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    Capricorn, the Sea-Goat

    Capricorn Capricorn, the Sea-Goat in the year 2001

    A Fortunate Star

    With the solar eclipse in your sign on Christmas Day following the solstice in 2000, this year should be a year of big changes. It is a year of closing old cycles and of new beginnings. The eclipse occurred in conjunction with the fortunate fixed star, Polis. Polis is a star of success, so new ventures for Capricorn in 2001 should prove more than satisfactory.
    In the quest for responsibility, success and achievement, in striving to reach the head of the queue, many step up for the challenge, but it is generally the Goat who carries through to the end while all others fall by the wayside. Whether you’re the wild mountain goat, or the more steadfast sturdy Goat that roams the plains, Saturn, your ruler, calls you to a place of merit in the structure of the society that surrounds you.

    Those goats who begin their rise to the heights always want to go further, finding any blockage they collide with merely an obstacle and not a ceiling. Those who do not rise can remain trapped in feelings of frustration and failure because a strong inner drive, inherent in the Goat, is not being served. Goats find the measure of the self in the status that they achieve or in the status of their achievements.

    While the pantheon of successful artists and stars is dotted with various of the twelve signs, it is heavily populated by that of Capricorn because of a pronounced consciousness of the value of a career and the ability to manage one successfully. Talent is not enough. The Goat teaches us that we must also have the wisdom and pragmatic sense to set out on a course that puts the talent to work in a structured and effective way. This year it will be important for you goats to refine and focus your talents in different ways by learning new skills and learning from others.

    May 2000: A Retrospective

    The gathering of planets in May 2000 in the harmonious earth sign of Taurus would have seen you aspiring to the heights in classic fashion, seeking to advance your aims and goals. Yet it would have also seen you pushed and pulled between a powerful urge towards new vistas and expansion and the inherent need within you for control over what you do and a pattern of structured growth. Jupiter, monarch of the Heavens, and Saturn, the taskmaster and your own ruler, were driving forces behind these conflicting urges, a conflict not always easy to manage. These two giants of the Heavens came together for their regular twenty-year meeting in May, the last of a sequence of earth sign conjunctions that began more than a hundred and fifty years ago.

    Where Jupiter urges us forward through risks, excitement, expansion and diversity, Saturn calls us to follow the pattern or the track of determined achievement. Jupiter and Saturn met last May in your solar fifth house, the house of creative self-expression, lifestyle, leisure, entertainment, love affairs, sport, recreation and children. When the fifth house is active, we love to get out there and do it! And when Jupiter is moving through the fifth house we want to do it bigger, better and quicker than anyone else. However, Saturn in the fifth house calls us to responsibility, considered action and strong life lessons. You will have started new ventures or taken on new responsibilities, but somehow matters remain incomplete. You may not have had the time, the resources or the focus to go ahead with your plans. Other responsibilities may have called you back from the brink. You may have failed at or struggled with some part of what you wanted to do. You may have found you needed to learn more in order to carry on. Incomplete lessons, incomplete plans or incomplete projects! Somehow one or more of these conditions will carry into the New Year. Muster up all of your goatish application and get ready to continue the journey.
    Relationships: the Journey to the Heart
    Marriage is a potential, especially to someone who already has children. Friends must be treated well, or their friendship may turn to open enmity. This does not alter the fact that you are likely to gain benefit through friendships and associations, especially with active, original, or ingenious people. Love affairs have a financial twist, perhaps causing you to rethink your system of values.

    Career and Finances: Stake Your Claim
    Gain will come through speculative investments, personal ingenuity and industry. Professional work and government or public commissions could prove profitable. You may benefit through the healing professions, small animals and the military. Finances may be subject to unusual or unconventional pressures. Beware of falling prey to delusions, deceptions and get-rich-quick schemes. Subordinates and employees may prove troublesome.

    Health: Balancing Your Energies
    You must obey the laws of hygiene and take care of yourself, for chronic ailments could resurface, especially with regard to irregularity, chest and lung problems, rheumatics and the like. Lingering, or debilitating problems may emerge. Overwork could cause severe stress which is likely to react upon your health, especially should evidence emerge of people working against you behind the scenes. Take extra care when travelling, especially on long journeys.

    Home and Away: Family and Children
    Your children should do well and may bring some financial benefit to you. Your hopes and expectations are likely to come to a good conclusion, especially through the influence of friends and children. Travel may be risky, especially long journeys. Older Capricorns should realise some of their dreams. Dealings with inlaws, strangers and foreigners should be good, though your own siblings may be problematic.

    Mercury Retrograde
    Periods of confusion affect
    • local issues, siblings, finances, personal values, partnership funds, legal matters Feb/Mar
    • work, health, colleagues and subordinates Jun/Jul
    • career, domestic arrangements, public image Oct/Nov.
      More on retro Mercury
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    Your Path for the Year  Go to Top

    Saturn, your life-ruler, begins the year still in Taurus and your solar fifth house, moving through the last of a retrograde (reverse motion cycle), so the month of January will bring a sense of restriction that remains largely unchanged from last year. Keep your patience, especially around the lunar eclipse on January 9th (GMT) when matters of partnership or relationships could hit unexpected glitches or problems. Eclipses can be tiring and stressful, often bringing the cessation of a particular phase or cycle. Whatever comes here will take you by surprise. The first real movement comes on January 25th when Saturn and Jupiter, the two giants, both move forward again, allowing you to begin throwing off the restrictions that have held you back. Although with Saturn opposing Mars in early February, don’t expect too much and watch a tendency to make hard work of everything.

    With Saturn squaring Venus in Aquarius in your solar second house as the year begins, obligations, responsibilities or debts will need to be attended to before you are done with the business of year 2000. Deal with any outstanding money matters or at least make plans or agreements to do so. You are still learning about what resources you have and how you put them to work. If you have any other obligations with people through work or business or simply on a personal level, make sure they are attended to. Saturn remains in Taurus until the 3rd week of April so it is important to see the first quarter of 2001 as part of an overall pattern of completion of outstanding matters.

    On April 21st, Saturn moves into Gemini and your solar sixth house, bringing a strong shift of focus and application. The sign of Gemini rules movement, transport, business and communications, education and the exchange of information. But the sixth house requires focus, analysis, application and attention to health and daily or working routines. It will be important from now on to keep your focus more specific so that you get the most from what is required and not expend too much energy in diversifying. Work will be important when it is tied to study or education so that new skills can be learned, new ideas can be embraced and new practices put in place. You could benefit by working with new or different ideas and by working with younger people. If there is a specific course or education program you could take this year then do so. Otherwise, learning may come from situations where you’re exposed directly to new methods and techniques. Develop your communication skills and techniques. Get more involved with exchanges of information but keep the focus on what is most important. You will develop best this year by choosing a specific area to concentrate on and getting to grips with the intricacies of it. Analysis, knowing your position and the measure of what’s done and not done will serve. With one new area under control, you can then move onto the next.

    Work and Employment  Go to Top

    This may be a challenging year work-wise, in that you are in a state of transition, an in-between stage within your own development plan. You may be working in a job that is not ideal but that paves the way for something else. You may be caught in a learning cycle where you simply cannot hurry things along. You may be forced to work alone or have to work with people who are not compatible with you or sympathetic to what you’re doing. If there is a "bide your time" feeling to work this year, then make the best of it. You’re coming up to a more expansive cycle for which this year is part of the crucial preparation. Just concentrate on getting your skills and your performance up to standard and let other matters take care of themselves. Remember that you have a purpose that is broader and more important than any single condition you have to deal with.

    Health and Mobility  Go to Top

    Saturn in your solar sixth house will call especial attention to matters of health as far as diet and exercise are concerned. Work on mobility and flexibility, particularly if there are any signs of stiffness or impairment. Give yourself a good diet, being very conscious that you goats can suffer from sluggish digestion or metabolism. Move towards eating patterns that promote speed and efficiency of digestion. Don’t waste energy this year. Work on conserving bodily resources. You’re learning how to refine, direct and manage energies rather than simply go into overdrive to get the job done. Be careful of accidents to the face or the extremities. These could come about through inefficient use of energy or loss of focus or attention. Health management is an important part of your year so don’t neglect it. If your health is allowed to lapse because of inattention then work could suffer.

    Nebulous and Foggy  Go to Top

    Mars the warrior begins the year in Scorpio and your solar eleventh house, urging you towards work within the wider community, efforts for the common good and leadership in groups or associations. But Mars is also squaring nebulous Neptune in Aquarius your solar second house, indicating that there may be difficulties, fears, delusion or deception as you go down such a path. Don’t be misled by your own desires. You may want to do or give more than you can deliver. The manipulations or deceptions of others (or simply deceptive situations) may cost you money, energy or both. Take a long look at all such situations in your life and don’t just rush in with a good-hearted will, hoping that all will be well. Fear or indulgent desire will somehow bring you into contact with people who are not honest or who may want to take advantage of you. Be warned, but don’t give up the aspirations. Just be careful as to how you go about achieving them. This is not a year to let your desires, hopes or fears get out of control. Rather look at them and see why these deeply ingrained matters function in the way they do with you.

    Love and Money  Go to Top

    For some years now, revolutionary Uranus and mysterious Neptune have been moving through the sign of Aquarius, your solar second house. Disruption, havoc and even loss or deception with regard to finances and resources has been the flavour of the transit. The well may have run dry on occasion, or you may have been pushed harder than usual. Have you lost or benefited greatly from changes in financial circumstances? One way or another, you will have had a rocky or, at the very least, an uneven ride for a while. You will have also gained a great deal from changes in values that have come about through changes with money or finance, changes in your resource base or changes in your financial associations. You will be thinking and feeling differently about money and what is important in life due to the events of these last few years. The coming year continues these same trends with money, though after July you may find you can be benefit financially through partnership, family connections or even the odd spot of good fortune that comes via the agency of some other person with whom you are connected.

    Lady Venus  Go to Top

    As the old year turns, Lady Venus, goddess of love and fount of finance, is in Aquarius and your solar second house. For those goats who are married or with a partner, it will be important to see things through and take the partnership to a new level. Relationships will bring difficulty this year, in that there will be problems, limitations or changes of direction for either or both of you within the relationship. These will challenge you, requiring a change of focus and work on the relationship for you and your partner. Work demands for one or both will test the strength of your partnerships, so make sure you work on creating a balance of time for both of these areas of your life.

    However, work could also benefit the relationship in that changes of focus, occupation or involvement will bring new perspectives or time frames for you to explore your needs. Work or the demands of your life could also bring periods of isolation or even loneliness where you are left to yourself, so your thoughts and feelings will be free to come to the surface. Examine what it is that you really want from both your partner and yourself. Some partnerships may reach the end of the road, others may simply take a new turn. Don’t mistake restriction for the failure of what you’re doing together though. It may only be the failure of the way you’re going about it at the moment. Disputes over money between partners could be crucial and, if they get out of hand, could create a brink that is hard to step back from.

    For the single goat, you may be better off simply following the course you have set for yourself and not worrying too much about partnership. It will come unexpectedly at the right time, especially after July 13th when giant Jupiter favours you with his presence in your solar seventh house. In the meantime, contacts or connections you make will come and go fairly quickly, jettisoned by the pressure of your daily life and business. Changes around work for you could bring you into different company; you may benefit greatly from meetings with new or unusual people. These may not necessarily be of a romantic nature, but they could see you moving amongst different groups of people. You could form new contacts from these.

    Mercury Retrograde  Go to Top

    While the end of January sees more freedom of movement, don’t get too carried away. February brings confusion and uncertainty as Mercury the messenger turns retrograde, initially in Pisces and your solar third house, but then quickly back into Aquarius and your solar second house. When this busy little traveller turns back on himself, matters of movement, travel, business and communications are subject to confusion and breakdown, often because of some little nagging detail that’s been missed. It’s advisable to put vital decisions and the signing of documents and contracts on hold at such a time. Place important matters under review and wait to see what occurs. If you act too quickly, some hidden flaw or feature will make its presence felt later on and catch you out. To do too quickly is to have to redo later on. Watch communications here. It is easy to get lost in misunderstandings when everyone thinks they know exactly what’s been said. More haste, less speed, should be your motto when Mercury is retrograde.

    With Mercury retro in your solar second house, make sure you work for clarity over matters of money and finance, especially if you have any financial involvement with groups, associations, or unusual friends and associates. Create clear dialogue that lets everyone know where they stand (yourself included). Watch the middle of the month when warrior Mars enters fiery Sagittarius and your solar twelfth house. Here your energy could fall away, leaving you more tired than usual. Confusion could then become disagreement or conflict. Hidden feelings, especially anger, could affect your situation. Work to keep matters on an even keel and wait out the month so that better decisions can be made. Don’t let a row or confusion make a decision for you.

    Venusian Confusion  Go to Top

    March and April could bring either upsets or a downturn with regard to feelings in the home and your emotional life generally. Venus herself begins a retrograde cycle in the sign of Aries and your solar fourth house. The fiery and forward-moving sign of Aries does not find the internalizing, backward-looking cycle of retrograde energy easy. There could be changes in your home life, featuring arguments or clashes with children or younger people, or you could just find yourself at odds emotionally with partners, the world or yourself. Watch the middle of March when Mars the warrior takes a hand in proceedings, forming a conjunction with Pluto the transformer in Sagittarius, your solar twelfth house. If you or those around you have been sitting on any hidden feelings, they’ll be likely to blow at this time. Make sure you take a good long look within, as you navigate your way through these months.

    This is a good opportunity for the stubborn "it’ll be all right" type Goat to look at their own emotional mechanics. Don’t fight this phase. If you need to pull back a bit, do so. If others need to pull back, allow them to. If you don’t, there will be clashes. Watch your money here. Domestic spending could get out of control and any home improvement projects might end up being more of a drain on the family funds than anyone thought. At the end of this period, things should improve dramatically with a powerful aspect between Venus and Pluto the transformer. Reconciliations could occur or reunions. Those who have been troubled in their relationships may find new ground or their fire renewed. Some could reunite with an old flame, or a past involvement.

    Financial Action  Go to Top

    Physical efforts in August are likely to focus on financial and business matters. Energy can be intense. Concentrated efforts turn to sex, money and financial, as well as psychological, analysis. A partner's income or jointly-held property may require more attention than usual. You may be forced to collect debts and favors owed to you, or make arrangements for repayment of your own debts. Issues concerning insurance, taxes, inheritance, or money that you manage for others may also demand more of your time and attention. The sexual focus includes several possibilities: the physical act itself, counseling, or surgical procedures. Other circumstances will determine where and what you actually do, but close attention to detail and enhanced awareness of subtleties mark all your physical efforts.

    Pursue Your Dream  Go to Top

    Pluto the transformer has been in Sagittarius and your solar twelfth house since 1995, asking the usually earthy Capricorn to explore the world of dreams, the psychic and the subconscious. There are more things in Heaven and Earth for you now, Horatio, than were contained in your philosophy a few years ago. Keep on the path of learning in this area and remember that loss, the emergence of hidden influences or the turning of the wheel of change often bring new and deeper spiritual understandings into your everyday world. The Goat usually has a hidden failure mechanism that does not believe that anything actually changes. For all the effort we make at change, nothing really happens. Embrace your dreams and the freedom your spirit seeks. Go for change as completely as you can. You are in a potent cycle that will last until near the end of the decade, when it is vital for you to chase your dreams and confront the obstacles that emerge from your own unconscious. You may not always realize your dreams, but the beliefs and wisdom you gain along the way are beyond price.

    Solid Relationships  Go to Top

    At the beginning of 1999, Chiron, the wounded healer, joined Pluto in Sagittarius on his journey through your solar twelfth house. At the beginning of year 2000, they met in conjunction, with Chiron passing Pluto and moving away from him. At the end of this year, the wounded healer will move into your own sign, but for now he completes his journey through the house of secrets, hidden powers and enemies, the unconscious, the true creative source and the search for divine or transcendent experience. Look inside the psyche to see where deep wounds or fears abide, so you can begin to walk the path of healing and release. These may be matters from past relationships, from childhood -- or even past lives. You’re a strong individual who likes to wear the armour of self-control. Make sure you take it off this year to see what scars lie hidden underneath. Work on developing any psychic or intuitive skills. Such skills can become a path in themselves, or simply an adjunct to those skills you’ve developed for your business or day to day life. What attitudes or beliefs stop you from feeling a fulfilment of spirit in this life? Under the veneer of what seems to be a life’s like that attitude, there are scars. That is where the pain lies, buried deep in the psyche. Go looking.

    The Warrior on Fire  Go to Top

    By the time Venus moves forward again in late April, Mars the warrior starts to slow down for his own retrograde cycle, beginning in the second week of May. When Mars moves in reverse, we all get rather impatient and are tempted to give in to frustration, or even explosive bouts of temper. Be at your patient best; Mars turns retrograde in Sagittarius and your solar twelfth house, so it is likely you will either fall victim to outbursts of your own suppressed feelings, or those of others. You may discover you have people around you who harbour ill-feelings that they have kept to themselves, or even people who have been working against you in secret. You may also bring yourself or your plans undone by missing details or overlooking important factors. Control a tendency to be tardy in preparation, or put urgent matters to one side for no good reason; you could be more tired or lethargic than usual. Mars is retrograde until July 20th, so make sure you treat this period with some caution, though you do not have to walk on eggshells all of the time. Use friends and associates or co-workers to team up with, so you can double-check matters or just share the effort. Make sure you break your routines of work, so that you can adequately relax. Watch health at this time and deal with any niggling problems, especially if they are injury-related.

    The Solstice and the Solar Eclipse  Go to Top

    You could be forgiven for thinking the world’s gone a little crazy in the month of June. First, Mercury the messenger turns retrograde for the second time this year, creating bumps, ructions and confusion in the sign of Gemini and your solar sixth house. Work associates, communications systems and practices, physical movement and health could all feel some of the fallout from this, as well as the day to day matters of simple communication being affected. Everyone might seem to be running in every direction imaginable for very little effect except the confusion it creates. Bear with it all patiently as you have the inner resources to do. Watch especially mid-June when retrograde Mars in Sagittarius opposes Jupiter in Gemini, sparking everything from vigorous debate and the clash of conflicting points of view to ridiculous expectations and the odd exchange of blows.

    Next comes the solstice, when the Sun moving into Cancer opposes your Sun and enters your solar seventh house, creating a focus on partnership and close relationships. Put on the velvet gloves in these matters, but also prepare for very beneficial or even fortunate changes later on. This year the solstice comes with a solar eclipse that could cause havoc with home, family and emotional relationships. Once again there is stress, and cycles may end for you as hard aspects from this New Moon in Cancer to the Moon’s Nodes indicate changes in the personnel of your life. Take a few deep breaths and then try to deal with all matters in accordance with the emotional weight they carry in for you. And remember, if there was a gold medal for navigating chaos with grace and wisdom, there’ll be a few given at the medal ceremony when June is over so just deal with it all step by step.

    July brings the mixed blessing of a further eclipse, this time on the Full Moon in your sign, following by the joys of the beginning of Jupiter’s transit of your solar seventh house and the sign of Cancer. The eclipse of the Full Moon comes on July 5th (GMT) and brings disturbance in the area of working relationships and working or daily routines. You might lose friends or find some gaps opening up in your associations. The beginning of the 3rd week of July sees Jupiter cross the seventh house cusp bringing fortunate associations and connections, closer family ties and perhaps legal matters or matters of education or care of children will come into a better frame. There can also be exaggerated reactions or responses that come with this transit, but overall it can offer a great deal if you can learn from those who come into your life. For some goats, this could mark the beginning of a fortunate new association or even a close relationship. With Mars now out of the retrograde cycle, it’s possible to get some sanity, opportunity and forward motion again.

    Battle of Titans  Go to Top

    Late July and August will present challenges as Saturn comes into hard aspect with Pluto in Sagittarius in your solar twelfth house. There will be obstacles, hidden enemies, power struggles or just big challenges that you will have to contend with. These will affect your working life, but also spill over into the personal arena. The important thing is to keep focused on what you’re doing. Things that come up here will take a while to sort out, especially as Saturn turns retrograde himself in late September, slowing down your affairs in general. Don’t give up or give in but learn how to negotiate your way through any difficulties by using the support and help that is around you. You will have support from friends or partners if you’re not too goatish to ask for it. Watch your health at this point in regard to matters of stress and overwork. Energy could be low at first. However, when Mars the warrior moves into Capricorn in early September, there could be a charge in the air for you. Don’t push too hard, but don’t relax the pressure either. Sustained effort will take you through to the end.

    Mixed Up Messages  Go to Top

    October brings Mercury the messenger’s third retrograde phase. This is partnered with a second opposition between Mars now in your own sign Capricorn and Jupiter in Cancer. Work could heat up through conflicts with people or you could find yourself in the midst of a conflict between work and partners. You’re going to be behaving like a tough proposition yourself at this time, fired up with Martian heat. Partners or associates will either react with vigorous emotion or fall victim to confusion through poor communication. Be steadfast in your attempt to make sure everyone knows what everyone is doing, thinking and planning to do. There will be battles otherwise and some of them will be battles over nothing but a misunderstanding. Other battles will simply be clashes of opinion that can only be resolved through time and negotiation of differences. Take the time that’s required and don’t act precipitately. The end of the month will be much clearer than the beginning, but it may not have settled everything.

    The Run Home  Go to Top

    November may bring into perspective some of the schemes and dreams you started out with at the beginning of the year, especially after the 1st week when Mars moves into the sign of Aquarius and your solar second house, making a conjunction with Neptune. Look back and see where you went right and wrong. Perhaps it was not other people or the scheme itself that misled you (the Goat is quite good at blame). Perhaps you just misled yourself with what you hoped for or thought was possible. The 2nd week of December brings Chiron the wounded healer into your own sign and your solar first house, calling you on a journey of personal healing and growth. You’ll have to start changing the way you do things, some changes subtle, others not so. Watch the solar eclipse on December 14th on the New Moon in Sagittarius. Communication problems or failures have something to teach you about yourself and your weaknesses. Watch your health at this point.

    There is a lunar eclipse of the Full Moon in Cancer on December 30th that will affect matters of finance and partnership or close relationships strongly. Don’t let any developments turn into disputes or the energy will get out of control. The year ends with Mars in Pisces and your solar third house, that of communications, travel and business, squaring Pluto in Sagittarius in your solar twelfth house. Clashes with foreign people or people or different cultures should be avoided. Avoid also conflict while travelling overseas. Communications where important points or feelings are missed or ignored could become explosive. Be wary of short distance travel, especially careless or speedy travel. Take all safety precautions before moving fast or simply don’t do it. Overall though, look at the way you communicate and what you convey to others. Are you missing something that’s apparent to everyone else? Dig deep and talk it through to set the pattern for 2002. Go well!

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