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    The Sixth House

    The sixth house describes your job, daily responsibilities (paid and unpaid), and those who work for or with you. It also represents your health, and physical fitness, specifically with regard to vulnerabilities. Small animals, pets and domesticated beasts in general are ruled, though riding beasts such as horses, oxen and elephants are governed by the 12th. The healing professions and the military are two more subjects governed by this house.

    Planets in the sixth house reflect particular facets of these matters; for example, Moon in the sixth house indicates vulnerability to a continuing variety of medical complaints, especially stomach or digestive disorders. The ailments of these individuals are usually not major threats but can disrupt their work and routine schedules. They are apt to operate a business from their home, or seek jobs related to homes, food, family life, women, or children. They develop mothering instincts and other strong emotional identification toward those who work for or with them. They may work better with women than with men. Work habits may be inconsistent as is their ability to stay in jobs. Their general health and psychological outlook are strongly affected by their work, and when the work environment or responsibilities are upsetting for some reason, inefficiency and absences are the result.

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