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    More on Scorpio, the Scorpion

    Scorpio, the Scorpion Scorpio, the Scorpion in the year 2001

    A Year of Dreams and Ideals

    A year of dreams and ideals lies before you, as well as a path of continuing change. This is a year in which you must take powerful and decisive action at times, yet it is a year when you will also have to know when to step back from action and let a situation reveal itself.
    There is business to be done through investment or speculation from which you can gain quite handsomely. Yet travel, creativity and study call you on a journey of the higher mind later in the year.

    With Mars the warrior in your own sign and your solar first house as the year begins, you will be charged up and ready for action. You can accomplish a great deal or certainly you will feel that you can. But with Mars in square (intense encounters, stressful impacts) to nebulous Neptune in Aquarius in your solar fourth house, you may find it hard at times to actually know what you want and how to go about getting it. You can be misled this year, either by your own desires or by the desires, needs or deceptions of those around you, even a close family member. This may not be an intentional deception, but it will be very important for you to know what you want and what’s important for you as opposed to what’s expected or asked of you by loved ones or family. If there is deception, it may well be a fallout from the events of May 2000 when Saturn in your partnership house clashed with Uranus in the house of home, family and emotion, producing disruption, deception, betrayal and even a severance of ties over the balance of the year.

    You may somehow begin the year feeling let down or betrayed by yourself, by others or simply by life itself. Fear could undo you this year if you let it. You might alternatively feel frustrated, empty or angry. You may want too much or ask for too little. If your desires get out of control, this could be your downfall. However, if you master your emotions and channel your desires into effective plans of action that you then carry out, you will do well. In the process of self-mastery, you’ll come to know who you are in a new and different way. Don’t try to be something you’re not! Don’t pretend, especially to yourself. Ruthless honesty will bring success and beneficial change.

    Emotions: Waves and Revolutions

    In these last few years, revolutionary Uranus and Neptune, the mystic sea, have been in the sign of Aquarius, your solar fourth house, making their own kind of mayhem with your emotions and your home life. Big changes for you have affected your domestic arrangements, home, family, family structures, close relationships or children. These changes will have stirred up your feelings, then added a dose of upheaval and uncertainty to the pot, but they would also have brought new directions, dreams and creative impulses.

    Your goals will have changed, or your own sense of what you need or want in your life. It may have suddenly become either distinctly more or less important for you to prove yourself through work and career. You may have decided to take a different tack with career because of changes in your emotional life. Creativity and ideals may have become more important to you. Or the reverse may have occurred and you may have felt betrayed, let down by the very beliefs or ideals you espoused and are now empty of things to aspire to.

    Don’t be concerned! New dreams and visions will come to fill the emptiness. Your dream life will take on an important character as Neptune continues to float through your fourth solar house. Dreams can tell you about the past and future. They can reveal your deeper emotional state and can help you explore the far horizons of possibility. Learn to consciously use your dreams as a tool for growth. But, while Neptune drifts, Uranus is not yet ready to stabilize matters of home and emotion. However, each new wave of change, hiccough or disruption will bring with it a new idea or a new sense of what you need or of what’s actually going on in your life. Change will clarify awareness. Go with it.

    Relationships: the Journey to the Heart
    You have extra personal magnetism, thanks to Mars, your dynamic life-ruler and the Moon. Scorpions who marry this year will be likely to to gain property and a faithful partner, though the road will be by no means smooth.

    Career and Finances: Stake Your Claim
    Friends and associates will probably be helpful in your career, though there may be some trouble with subordinates or employees. Although you can gain through the money of others, circumstances will be difficult, as far as partnership funds are concerned. Guard against undue extravagance on the plastic. Credit providers and financial institutions are likely to be costly. Be cautious with inheritances and legacies. Avoid speculation and gambling.

    Health: Balancing Your Energies
    Feverish complaints, tending to arise through poor hygienic practice or irregularity are flagged. Older Scorpions should be aware of pressure to restrict or limit you in some way. Secret suffering must be brought into the open.

    Home and Away: Family and Children
    You could do well from property gained via marriage. However, there is some potential for a death or serious illness in your circle, so watch the health of your brothers and sisters and your father. Your mother's health may be threatened if she is likely to be in confinement. Guard the health of your children, who may suffer serious illness.

    Mercury Retrograde
    Periods of confusion affect
    • home, family and domestic circumstances, property dealings Feb/Mar
    • partners, marriage, negotiations, legal matters, open confrontation Jun/Jul
    • unconscious motivations, secret enemies, institutions, partner's health Oct/Nov.
      More on retro Mercury
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    Giants' Dance  Go to Top

    Many scorpions will have found the last year hard going. With the May 2000 gathering of planets in your opposite sign of Taurus and your solar seventh house, you will have felt the pressure of partnership responsibilities and had to deal with the stress of difficult or challenging interactions with partners, close friends and associates. This could have led to either a strengthening of partnership ties or to a weakening of them and, for some of you, it may have led to a complete break with partners or a severance of personal connections.

    This won’t have only involved a personal or intimate partnership. Friendships and associations from the past will have all come under pressure. Where one association may have broken down, another will have moved to a deeper level while a new connection altogether may have entered your life. You may have lost friends but gained a partner, lost a partner but found new friends or stripped the cupboard bare and begun again. On the other hand, you and your partner may now have a stronger relationship than ever and you and your friends may now have a new depth of trust. Relationships that survived last year will have grown because of the journey and will now have great value and security for you. Also, real benefit will have come from some friendships and associations. You will have gained in knowledge, advantage or opportunity from some of those around you, especially people with a history of accomplishment or strong professional status.

    As well as all this shuffling of the ‘happy families’ deck of friends and associates, there will have also been stresses at work, trials in the health department and a wearying sense of life in general. You will have encountered opposition and difficulties or just a seemingly endless run of debilitating pressures. This will have touched off issues about childhood and family, especially matters to do with your father in particular or authority figures in general.

    And, running alongside this hard road, there will have been another road that will have felt more optimistic, but often it will have proved to be a misplaced optimism. There will have been highs to match the lows, ups to balance the downs, but in the end if you went in too hard with an ‘up and at ‘em’ style enthusiasm, you may have only crashed all the harder. High hopes and realistic expectations ... this is the balance for you to continue to strive for. If you finished year 2000 feeling more tired than usual, that’s because you’ve been on a mission. The word from above is that the mission continues but shows definite signs of lightening up.

    The Monarch and the Task-Master  Go to Top

    Jupiter, monarch of the Heavens, and Saturn, the taskmaster, were two of the driving forces behind all this change in your life. They joined in the sign of Taurus to test you so you could discover what it is that you want from associations, partnership and intimate relationships, especially in the realm of truth and the most abiding of values. Both of these heavenly giants rule our growth, expansion and development from the point of view of career and social participation. Both are calling you to a strong destiny as the year begins.

    Saturn begins the dance of 2001 in Taurus and your solar seventh house (partnership), square to Venus in Aquarius in your solar fourth house (home, family & emotions). Saturn the taskmaster has not yet finished his run through your house of partnership, so there will be matters of interaction and interactive responsibility to be attended to. Don’t walk away from unresolved matters with partners or associates. You will still have some limitations on what you can do because of past obligations, limitations that have come about either through a relationship or through the ending of one. You may have to carry the banner for something from the past or maintain a loyalty that has carried over into a new phase of your life. You will find yourself still dealing with matters related to such issues or carrying these kind of responsibilities to others and the established patterns of duty (whether you like it or not) until late April when Saturn makes a big move.

    The Goddess Calls The Shots  Go to Top

    The scorpion doesn’t always get good press in astrology. The world seems to believe all of you out there are quietly or loudly (yes, there are some loud scorpions) going around obsessing about sex, money and death. But, the true dynamic for the scorpion is that of insight. The deep dark desire that gets you into trouble and out of it again is a desire to know all things at the deepest level. And, you can only know by being there, can’t you! The trouble is that sometimes you don’t know what it is you’re looking for until you find it. Therefore you sometimes won’t know where you’re going until you get there.

    As far as partnership is concerned, this year will be an uneasy one. With Venus, goddess of love, in your solar fourth house and in hard aspect to both Saturn and Jupiter, the emphasis will be on self-examination and discovery. Those of you in a relationship will be better off focusing on how you preserve, maintain and enhance what you have and also on the all important process of understanding who you are by looking at how you function and what you want. This is the way to make the relationship work. If this can’t be done and you come to a parting of the ways with a close partner, then make every effort to resolve and complete what’s between you. Final decisions may be best made after April 21st when Saturn changes sign from Taurus to Gemini, thus leaving your solar seventh house to chase Jupiter through the your solar eighth house.

    Those of you by yourselves will be best served by changing the focus of how you function in a relationship by working on how you relate rather than just looking for a new someone to relate with because the old someone didn’t work out. This is a year for growth from within. Learn to know yourself and you’ll find the person who knows you. But, if you finish the year with the realization that you’ve gone out and made all the same mistakes again, you’ll find that you’ve paid quite a cost for that repetition. For those of you in the partnership market, if you change what you do from within then you’ll find someone who does things differently. That way happiness lies!

    Work and Business  Go to Top

    Jupiter starts the year in Gemini in your solar eighth house. Herein reside your lusts, needs, deep desires (sexual and otherwise) and compulsions. Here also are found those matters of other people’s money and resources, joint finance and investment, inheritance and taxes. This also is the house of death, rebirth and transformation, your own personal domain. Some of the same encouragements and prohibitions from last year will still apply early on. January 25th sees both Jupiter and Saturn moving forward again after a long retrograde (reverse motion) phase.

    Some of the blockage that has been holding you back should start to clear and the first four months of the coming year will be good for work and business, especially joint investments and speculation, even if there is some risk attached. The important thing is not to go too far or overextend your resources (or someone else’s) to do it. With Jupiter in square to Venus in Aquarius in your solar fourth house as the year begins, it will be important not to exaggerate the potential of any schemes, mislead any family members about what you’re doing with their money or put the resources of home and family in jeopardy. Jupiter in the eighth house can make you too hungry and unable to judge where to stop. Take good advice and calculated risks and you can do extremely well in the early part of the year.

    However, after April 21st, Saturn moves into Gemini and your solar eighth house. From hereon in it will be wise to keep a weather eye on all joint partnerships and investments or the joint handling of money. If anything in this department is not working or past the ‘use by’ date, then think seriously about severing the connection. This need not be a sudden move, but will be best done by proper decision-making after in-depth evaluation. Money could also be better placed in ventures dealing with communications or technology than resources, stocks or secure investment schemes. After July 13th, Jupiter moves from Gemini and your solar eighth house to Cancer and your solar ninth. Here, family money and shared family financial interests could prove to be of great interest to the scorpion.

    Health and Lifestyle  Go to Top

    This is not the year for indulgence or overdoing things with regard to eating, drinking or using chemical enhancement. Get straight! Get sober if you’re using. It’s perfectly good to enjoy and imbibe in moderation, but this year you have to learn the difference between a want and a need, between need and dependence. If there’s something you want and you just can’t do without it, or if there’s nowhere to stop and no safe place to be in order to stop, then something has an unhealthy hold on you. This is not simply a reference to serious drug use. This is a matter of emotions and emotional dependence.

    What fear, anger or hidden emotional condition is being covered over by your dependence on some external presence or factor? Are you using food, noise, relationships, activity, sex, alcohol, work or indeed anything at all to shut down deeper emotional conditions? This can be a year of powerful self-awareness and can become a springboard to great future successes and achievements if you work at the mystery of you and what makes you tick. Remember, you’ll be the first to go down this path too for none of the rest of us stand a chance of prying into your secret depths. You alone can do this and then share what you’ve found.

    This is also an important year for exercise that maintains and increases the strength and mobility of the physical body. Don’t push yourself too hard, but make sure you give the housing for the spirit a regular grease and oil change. Watch for any conditions that seem to lead to decreased capacity or mobility. They will need proper attention. Remember the tendency your sign has to push things to the limit until you have to do something about them. Not a good year to try this with health. You can have a very healthy year provided you do what’s needed.

    The March of Time  Go to Top

    After the rush and roar of Auld Lang Syne and the uncertainties of the beginning to this new millennium (yes, this is officially it), the first cab off the rank as far as important events is the lunar eclipse on January 10th. Business, communications and money could suffer a hiccough or a setback because of this blockage of the light. Overseas connections, family (especially siblings) and work matters could be involved. This could produce changes in or around the home that could somehow affect your lifestyle and your social relationships. Changes may blow up or come about unexpectedly.

    February brings confusion and uncertainty as Mercury the messenger turns retrograde (reverse motion), initially in Pisces and your solar fifth house but then moves quickly back into Aquarius and your solar fourth house. When this busy little traveller turns back on himself, matters of movement, travel, business and communications are subject to confusion and breakdown, often because of some little nagging detail that’s been missed. It’s advisable to put vital decisions and the signing of documents and contracts on hold at such a time. Place important matters under review and wait to see what occurs. If you act too quickly, some hidden flaw or feature will make its presence felt later on and catch you out. To do too quickly is to have to redo later on. Watch communications here. It is easy to get lost in misunderstandings when everyone thinks they know exactly what’s been said. These are usually more haste, less speed periods of time.

    The first week of February might be something of a tough one with a lot of fuss and big or exaggerated reactions from everyone. It could even be quite explosive. Matters of your lifestyle and your home are strongly in the frame for change and confusion with the home being unsettled by poor communications and perhaps problems with power and electrical appliances. Disagreements could surface or even erupt and the one thing to be certain of is that no one is hearing what anyone is saying, probably because no one is listening. Try to wade patiently through the upheaval and find a different way of thinking about it all or seeing it. Detachment is the key. However, don’t be remote or uncaring. Like many things that will occur this year, what seems to be happening and what is actually going on are two different things. Control over money, information or other people’s lives will be at the heart of this. Give the situation time and you’ll find everything much clearer by the end of the month than it was in the beginning.

    Martial Fire  Go to Top

    February 15th sees Mars the warrior move into Sagittarius and your solar second house. Put effort into moving matters of money and resources forward. Take risks if you have to. Travel if you need to, especially overseas or make sure you’re working with overseas connections. Get new or far-seeing ventures moving, but be careful of how you pace yourself. Exercise of the body becomes a key to effective work. Not everything will go according to plan however so prepare for extra effort or changes of plan if you have long term development getting underway. Mid March will have an especial intensity as warrior Mars comes into conjunction with Pluto in Sagittarius, your two rulers meeting for a mutual exchange of charges. Watch the energy here. Too much and you could easily get out of control and overdo it or overreact to things. Too little and you could miss an important opportunity or formative period.

    The Goddess Backtracks  Go to Top

    March and April see Venus, goddess of love and the delights of the dollar, turn retrograde (reverse motion) in the sign of Aries and your solar sixth house. The sixth house rules the work process and routines, health and healing and the daily patterns of life. Venus is retrograde from March 10th to April 21st marking this as a period of change in your day to day life. Retrograde planets tend to slow the delivery of results and create a need for energy to be internalized and stored.

    The sign of Aries is never comfortable with the retrograde cycle as the cardinal fire sign’s first impulse is to move forwards where as the process inherent in the retrograde is reverse motion. Thus there could be something of a forward/back conflict. Don’t get impatient or try to push matters through or get them sorted as quickly as possible. Examine them first.

    Slow down and have a good look at work and working relationships. Try to focus on where you’re going and what you’re doing and ask yourself the question ... is what you’re currently doing taking you where you want to go? This could be a good time to consider changing jobs or direction or even changing your focus for work entirely. Does your work put you amongst people? Do you get enough exposure to them? Or is it the other way around? Are you too much out among people when you need more inner time or more of a solitary or inner focus? The questions of how you manage relationships in general may also need a review. Once again this is not a matter of with whom you relate, but one of how you go about the process. Questions of daily management with regard to money, work and health will all need examination. If you need to alter your methods or change your ways, then do so. This is a period which is not necessarily characterized by any great or dramatic events, but rather constitutes something of a withdrawal or slowing down of many little processes so that they can be examined in detail.

    Full Moon  Go to Top

    The Full Moon comes in your sign just before the witching hour on May 7th. Watch for intense and disruptive experiences that shake up communications and business. Foreign people or overseas contacts or connections may be involved. Events could produce some sudden personal changes that bring new ideas or new approaches. Be careful of disputes. They could challenge or upset either you directly or the pattern of what you’re doing.

    Pluto, Chiron and Mars  Go to Top

    Since 1995, Pluto the transformer has been in the sign of Sagittarius, shaking up your solar second house of money, resources, self-worth and talent. There will have been changes for you in this time with regard to money matters and how you maintain yourself. There will have been changes too with regard to resources, often a stripping away of them (a Plutonian process) which then produces both the need and the power to regenerate. Pluto, your ruler, will have been digging deep into your value system, asking to see what it is that’s important to you, seeing if you need it and believe in it, seeing how you function when it’s stripped away. All this can produce a new and streamlined scorpion, ready for action, unencumbered by useless possessions or ineffectual values.

    This will also have been a period when it’s important to take care of the physical body in the way we spoke of earlier. Mobility and energy are key factors in your condition and the loss of these could indicate not only emerging physical problems with regard to health but also flaws or dross in the value system. You can be slowed down or stopped completely if your values don’t give you the freedom (Sagittarius) you need to move forward. The second house rules the relationship between spirit and physical body as the housing or vehicle for that spirit. If the body is suffering, then somehow your spirit does not feel free. If such matters come up for you with regard to health then they will need to be addressed.

    The Wounded Healer  Go to Top

    More recently, Chiron, the wounded healer, has joined Pluto in the transit of your solar second house. The legend of Chiron is that of the centaur who was a gifted master-at-arms, warrior, herbalist and healer who died by the agency of a poison he had concocted but could not treat. It is a myth of the talent that overreaches itself and is undone by its own aspiration or genius. Chiron reveals to us the place where childhood restriction, pain or trauma has had deep effects on what we believe we can do or are capable of. Last year’s conjunction of Chiron and Pluto as year 2000 began signalled a landmark change for the scorpion in matters of money, resources and the physical body with regard to values, driving forces and self-worth. Change will have come under these auspices, powerful change.

    This year Chiron will complete his transit of Sagittarius and move into Capricorn and your solar third house of communication at the end of 2001. In the meantime, he still stirs up old memories (especially those lodged in the body -- cellular memory) of childhood that restrict you or hold you back. These memories bear on your right to resources, your independent use of them and the freedom of the body your spirit wears.

    Mars Retrograde  Go to Top

    Mars the warrior will spend an unusually long time in Sagittarius and your solar second house this year because he turns retrograde and begins a reverse motion cycle that will last from May 12th to July 20th. This can be an unusually frustrating time for all of us, not just the scorpion for the natural urge with Mars is forwards, but the retrograde Mars must slow down and go back over old ground or delay the initiation of new ventures or actions. Money matters may be upset or redirected. You could be going in wrong way or simply hitting obstacles that cannot be moved for the time. You might feel frustrated from within or find yourself at the mercy of the frustrations of others, especially if clashes of belief are involved. Mars starts the retrograde in conjunction with Chiron, so mid May is a time to be aware of health concerns and accident risk. Act wisely at all times. This continues through until the end of May, especially around the 25th and 26th when retrograde Mars clashes with Mercury in Gemini. Mercury also begins a retrograde cycle (his second for the year) from June 5th, adding to the chaos.

    June will be a confusing month with problems in communication especially with regard to business and money. Discussions as to who’s using who’s resources for what and why could be flying around the ether. Remember the effect of the retrograde. It’s easy to get things wrong or create misunderstandings here so make sure you’re got the right end of the stick before you fly off the handle about anything. Jupiter and the Sun in Gemini also add to the tension, creating unnecessary provocation or exaggerated reactions as the month progresses. With retrograde Mars also in on the act, this could be explosive. Be calm, you scorpions, and try to read what’s underneath the surface of all this madness before you let yourself decide what’s really going on. Perhaps it’s a lot of fuss about nothing. Or perhaps the fuss is to disguise what’s really wrong. Give yourself to the end of the month before you pass judgement. More on Mars Retrograde.

    The Solstice and the Solar Eclipse  Go to Top

    The solstice brings an eclipse of the Sun in Cancer in your solar ninth house, bringing about change or disruption to matters of business and communications. This may force endings or final decisions with regard to communications, even though this may not be the wisest time to make them. Travel plans could be disrupted. Overseas connections will be affected and family matters may take some flak from any changes, endings or separations that occur. The big issue with June may well be to navigate through, tacking this way and that until a clear picture emerges. A following lunar eclipse in the wee smalls on July 6th could actually help to solve earlier problems or provide other avenues of progress, but again communication problems could occur.

    Jupiter Calling  Go to Top

    July 13th sees the giant monarch of the Heavens, Jupiter move into the sign of Cancer and your solar ninth house. This is the call of study, higher education, the higher mind and also travel and cross-cultural or overseas connections. You may be drawn to travel to see new vistas or horizons or to renew family connections or make contact with other cultures. Jupiter remains here for the balance of the year so make sure you make the most of the monarch’s benign presence. If your looking for a dose of plain good look, try the month of November, especially around the 8th and the 20th. Nonetheless, fortune will smile on your efforts with Jupiter in Cancer, the monarch bringing opportunity, protecting you from the worst of yourself or simply bringing a real lift in spirits.

    A Battle of Titans  Go to Top

    August and September will bring challenges that may continue intermittently for some throughout the year. Here, Saturn, the taskmaster, wrestles in opposition with Pluto, the transformer, again stirring up matters of resources, yours and other people’s, challenging you to decide just who is in control of what. You might clash with those in authority, or with those who believe they have power over you in some way. If you want to tell the boss to sod off, there will be consequences, but if you have to, you have to! The best thing to realize here is that negotiation is the key to all problems. Don’t try to solve things with eruptive dramas, negotiate your way through to a satisfactory solution. This is an underworld art, after all. Take the road of the long hard grind and you’ll get what you want in the end, if you’re determined enough (a Scorpio, determined! Whoever heard of such a thing?). Saturn and Pluto create pressure that can transform us if we go through the furnace and the forge. If it's worth it to get what you want, then keep going. While Pluto goes direct in the last week of August, freeing some matters up, Saturn turns retrograde on September 27th, slowing things down again or putting up new obstacles. But with Mars the warrior in Capricorn and your solar third house from September 9th onwards, you can still keep things moving. Get out there! Make contact and network and just follow the routines and structures of what you know needs to be done.

    Red Hot October  Go to Top

    October brings Mercury the messenger’s third retrograde phase, this time in the sign of Libra and your solar twelfth house. Confusion, withdrawal and the revelation of hidden or secret matters, especially from the past, could trouble you here. You may discover you’ve been lied to or you may just think you have. Step back from things. Take a long hard look and some time to consider before you take action or believe what you’ve heard or accept at face value what’s happened. Most of all, communicate! Talk things through. This would be a very bad time to presume you know what someone else is thinking or feeling. The first week of October also sees Mars in Capricorn opposing giant Jupiter in Cancer so the feelings are flying and emotional reactions and exaggerated responses hit the walls and bounce back on all of us. October 13th and 14th go down the same path. Try hard to be calm! Follow the techniques of dealing with retrograde Mercury. Read more on retrograde Mercury.

    The Run to the End  Go to Top

    November brings intensity and some good fortune, though Jupiter turns retrograde on the third, so it will be important not to try and push the expansion factor too hard or you’ll lose your way. Keep focused and consolidate, or work to prevent further loss. The New Moon in your sign may see a pattern of conflict or troubles in the home life or the emotional life re-emerge. There could be a quick downturn in how well all of this is going.

    With Mars now in Aquarius and your solar fourth house, any disagreements could become intense and even angry. Such matters are not settled easily so try a new solution to old problems. December sees the wild Sagittarian flavour (so familiar at this time of year) rampage through your second solar house. Make sure you moderate spending in accordance with means. December 15th sees a solar eclipse in Sagittarius and your solar second house that could hit the purse strings and impact perhaps on lifestyle and friends. Be careful of keeping secrets as you come into this time as they could bounce back on you.

    Mars is in Pisces and your solar fifth house from December 9th, coming slowly into square (intense encounters and conflict) with Pluto in Sagittarius in your solar second. This puts a focus on lifestyle and enjoyment versus responsibilities, resources and values. As Mars and Pluto come into hard aspect there is a lunar eclipse on December 30th that will impact on matters of communication, family, business, work and money. You may be faced with a choice on the bell of the old year ... to surge forward to a new life or a new direction at the cost of connections from the past or to modify your desires and meet demands or obligations that flow from others. Action will decide the matter. Take a bold new step, but don’t shirk the responsibilities that come because of what you value deeply.

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