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    Mr Jupiter

    Mr Jupiter & Us
    our lives & Jupiter's jives...

    Ram Ramakrishnan is a prominent astrological researcher, based in Hyderabad, India. This article is a brief introduction to a much longer research project paper, published at ISAR on the effect of Jupiter and the other planets in determining our destinies. To download the full paper as a PDF, please click Our Lives and Jupiter's Jives. Ram has been focused on this groundbreaking research for several years and welcomes the participation of interested people.

    A rather old fellow, large and rotund, a belly that overhangs a withering belt that is ever in its last throes, a benign smile that always seems to be stuck on his face, master in matters of jurisprudence but leaves the dirty work of law enforcement to others, none to beat him in eloquence and Money is his middle name. That is Mr. Jupiter for you!!

    At least, this is the picture that emerges if one were to read descriptions of planet Jupiter in astrological texts. But be warned! Behind this apparent geniality is guile and craftiness. Not for nothing is he said to be preceptor of the Gods! And if astrological texts are to be believed and if all that is said about the role of the planet Jupiter in scripting our life stories were to be provable, then it would appear that we waltz along our allotted times to the precise patterns set by Jupiter as he jives along star strewn paths. He raises his baton and we rise; he lets the baton drop and we fall. We dare not disobey or else he will report us to Mr. Saturn!

    Numerous are the canons enshrined in astrological texts on the role of Jupiter in crafting life patterns particularly with regard to birth of children and their welfare, birth of siblings and their welfare, timing of marriage and marital bliss, our capacity to perform our designated duties and adherence to rules, and so on. Numerous too are charts presented by those who are convinced about the veracity of these canons, as proof of their applicability.

    But is there 100% compliance? If one were to seek a clear cut answer as either a yes or a no, then the answer is an emphatic 'No'. None of the astrological edicts exhibit 100% compliance. This however does not mean that astrology is imprecise or ambiguous. A firm disbeliever would tend to seize this opportunity to drive home his point. But a fairer course would be to investigate the enormity and the possible causes of such non-compliance and probe whether there are other definite astrological factors that deter or advance the purported effects of a specified canon.

    This would also be a logical course of action because any canon that shows compliance in the range of about 50% has indeed something to say for itself. It is precisely such an exercise that has been attempted with regard to one of the canons associated with Jupiter that specifies its role in establishing the hierarchy of siblings, their number and their birth times. The study is divided into four sections. A report on the findings of the first section under the caption Our lives and Jupiter's jives is hosted on the website of the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR). The paper can be downloaded in the PDF format. The author welcomes ideas and opinions on this report from astrological researchers and practitioners.

    It transpires that Mr. Jupiter enlists the support and capabilities of all his celestial brethren in giving shape and direction to his schemes. By Jove! Isn't Mr. Jupiter cool!!

    Now that you've read this brief intro, why not go to ISAR and download the full text of Our Lives and Jupiter's Jives?


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    The Gospel of Grandpa | Jupiter | Ganesha, the God | Amazing Encounter | Gems of the Zodiac

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