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    Jupiter | Jupiter in Scorpio | The Zodiac | Symbols | The Planets | About Astrology
    Jupiter, Lord of the Gods

    Jupiter Turns Direct
    focus your energy!

    The cycles of astrology are reflected in our daily lives, as well as informing the patterns of our human creativity, whether artistic or musical, social, political or financial. The planets rule our moods and our environment. Jupiter's annual transition from one sign to the next sets the stage of human consciousness for the ensuing year, but his annual switch between retro and forward motion through the zodiac is also highly significant.

    On July 6, 2006, Lordly Jupiter, the ruler of the ancient gods, returns to direct motion through the zodiac, after a lengthy period of retrograde motion that commenced at the beginning of March 2006. Each year, Jupiter turns retrograde for approximately 120 days and the periods when he is stationary in the zodiac, pausing at the beginning and end of these retrograde phases, are highly signficant in terms of their effect on life on Earth. When Jupiter turns direct, the week or so either side of the date of turning (when Jupiter is "Stationary Direct") is ideal for making or implementing decisions regarding the year ahead in terms of the matters ruled by Jupiter, but the flavour depends on where the change happens in your personal chart. In this article I will briefly outline the influences for each sign, so check your Sun Sign in the box below – and if you know your rising sign, check that too, for a more comprehensive forecast.

    One of the most potent forces in our solar system, Jupiter has been retrograde in Scorpio since March, creating all manner of overwhelming issues connected mainly with intense emotional desires, fanatical commitments to causes, the pursuit of pleasure and sexual indulgence – and the the deep exploration of life's mysteries. In my previous article on Jupiter's entry into Scorpio in October 2005, I noted that we could expect some remarkable developments this year, with profound upheavals in the collective, especially at a political, financial and religious level (the areas mainly governed by Jupiter).

    Jupiter rules our potential for growth and expansion on many levels: physical, intellectual, spiritual and cultural, along with the accumulation of material assets, power and status. He rules our optimism and aspirations, including our interests in faraway places, travel, foreigners, academic and artistic types, cultural endeavours such as publishing, higher education, structured personal development, healing, government and religion. Jupiter is a risk-taker, so also rules gambling and speculation, adventure – and moving into unknown territory.

    The Greater Fortune
    Lordly Jupiter, traditionally described as the Greater Fortune (or Benefic), governs luck and wellbeing. When Jupiter is well-aspected he provides superb opportunities for expansion and success. Poorly aspected, he generates over-confidence and foolhardy actions with little care for the consequences.

    Here is a brief outline for the benefit of each sign as Jupiter turns direct again. Remember to check the forecast for your rising sign too, for a more balanced reading. To calculate your rising sign, click here.

    Scorpio, the Scorpion Scorpio, the Scorpion

    Your uniqueness as an individual comes firmly to the fore, as Jupiter strides forward in your first house. Your personal magnetism increases as you become more focused on the delights of your physical appearance and the complex facets of your personality. It's time to implement decisions regarding personal image and health.

    Sagittarius, the Archer Sagittarius, the Archer

    Jupiter, your life-ruler, turns direct behind the scenes in your twelfth house of secrets, sorrows and sub-conscious motivation. Any benefits or gains may be hidden, or at least not as obvious to others as might normally be the case, but you need to move forward on anything connected with spiritual development, institutions, partner's health and concealed matters in general.

    Capricorn, the Sea-Goat Capricorn, the Sea-Goat

    The path to personal happiness is energized as Jupiter turns direct in your sector of personal goals. Now is the time to set those directions, especially towards the achievement of your hopes and wishes, career developments and matters to do with other people's children in your life. Friendships and matters related to clubs or associations you belong to will also benefit from positive action over the coming weeks.

    Aquarius, the Water Bearer Aquarius, the Water-Bearer

    With expansive Jupiter in your mid-heaven, the increased energy and enthusiasm surrounding you as he turns direct can inspire you with greater ambition and more urgent desires to expand your career or other long range goals. Now is the time to implement those changes you have been considering in your career and public image, as this is a very fortunate time for you, when the cosmos is on your side.

    Pisces, the Fishes Pisces, the Fishes

    As noble Jupiter, your life-ruler, turns direct in your ninth house, now is the time to make those travel bookings, to plan vacations and to decide on any cultural, religious, or educational issues that you have been considering. A second marriage, or matters to do with in-laws and relatives of your partner can be satisfactorily organized now. The next few months will be an interesting and fortunate period for you, one that includes much potential for success and personal growth, especially coming from decisions you set in motion now.

    Aries, the Ram Aries, the Ram

    Joint income, sexuality, investments, collection of debts, taxes, insurance and the settlement of estate matters are areas affected by the influence of Jupiter, as he turns direct in your eighth house of other people's money. Decisions you take now will have an effect for a long time ahead with regard to these issues.

    Taurus, the Bull Taurus, the Bull

    This is not a period to work or spend a lot of time alone and out of touch, as sociable Jupiter turns direct in your seventh house. Court cases, legal decisions, partnership issues and any open conflicts can be addressed at this time. People, especially a partner or other allies, will be a source of stimulation, broader knowledge and new experiences for you.

    Gemini, the Twins Gemini, the Twins

    The nature and scope of your work and daily responsibilities can be improved and expanded as Jupiter turns direct in your sixth house. Your work may require more travel, or advanced training become necessary. Your health too may require more attention, so any decisions about health regimes or health professionals should be taken now for best results. The streamlining of working routines can be achieved and relations with subordinates can also be improved.

    Cancer, the Crab Cancer, the Crab

    Your capacity for enjoyment is enhanced, as glorious Jupiter turns direct in your fifth house of romance, children, speculation and creativity. Now is the time to make investment decisions, move forward with romantic proposals and creative directions in general.

    Leo, the Lion Leo, the Lion

    Jupiter moving forward in your fourth house of home, family and domestic circumstances marks the beginning of a twelve-year cycle of learning and new experiences in one form or another. Decisions you make now, especially those influenced by people you meet will be catalysts that inspire you to start new ventures of one sort or another over the next twelve years. It's the best time for real estate and home improvement decisions, or perhaps selling up and relocating to a better residence.

    Virgo, the Virgin Virgo, the Virgin

    Communications and travel increase, as bold Jupiter swings into forward motion through your third house, widening your circle of contacts and encouraging the exchange of ideas and information. It's the ideal time to implement plans for creative writing, publishing, education and communicating with siblings.

    Libra, the Scales Libra, the Scales

    This may have been a tricky, even ruinous year so far, but now that Jupiter turns direct your second house of personal finances, you can make sensible decisions about the proper allocation of your resources. Your personal priorities and values are being redefined, but remember that under this influence money is the source of pleasure – which is fine if you can afford to spend it!

    The Via Combusta

    Although Jupiter turns direct on July 6, this massive planetary force remains in the Via Combusta until mid-September 2006. I have discussed the effects of Jupiter's pathway through this disruptive area of the zodiac at some length in Jupiter Enters Scorpio, but the due to the Grand Cross in Fixed Signs, the stress generated is still present until the end of October 2006, when the square from Jupiter to Saturn activated around the Solstice in late June 2006 runs out of steam. This aspect, intensified by the conjunction of Mars and Saturn at that time, and by the Moon's Nodes changing sign, produces a diffident, vacillating mind unable to form decisions.

    A tendency to be distrustful of others interferes with important opportunities. Difficulties in business and politics from misfortune may lead to depression and melancholy, if not dishonesty. Religious and philosophical values tend to be rigid, orthodox, or too materialistic. Under this influence, people can be slaves to dull routines and work, if not stuck in life with no long term goals. Thank heavens it will soon be over!

    Keep in mind that Jupiter changes signs on November 24, 2006, so decisions you make now will be most readily put into action before that date.

    Jupiter | Jupiter in Scorpio | The Zodiac | Symbols | The Planets | About Astrology

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