (say, in a pocket) to give you complete environmental stress protection. However, you can also keep your Energy Egg on the revolutionary Energy Egg Transmitter, which connects your Energy Egg to you no matter where you are. So, if you find it inconvenient to carry around or are forgetful, you can keep your Energy Egg at home on an Energy Egg Transmitter and be assured that you have complete stress protection, no matter where you are. This is ideal for when you’re:

    • Sleeping
    • Swimming
    • Travelling
    • Wearing clothes without pockets

    An Energy Egg and transmitter sitting quietly at home is also a perfect way to protect children from environmental stresses at school or anywhere else they spend time.

    The Energy Egg Transmitter is an Original KiTM program contained in a clear quartz base. You simply connect the Energy Egg Transmitter to your body’s energy field through the three main ki channels—known in yoga as the ida, pingala and shushumna— that run the length of your body and beyond (instructions included), then stand your Energy Egg on it. The Energy Egg Transmitter remains permanently connected to your energy field unless it’s re-tuned to someone else, or is physically damaged. This product is so good that it comes with a 12-month money-back guarantee.

    Go Forward Read more on the Guardian Energy Egg.

    Go Forward Attract a Loving Relationship! Experience the Amazing Love Egg.

    Go Forward Boost your Prosperity Consciousness! Check out the New Wealth Egg.



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    The Love Egg | The Wealth Egg | Environmental Stress | The Energy Doctor | Opening the Stareye | Real Relationships

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