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    Contact Carl Johan Calleman

    Carl Johan Calleman was born at the exact midpoint of the month named from the Roman goddess Maya (May 15, 1950 12am), which is also the day 5 Jaguar in the traditional Sacred Calendar of the Maya.
    He is the author of three books on the Mayan calendar, Maya-hypotesen (in Swedish, 1994), The Mayan Calendar (Garev, 2001) and the forthcoming The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness (Bear and Co, 2004). He has consistently upheld the value of the traditional Mayan calendar system and was invited as one of the main speakers at the conference organized by the Indigenous Council of the Americas in Merida 1998. He lectures and gives courses about the traditional Mayan calendar across the world.
    Carl also has a PhD from the University of Stockholm and has been a Senior Researcher at the University of Washington in Seattle. He has served as an expert on cancer for the World Health Organization.
    You can also contact Carl via his web site www.calleman.com/.

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    The Oneness Celebration (June 6-8, 2004)
    The Return of the Energy of Christ and of Quetzalcoatl [part 3]

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    Carl Johan Calleman concludes his discussion of the upcoming Venus Transit in the light of the ancient American Mayan Civilisation. He argues that the generation and control of the subtle energies involved in the Creation Field (the power of Kundalini) herald the imminent transition in consciousness of the human race, through the return of Quetzalcoatl.

    Without going too deep into Mayan calendrics, we should note that the different Underworlds create a sensitivity of human beings to different fields of reality. The gravitational and electromagnetic fields are examples of such fields, which human beings became sensitive to and learn to control in lower Underworlds than the present Galactic.

    The current Galactic Underworld, however, which had its inception on January 5, 1999 in the Gregorian calendar, brings a sensitivity to the very consciousness field of the planet and living beings. There are several names for the energy that this field organizes, such as prana or Qi, and its most common description may be the "ether".

    Creation Field

    Another way of looking at this field is to regard it as a heavenly creation field that allows for immediate communication across the universe and synchronizes creation across the universe. This field then is not one of the common fields of physics, but a creation field that only now human beings are developing sensitivity to. What this means is that for communication human beings no longer need to transport themselves to another place or use the field of electromagnetism. Instead what is needed is to develop the intuitive capabilities of the right brain half that allow us to connect to the heavens, the fields that create the universe.

    Harmonious Resonance

    If a significant segment of humanity is in resonance with this field of creation it would more or less by necessity mean that it would be able to function more harmoniously. Its connections through this field would depend on the capabilities of the right brain half, the brain half that is now in the process of balancing the world and eliminating its injustices. This is a process that leads human beings away from looking at the world through a dualist filter and projecting conflicts onto the external world. It is also a process that is about to set an end to the linear time consciousness of the left brain and so supporting a life lived in the present, in the power of now, if you will.

    Return of Quetzalcoatl

    KundaliniMost profoundly, however, this is the creation field, the ether of consciousness, that develops in accordance with the divine plan as this may be charted by the Mayan calendar. Thus, whoever has a mind in resonance with this field will act in a way that is aligned with the higher purpose of humanity and the planet and creating a pathway to heaven that will manifest on Earth, the Kingdom of Heaven. This prophecy is very much a part of the Christian tradition and the time allotted to humanity for this is the period between the two Venus Passages on June 8, 2004 and June 6, 2012.

    But then, how is Quetzalcoatl to return? Regardless of by what means, anyone who is able to connect to the Oneness of All at the time of the Celebration will become a living incarnation of Quetzalcoatl. To become real the energy of Quetzalcoatl must manifest in human beings. At this time this must happen through the absorption of the energy of light on the right brain and unifying this with the left. This is really about activating Kundalini energy for which humanity may now be ripe. A winding energy of light in our bodies, a manifestation of the movement of the serpent of light, Quetzalcoatl, may serve this purpose. This will set the road to wholeness in an otherwise turbulent time.

    Carl Johan Calleman is the author of Solving the Greatest Mystery of Our Time: The Mayan Calendar (Garev, 2001) and the forthcoming The Mayan calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness (Bear and co, 2004). He lectures and gives courses internationally on the Mayan calendar. His web page is www.calleman.com.

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    Return of Quetzalcoatl: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Venus Retrograde | StarGuide

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