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    Zodiac Gardens
    let your sign shape your environment

    Planting according to the signs, or seasons, is an age-old practice. For centuries our ancestors studied the earth, the stars, and everything around them, intertwining nature with the human psyche, all aimed at improved physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

    In the search for ideas to personalize gardens, home owners are now turning to the stars. For centuries, people have used the astrological signs of the Zodiac for direction on planting, harvesting, weeding etc. But now, home owners are building whole gardens around their Zodiac sign.

    Each Zodiac sign has attributes and associations that can be incorporated into the garden to create a paradise that suits the creator's personality – from a Taurus who likes to spread a lot of interesting stuff in the garden to a Virgo that prefers neatness. Much like the Western adoption of Chinese "Feng Shui" to create harmony in personal spaces, the use of astrology is gaining popularity as a means to capture nature's innate, positive energy. To that end, the question looms: Will Zodiac Gardens be the next trend?

    Below are some suggestions on how to approach your Zodiac Garden. The associations of each sign can be incorporated into a garden that will suit your style. Whether it is starting with a theme centered around a country, or incorporating a water element if you are a water sign, each sign has enough ingredients to create a unique oasis.

    Traditional Associations

    Aries Honeysuckle, thistle, bryony, peppermint, tiger lily, geranium, hops, impatiens, onions, hollyhocks Thorn-bearing trees/shrubs, some firs Sheep, rams, owls Red, white Fire Copper, iron England, France, Germany, Denmark

    Taurus Rose, poppy, foxglove, daisy, primula, violet, columbine, mallow, berry fruits, sundew Ash, cypress, vine, apple, crab apple, pear, fig, citrus, palms Cattle Pink, pale blue
    & green, pastel shades, orange red, brown, russet
    Earth Copper, gold Ireland, Switzerland, Iran, Cyprus, The Greek Islands, Capri, France

    Gemini Lily-of-the-valley, lavender, maidenhair fern, myrtle, fern, orchid, chrysanthemums, lilac, azalea Nut-bearing trees, hazel Small birds, parrots, butterflies, monkeys Most colors, particularly yellow & orange Air Mercury Wales, Belgium, USA, Lower Egypt, Sardinia, Armenia

    Cancer Acanthus, convolvulus, geranium, lily, waterlily, cabbage, lotus, verbena, southern magnolia, cow parsley, white flowers, especially roses Pear, All trees, particularly those rich in sap i.e. maples Animals with shells, e.g. crabs & turtles Silver gray, pale yellow, white Water Silver Scotland, the Netherlands, North and West Africa, New Zealand, Paraguay, Algeria

    Leo Sunflower, marigold, celandine, passion flower, vines, rosemary, asters, larkspur, dahlia, heliotrope Palm, Bay, laurel, walnut, olive, citrus trees Big game, especially the cats The colors
    of the sun
    Fire Gold, ivory, royal blue Romania, Sicily, Czech Republic, southern Iraq, Lebanon, the south of France, Italy

    Virgo Narcissus, chrysanthemums, asters, all brightly colored small flowers, particularly blue or yellow Cherry, nut-bearing trees, not just edible Pets, particularly cats & dogs, solitary animals Navy blue,
    dark brown,
    green, lilac
    Earth Mercury, nickel, platinum Greece, the West Indies, Turkey, Brazil, Crete, Yugoslavia, Jordan, Switzerland

    Libra Large roses, asters, hydrangea, blue flowers, mint, daisy, berry fruits, Taurean flowers Plum, ash, poplar, and Taurean trees Elepants, lizards and small reptiles Shades of
    blue from pale
    to aguamarine, pink & pale green
    Air Copper, brass Austria, Burma, Japan, Argentina, Upper Egypt, Canada, Tibet, China, South Pacific Islands

    Scorpio Rhododendron, geranium, holly, black-eyed susans, scarlet monkey flower, anenome, heather, gardenia, honeysuckle, cactus, Ariean flowers Yew, blackthorn, bushy or thorny trees Scorpions, eagle, wolf, most insects Dark red,
    turquoise, midnight blue
    Water Steel, iron Morocco, Norway, the Transvaal, Syria, Korea, Uruguay, Palestine

    Sagittarius Pinks and carnations, dandelions, clematis, peonies, blackberries, thistles, mosses, sage, rush Lime, birch, mulberry, oak, ash, chestnut Horses, hunted animals i.e. deer Cobalt blue,
    purple, tan
    Fire Tin Spain, Australia, Hungary, South Africa, Saudi Arabia

    Capricorn Ivy, heartsease, amaranthus, pansy, knapweed, hemp, scotch broom, trillium, baby's breath, camellia, magnolia Pine, elm, yew, willow, aspen, poplar, hemlock Goats and cloven-footed animals Dark gray,
    Chocolate brown, black, indigo
    Earth Silver, lead India, Mexico, Afghanistan, Macedonia, Tibet, Albania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Greece

    Aquarius Solomon's seal, orchid, golden rain, golden rod, jack-in-the-pulpit, bird of paradise, gladioli, trillium, kiwi Fruit trees, elderberry, olive, alder Large birds that fly far, peacocks, man Turquoise, violet Air Aluminum, lead alloys The Russian Federation, Sweden, Poland, Ethiopia, Isreal, Finland, Russia

    Pisces Waterlily, those blooming in Piscean color, mosses, poppies, rhubbarb, yarrow, clematis, wisteria, lilac, orchids Willow, fig, trees growing near water Mammals that like water, fish Soft sea green, red violet Water Platinum, tin, pewter Portugal, small Mediterranean islands, the Gobi & Saharan deserts

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