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    Cancer, the Crab

    Cancer Cancer, the Crab in the year 2001

    A Year of Mixed Blessings

    This is a year of mixed blessings. A series of eclipses will affect your self-image and your major relationships, sparking off events and touching deep personal issues for you in terms of self and partnership. Sexual encounters are tempting and creativity will be high. Children will be a focus. Financial matters improve.
    The cycle of the Moon is an integral part of every Crab’s life. The rising and setting of this magical night-light from first quarter to last is the clock by which you can tell the time of your days and the measure of your years. If you listen hard enough, you can almost hear the soft waves of light that bounce from this reflective orb which holds our balance with the Sun.

    One of the most important rhythms for the Crab to feel is the fluctuation of the moonlight as it waxes to the full, then wanes to the dark and the new. Life begins and ends and begins again. Everyone born under the sign of the Crab knows this pattern of growth, decline and re-growth. They know it in the waters of their being and in every cell of their bodies. Attunement to this pattern will be an integral part of getting the most from this year, for there are clear cycles of growth, decline and re-growth in different areas of your life. Knowing which one to nurture and when to nurture it is the rhythmic key to both success and happiness on the paths that open up before you.

    This is a year of mixed blessings. On the one hand there will be a series of solar and lunar eclipses that will affect your solar first and seventh houses, both sparking off events and touching deep personal issues for you in terms of self and partnership. They may also put extra pressure on you with regard to both money matters and work responsibilities. It may seem as though the lights are going on and off and on again in these sectors. And they are, but it’s all to a purpose, that of inner growth through a deeper understanding of your own psyche and subconscious drives.

    On the other hand, Jupiter, monarch of the Heavens, is ready to bless you with his transit of your sign later in the year, bestowing opportunity and good fortune. Saturn, the taskmaster, spends the early months of 2001 in your solar eleventh house, fostering connections, affirming efforts and bringing a note of the hard won achievement that you can celebrate. But, later in the year, Saturn moves into your solar twelfth house, calling you to a time of withdrawal and development on the inner levels of the self. The trick for you Crabs will be to catch the rhythm of this waxing and waning of the cycles so that you can gain the most from the peaks and put the troughs to the best effect in terms of self-nurture and development.

    Auld Lang Syne

    New Year's Eve sees Mars the warrior in the sign of Scorpio, your solar fifth house. There is plenty of energy here to explore your desires, to indulge and enjoy. You'll feel strong, assertive and ready for anything. However, Mars is also making a square (conflict, intense encounters) to Neptune in Aquarius in your solar eighth house. The eighth house brings up matters of power, other people’s and your own, of the appetites and the hidden forces that operate from within you. It is the house of death (and taxes), transformation, sexuality and regeneration. Its activation can push things to extremes for the forces within the eighth house will not rest until they are satisfied. In the end, only insightful knowledge satisfies such forces.

    Be careful that you don’t go over the top or push things too far, either at New Year or in the course of the next twelve months. Remember that you are a water sign and one of the keys to understanding the water nature is to delve into the subconscious to gain deeper insight into your motivations and desires. This year could be a turning point in coming to know what makes you tick. What do you really want from life? The answer to this might come as an illuminating and simple realization, or it may come as a result of a complex and intense encounter with the hidden forces from within you or from those around you.
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    Relationships: the Journey to the Heart
    Women and women's issues are likely to be very much in the forefront this year, with the Moon and Pallas Athene dancing in your fifth house at the solstice. Sexuality is active, experimental and somewhat detached, bringing love affairs and adventures. Partnerships are under pressure. Pallas, the wise female warrior, rules relations between fathers and daughters -- and all incestuous and abusive relationships where an imbalance of power must be righted. She gives meaning and direction to the struggles of women to be free from the oppressive domination of masculine forces. How Cancer faces issues of learning, creativity, the arts, politics, healing, alienation from relationships, competition and the fears of success will occupy a lot of your attention.

    Career and Finances: Stake Your Claim
    You'll do well through speculative activities, pleasures, young people, sports and entertainment. Your children should rise to the occasion, too, though you should take extra care of their health. Work in some large institution could be satisfying. Anything of a secret or mysterious nature will occupy your attention. Partnership ventures will suffer sudden ups and downs. Pay your taxes and control the use of the plastic!

    Health: Balancing Your Energies
    Your health is likely to suffer, especially through overwork and the emergence of deep issues which must be resolved, so that you may get on with your life. Be cautious of the actions of employees and subordinates. There is some potential for death among friends. Mysterious matters and exploration thereof will bring spiritual experiences.

    Home and Away: Family and Children
    Children will prosper and give you much pleasure. You will gain through property and matters to do with the deceased. Be cautious in matters of inheritance, land and property. There is some potential for marriage to a partner who has existing children.

    Mercury Retrograde
    Periods of confusion affect
    • travel, higher education, credit, taxes, joint ventures, partner's money, sexuality, end of life issues Feb/Mar
    • unconscious motivations, dreams, concealed matters, institutions, secret enemies, partner's health Jun/Jul
    • home and family, real estate, parents, beginnings and endings Oct/Nov.
      More on retro Mercury
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    Facing the ShadowsGo to Top

    With revolutionary Uranus and mystic Neptune both moving through your solar eighth house, there have been many changes for you at a deep level over these last few years. You might have been driven towards money or perhaps away from it, though every Crab loves to have a few pennies to count. There may have been changes, sudden or unexpected, that will have affected you in matters of joint partnership or investment. Powerful urges will have manifested in your search for the fulfillment of your desires. A compelling, intense or even secret relationship may have come and gone very quickly. Uranus will have been urging you on a search for meaning and perhaps looking more into psychological or metaphysical areas for some understanding of your life. Neptune will have made you more than usually sensitive to undercurrents and atmospheres. You may have even been drawn into matters of direct spiritual experience, allowing you to touch the world of spirit and the invisible.

    Do not be afraid to explore deeply this year. You are being shown the complex relationship between your own emotions both positive and negative and the events and people that manifest in your life. Try to cultivate a sense of detachment as you watch your own drama unfold. Learn from it by observing more clinically what is taking place and asking yourself why. It is especially important for every Cancer to examine their fear cycle. Remember, no matter how gifted your mind is, the Crab’s primary response to the immediate environment is through the medium of feeling. With Jupiter spending the first seven months of the year in your solar twelfth house, you are being urged to trust your intuition for decision-making. Yet with the overall influence of the year, you are also being tested to see whether it’s your intuition at work or just the subconscious expression of your own desires. Don’t confuse you intuition with the simple urge for what you’d like.

    Money MattersGo to Top

    With both Jupiter and Saturn in aspect to Venus, goddess of love and money, as we come into the New Year, there could be mixed fortunes as regards money. While Jupiter urges expansion, spending and enjoyment, Saturn, the taskmaster, urges responsibility, caution and working with limited means. Venus begins the year in your solar eighth house and the sign of Aquarius, while Jupiter makes his square from the sign of Gemini in your solar twelfth house. This could be a good year to avoid tying up any money with other people’s business or investments, especially if you have little or no control over what is being done. Such ties may lead to losses, uncertainties and even outright deception.

    Saturn in Taurus in your eleventh solar house urges a more direct approach to putting your money to work. Schemes or businesses that enable you to cooperate with others, working in some kind of team sense could be worth the time and effort they take to get off the ground. Focus on making your money work by putting it into resources or product or even information that can be sold, distributed or moved quickly through the market place. Make your money do something that you can see in operation. On a personal level, this is not a year for extravagant spending or pushing your funds to the limit. A charitable donation or an investment in a worthy cause may bring some kind of unexpected reward, but cranking the plastic up without financial plans or goals will bring its own kind of grief.

    Solar EclipseGo to Top

    The first eclipse for the year may bear on matters of money and joint finances. It comes with the Full Moon in your sign on January 10th. There could be surprises here or unexpected developments or perhaps a shortfall of some kind, especially if there is a joint arrangement involved. Step back a little and watch what’s going on. If family money or relationships are involved, it may be that there are secrets or deep-seated emotions at the heart of any problems. There could be an ending or a change of residence by someone close to you or it may just be that there is the breaking of an old pattern in the family dynamics. Don’t be loose with money here, or the gap you have created may open up wider later on.

    A Giant LeapGo to Top

    On January 25th, Jupiter and Saturn, the two giants of the heavenly dance, both move out of retrograde (reverse) phase and into forward motion again. This could begin to untie the shackles that we’ve all been feeling for some time. Matters of business and money may start to flex their muscle and begin to grow and expand again. Certainly there is light at the end of the tunnel, though in some instances the light will simply be a clear picture of the way things are. In any case, there will be the beginnings of room to move and the time to do so. Watch any initial forward movement though. This giant leap is followed by the first retrograde (reverse motion) cycle for Mercury the messenger planet for 2001. This will spread itself through the month of February so be watchful for its influence.

    When Mercury goes retrograde, signals tend to get confused. There can be misunderstandings poor communications generally, botched arrangements and problems with technology, vehicles and traffic. This is not a good time for final decisions or placing the signature on the dotted line. Agreements or contracts made under this influence tend to have unexpected outcomes or hidden problems. Just wait. Be patient for sometimes Mercury in reverse motion tends to make us all a little impatient. Put things under review and look at the hidden problems or alternative options for decisions under consideration. This retrograde takes place in your solar eighth house. Financial matters that bear on joint arrangements or other people’s money could be affected here. The appearance of things may change and change again before all this is done. Don’t take the halfway mark for the finish. Early born Crabs may be in for a few stunning realizations or perhaps the start of a creative project that has been on the back-burner for too long. Watch the work computer this month. It might decide to give you merry hell.

    Work and PartnershipGo to Top

    Work could present some real challenges this year, as well as providing the completion of new levels of achievement. In March and April, Venus, the maker of relationships and cooperation turns retrograde in the sign of Aries and in your solar tenth house. This is the house of profession, occupation and those in authority (yourself included) who have charge of this domain and indeed those in charge of the social order itself. There could be difficulties in getting on with people, especially women or younger folk. You might find yourself clashing with people in authority, or if you’re the C. E. O. then you might find yourself under fire. Negotiation is the key to any problem, not simply the broadside or the frontal assault. Watch especially the 3rd week of March when there is an intense mood due to the conjunction of Mars and Pluto in Sagittarius in your house of work and daily routines. Find new ways of solving problems. Those of you who have a partner with whom you also work might find that the pressure is on and putting extra stresses on your personal relationship. On the other side of the coin, you might decide to take a time out or even change what you're doing, especially if you’re not moving fast enough or are even headed for some kind of job revision or work cuts. Some of you may go back to something you were doing before and begin again. Take time to evaluate every aspect of your situation before you take a final decision though.

    On a personal level, there could problems with established relationships. They may be going through difficulties or seeking new lines of growth and development. Are you ready for a new start but feel held back by your current ties? Is your partner seeking new avenues of expression that you can’t understand? Take time out to discuss things and examine what can be done. If you’re at odds, the key is to negotiate your way to a renewal, not simply give up in frustration. Those of you who are unattached may meet an old flame out of the blue and decide to re-ignite.

    Withdrawal and the Inner SpaceGo to Top

    Saturn the taskmaster moves into the sign of Gemini and your solar twelfth house on April 21st. This signals a time of partial withdrawal. It is important here for the Crab to go back into the shell a little and look to their own inner needs. Are you tired? Is your health suffering? Then pay attention to these matters and seek the correct remedy or treatment. Are there any creative projects that you need to get started on? Things that will take time to develop are very well suited to the coming of this transit. Use some time each day or week to withdraw into your own private world and get the juices flowing. Are there any old matters from the past, especially to do with family, authority figures, communications and opinions that need resolving? Take some time to explore matters from the past now. It’s not indulgence, but an absolute essential for moving forward later on. Don’t be afraid to go down the road of therapy if that’s what’s needed, but it may be that a journal or the solace of a good friend will be enough. This cycle lasts for around two years so don’t try to hurry yourself through it. Also, don’t pull back from the world too much. Stay close enough to get a reality check every now and again.

    Work and Health: Pluto, Mars and ChironGo to Top

    Since 1995, Pluto the transformer has been in the sign of Sagittarius in your solar sixth house, that of work and routines, health and sickness. There will have been big changes for you in these areas. Ill-health may have been affecting you more than usual. You may have had changes in your position at work, the nature of your work or even a change of work itself. Whatever happened has probably challenged and pushed you to learn new things or do the old ones in a different way. It may simply be that there has been more pressure than you are used to. Pluto has been teaching you about the use of the mind to discipline the body and also about the value of routines, especially those that free you up for exercise and movement so that you can learn to free your spirit. But still, work will have had it’s demands. There may have been power struggles around you or in which you’ve been involved. You may have simply clashed with others over matters of authority and correct method. Chiron the wounded healer has also been travelling in your solar sixth house, catching Pluto and passing him early last year. There will have been crises and issues to deal with and that will have revealed to you (and perhaps to others) where it is that you feel unable or even inadequate in what you do.

    If health has been a crucial matter for you then it has probably changed the direction of your life and also your sense of who you are as a person. You may have had to move into alternative health treatments and may have even thought of going down that road yourself as a practitioner. Whatever health problems lie before you this year, exhaustion, accidents or stress through overwork or conflict will be the danger areas. Mars entered your solar sixth house in mid February, causing perhaps a little bit of ruction and impatience and also a desire for new ventures or more freedom. By May 12th, the warrior planet enters his own retrograde phase and begins to cycle backwards. He stays on this backward moving jag until July 20th so make sure you allow some time for easy breathing and being by the water to keep calm. Otherwise, this will certainly be a time of frustration, impatience and blockage to advancement, either on your part or the part of those around you in the work environment. Remember how sensitive the Crab is to matters of emotional atmosphere! While Mars is retrograde, the next two months are a period when caution and correct management are advised with all matters of work and travel to and from the place of work so treat all of these with caution. This could be a turbulent time but inner calm will get you through unscathed if you’re disciplined with it.

    The Solstice and the Solar EclipseGo to Top

    At the solstice, the ingress of the Sun into your sign brings an eclipse of the New Moon and some probable disruption or change. June 21st could be a landmark date for you. First, it comes right in the midst of the second retrograde phase of Mercury for this year. The messenger goes into reverse motion in the sign of Gemini and in your solar twelfth house in the first week of June. Communication breakdowns, hidden meanings, secrets and lies might all be problematic little confusions that dog the days of June. Just try to deal with things one by one and don’t allow confusion to become distress. With Jupiter and Mercury playing havoc with Mars and Chiron and Saturn beginning to advance into some tension with Pluto, this could be a confusing time and you may feel that you are under fire or in the midst of chaos.

    June 21st could see endings or separations that affect you very personally, touching matters of home and family life and even the purse strings. Hidden forces or even hidden enemies may be a problem. You may find some friend you thought you had was false. Once again, just ride it out and ask yourself why it is your intuition didn’t spot what was about to occur. Once again look deep inside yourself for some understanding of the issues this will have brought to the surface.

    An eclipse of the Moon on July 6th in your opposite sign of Capricorn might bring some family matter to your attention that will be a little uncomfortable to deal with or resolve. This may touch on old matters or involve and older member of the family in some way.

    Benevolent JupiterGo to Top

    July 13th sees the monarch of the Heavens, giant Jupiter move into your sign and your solar first house to bless with a touch of good luck and some opportunities for growth and development. There could be family celebrations, a larger family gathering or just some plain old-fashioned good spirit and enjoyment for you and your loved ones. Make the most of what occurs for you. This is also a transit where you can grow and expand on a very personal level through opportunities for advancement through study or promotion. Eat up what’s on the plate. It will lead to more and better things for you. At the simplest level, you can just shine and enjoy Jupiter’s beneficence and the social ambiance it can bring. This is especially so in August when Venus moves into Cancer to join the dance with your Sun and the giant of fortune. But while Jupiter is bringing good fortune, Saturn and Pluto are involved in a wrestling match from your solar twelfth to your solar sixth houses, once again bringing the focus onto work and health. Take any health matters here seriously. If there are power struggles or conflicts at work, you have the grace to deal with powerfully and the recourse of appeal up the chain. Those at the top will listen if that’s what you have to do to sort things out.

    Ructions at HomeGo to Top

    October brings the third cycle of Mercury retrograde, this time in the sign of Libra in you solar fourth house. Added to that, Mars the warrior in Capricorn in your solar seventh house opposes giant Jupiter in Cancer in your solar first. Family communications and arrangements will be affected, bringing disruption and changes of plans. You could find yourself at cross purposes with partners or children with some sparks as a result. Your primary relationship might go through a period of disagreement or in fact it could hot up and add some spice to your life. With Mars and Jupiter in tension, avoid emotional explosions and unreasonable expectations. Take time with the communication factor and make sure that you’ve understood what’s been said or done before you hit level five alert. Realize also that others may simply be ‘acting out’ parts of you that you are unprepared to face. After all, there’s no one as stubborn as the romantic Crab who simply doesn’t want to see something about themselves. Go back to the working tools of the year and you will pass through all of this in time.

    The Home RunGo to Top

    After some passionate and intense exchanges in November that might best be referred to as a learning curve, we come to the close of the Crab’s year. Mars the warrior gives energy and enjoyment as he roams through the sign of Pisces and your solar ninth house, bringing contact with foreigners or journeys into higher learning or travel to other parts of the globe. A solar eclipse on December 15th may send you scuttling as matters of work and routine that have been prominent earlier in the year come back for another look. Make a decision to finalize if necessary but don’t begin anything new around this time. The bell for the New Year brings with it a last eclipse of the Moon in your sign on December 30th. Emotion could run rife here for a while as matters waver in the fluctuating light. The secret will be not in talk but in taking the right action. With Mars in Pisces squaring Pluto the transformer in the sign of Sagittarius as the year ends, action will need to be strong and intense. Take it! Do what you should have done long ago, then sit back and breathe a sigh of relief.

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