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    Taurus Info: Taurus the Bull | Relationships | Taurus Sexuality | Taurus Rising
    Taurus, the Bull. Click for more on Taurus
    Taurus, the Bull, Body Art by Rudy Everts
    bullet Relationships: The Journey to the Heart
    bullet Career & Finances: Stake Your Claim
    bullet Home & Away: Family and Children
    bullet Health: Balancing Your Energies
    bullet Mercury: Periods of Confusion
    bullet Lunar Life: Your Very Own Moon
    bullet Eclipses: Turning Points

    2012 Horoscope Forecast
    Taurus the Bull in 2012 
    time to shine!

    This may be your year to break away from the pack, dear Taurus! It begins with your persuasive ruler Venus conjunct idealistic Neptune in your 10th house of career and public standing, helping you to create the perfect reputation for yourself. You've been working for some time to create your own 'brand' and are ready to unveil the results. In your own practical, down to earth way, you really are a visionary, and people are ready to acknowledge that. However, your projects may be delayed or blocked after Mars turns retrograde in your 5th house of pleasure and creativity. This is your chance to review your work and make sure it is all you want it to be.

    By February, you may need a break as Venus joins erratic Uranus in your 12th house of secrets. Your intuition is exceptionally strong and you may even find yourself having psychic experiences. Pay close attention to your dreams as they may contain important messages from loved ones on the other side. Venus comes home to your sign in March harmonizing well with Pluto and making you a power player to contend with. By the time Mars turns direct in April, you will be ready to roar ahead of the pack!

    Jolly Jupiter spends the first half of 2012 in your sign, giving you an opportunity for expansion. This could be literally or figuratively, so consider that this is a year you may gain a significant amount of weight in more than one way! The Scorpio Full Moon on May 6th may find you demanding more freedom from a close relationship than you have before. You are in a process of making your mark and need to be able to stretch and grow personally and emotionally. Planetary influences suggest that you will be able to happily work things out between you, if that is your desire.

    After June 11th, Jupiter shines good fortune in your 2nd house of money and values, increasing your optimism as well as your bank account. As is frequently the case with Jupiter, your desire to spend will increase along with your income… don't forget to save for the proverbial rainy day!

    Saturn remains in Libra and your 6th house for most of 2012, increasing your commitment to work—and health. Mid-March to mid-April may find you struggling with a hard-to-diagnose health issue… you may have to do some detective work to narrow down the cause. It may be as simple as a food allergy or sensitivity, so pay attention to how you feel after eating or drinking certain things.

    On the work front, Venus spends much longer than usual in your 2nd house of money and how you make it, harmonizing well with Saturn. This could bring great rewards, especially if you have been following your bliss and are working in a capacity that allows you to make a meaningful contribution. However, you might have to wait until late June to see the results of your labor. If you've been a wage-slave and not feeling any joy in what you do to make a living, now is the time to consider change.

    On October 5th, the Taskmaster enters your 7th house of marriage and partnerships, adding a serious tone to your closest relationships. For some, this means a wedding is on the horizon! As 2012 ends, you will need to evaluate what is working and what is not. There will be no easy fixes, so be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

    2012 Taurus Love and Money Relationships: the Journey to the Heart  Go to Top

    The year begins with lovely Venus in Aquarius lighting up your 10th house of career and reputation, making you the star of the show in the office or other public arena. Your unique brand of genius will not go unnoticed. If you plan to ask for a raise, this is a good time to do so!

    After January 14th, the planet of love lights up your 11th house of friends and associates, making it pleasant to work on a team. Romantic relationships benefit from social activity, and single Bulls could find love while working with others towards humanitarian goals.

    You'll be ready for a break once Venus enters Aries and slips behind the scenes in your 12th house of secrets and solitude on Feb. 9th, making you long for a quiet spot by the fireplace. Set aside some 'me time' so that you can emerge refreshed and ready for future challenges.

    The period of March 5th–20th should be especially pleasant as the Pisces Sun harmonizes well with Venus in your first house of personality. If you are hosting a social event, you can expect it to go swimmingly, even with Mercury retrograde! As your life-ruler, Venus is especially powerful in your sign. You'll be the epitome of grace under pressure and will earn kudos, no matter how crazy the world is going around you.

    After April 3rd, Venus sets up camp in Gemini and your 2nd house of money and how you make it, where it will stay for some time to come. Many of you will find you have dual means of earning money, with side jobs and freelancing opportunities popping up. Venus will commence retrograde motion on May 15th, causing a speed bump or two along the way. Avoid making unnecessary purchases during this time, as you may look back later and wonder, “What was I thinking?” Unresolved issues regarding your finances or property will need to be scrutinized now. If you remain steady, you should be able to clear up any problems related to taxes or money owed. An Eclipse on June 4th may bring relationship issues related to money to the surface, and you should be well on your way to resolution as Venus turns direct on June 18th.

    How you communicate your feelings becomes more important as Venus moves into your 3rd house of what you think and say on August 7th. Venus can help smooth things over for you, especially if you have been having trouble with in-laws or other relationships that are extensions of your inner circle. A power struggle is not out of the question and you will need to be very aware of your own subconscious reactions. With unpredictable Uranus in your 12th house of hidden matters for the next few years, you may surprise yourself with how you respond under certain conditions.

    After Sept. 6th, peace and harmony return the home front as Venus in Leo graces your 4th house of home and family. There will be some steamy energy between you and your mate or partner, so put it to good use by creating the perfect love nest to roar in at home. October 3rd finds love and romance taking a front seat in your 5th house of pleasure, with many of you making a serious commitment as structured Saturn enters your 7th house of relationships. Congratulations!

    You may be ready for a makeover after Oct. 28th, when Venus blesses your 6th house of clothing… time to clean out your closets and reveal a new, healthier you. Love and commitment pop up as themes again towards the end of November… it could be that you have to make joint decisions with a partner that you have never experienced before. The year ends with lucky Venus in your 8th house of money from others… you could receive a totally unexpected windfall before the year ends. Cheers!

    2012 Taurus Home and Family Home and Family Go to Top

    Neptune's long, slow transit opposite your 4th house of home and family will be finally over by the beginning of February. If your home life has been suffering due to of loss of income or fogginess in your career, things should begin to improve.

    However, from July 15th to August 8th, Mercury will be retrograde in Leo, confusing communication under your roof. Family trips may encounter delays or mechanical problems during the retrograde period, so keep this in mind when planning your vacation. Fortunately, you'll have the rest of August to enjoy traveling and problem-solving if necessary with your nearest and dearest.

    2012 Taurus Work and Health Work and Health Go to Top

    Taskmaster Saturn spends most of the year reminding you of your physical limitations as he completes his two-year tour of your 6th house of health and service to others. Some of you are dealing with a chronic health condition that forces you to be more structured in your daily routine and disciplined in your habits. Conditions involving the skin, joints, bones, and kidneys are most often activated by Saturn transits, so be sure to drink plenty of fresh water and treat yourself gently.

    July and August may be especially challenging as Mars gets in on the action, potentially triggering a flare up. The good news is, your health can benefit from a more serious approach to taking care of yourself, and you may be able to avoid illness in general by becoming more health conscious and responsible.

    Many of you may also find that your responsibilities at work will increase during this year, but with that also comes the increased chance for recognition, especially during January. Saturn demands much but also rewards greatly.

    2012 Taurus Career Matters Career and Finances Go to Top

    The year begins with Lucky Jupiter in your 1st house of personality, giving you the opportunity to increase your scope of influence. But the real opportunities begin once Jupiter enters Gemini and your 2nd house of money on June 11th, giving you a chance to claim income from multiple sources.

    This is also a good time to ask for a raise, as many of you have been taking on more assignments at work. If you need a loan, you are likely to be approved, but be wary of taking on too much credit. Many of you will also be feeling more generous, but be careful not to take on a 'keeping up with the Joneses' mentality. Jupiter won't return to your 2nd house for another 12 years, so think about what you can save and invest for posterity.

    2012 Taurus Mercury the MessengerMercury the Messenger  Go to Top

    Ah, Mercury retrograde! You can expect Mercury to go retrograde three times a year for about three weeks each time. During retrogrades, you can expect miscommunication, delays in travel, and breakdowns in machinery and appliances. Usually these breakdowns are due to neglect or lack of attention to detail and the retrograde period simply brings this to the surface. It's often a good idea to hold off on making any important decisions, purchases, or signing contracts when Mercury is retrograde. Brides planning weddings should certainly consult an astrologer to avoid scheduling the Big Day during a retrograde! On the positive side, Mercury retrograde is excellent for research and investigation. It is a time to go over everything carefully, looking for loopholes, mistakes, and weaknesses. Here are this year's Mercury retrogrades and how they are likely to impact you:

    March 12th – April 4th Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, 11th House

    Misunderstandings among friends and miscommunication among your associates could lead to quite a headache during this timeframe. Your intuition and psychic impressions may also increase, but be confusing and hard to interpret. This is a good time to try to create an inner quiet, so that you can better hear that 'small, still voice' inside rather than all the static coming from the outside. Once Mercury turns direct, you will be able to bring groups together with meaningful discussions and by helping others see different points of view. Who knew you could be such a diplomat?

    July 15th – August 8th Mercury Retrograde in Leo, 4th House

    It might be time to redistribute the division of labor and reorganize around your home as you may find the usual way of doing things isn't cutting it anymore. You may even find some long-lost items that have been buried under piles of things you hardly ever use… give what you no longer need to those who will benefit from your unwanted belongings. While Mercury retrograde periods can be frustrating, they can also give you the opportunity to improve situations by re-evaluating them. Have a big family pow-wow and invite family members to suggest ways you can work together more efficiently, with everyone contributing in a meaningful way.

    November 6th–26th Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, 7th House

    If you've just gotten married, you can expect your first real argument to arise during this time! But forewarned is forearmed, and you can defuse any potential bombs by being clear and concise in your communication with your most significant others. Because no, he or she really cannot read your mind, and you are not a mind reader, either! Well, at least not all of the time. Legal issues and health issues involving your partners could also become a problem. Research and work through situations that impact both of you. Once Mercury turns direct on Nov. 26th, you can look forward to smooth sailing.

    2012 Taurus Lady Moon Lunar Life with Lady Moon Go to Top

    Your personal New Moon occurs on April 21st, signaling new beginnings for you. This may be an especially romantic and fertile time for Bulls who want to start a family, and Bulls who would like to avoid such things should take extra precautions! Love is definitely in the air as both Mars and Neptune harmonize with your Sun to create seemingly ideal passion. Interestingly, some of your friends and associates may not get along with your love interest and vice versa… only you will be able to determine who truly has your best interests in mind.

    Your Full Moon happens on Oct. 29th, and will represent the culmination of what began back in April. This time, Saturn will be activating your 7th house of significant others, increasing your responsibilities and commitments in close relationships. For some, this might mean a wedding or hand-clasping, while others may find this lunation marks the end of a serious relationship that has run its course.

    EclipsesEclipses Go to Top

    Eclipses indicate change in the area of life they impact, and are often felt for much longer than regular lunations. In cases where the eclipse makes a close aspect to planets or angles in your chart, they can be felt for up to a year. Here is what to look for during the eclipse cycle of 2012:

    A New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Gemini on May 20th has an impact on your finances… even with Venus and Jupiter on your side, you will need to balance your budget carefully. The potential for gains are great but nebulous Neptune creates some confusion behind the scenes that could derail you temporarily. Remain relatively conservative with your finances and investments plan ahead for a potentially less prosperous future. The proverbial rainy day may be around the corner.

    A Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on June 4th only solidifies changes that began with the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Gemini two weeks earlier. Monies owed, inheritances debated, and perhaps your mate or partner's finances could give you quite the headache. If you've planned carefully for a rainy day and remained disciplined in your saving and spending habits, this should be but a brief moment of frustration. However, you may need to have a heart to heart with your significant other about your joint financial goals for the future.

    A New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on Nov. 13th marks the beginning of a new chapter in your closest relationships. Never one for superficial attractions, you will be happy to find serious commitment and dedication to working through problems in a partner. While you may need time to adjust to these changes, there is no reason not to believe they will be positive! The nature of Scorpio is penetrating and relates to psychology, so consider couples counseling if things get rocky.

    A New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on Nov. 28th echoes what was begun during the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on May 20th, when your finances and what you value (both materially and spiritually) came into focus. With Jupiter in retrograde motion, you may find that this is the rainy day previously mentioned. Sure, you'll have to tighten your belt to ride out the storm, but here's the good news… once everything blows over, Jupiter will remain in your 2nd house of finances for the first half of 2013, giving you ample opportunity to recoup any losses.

    That's it for 2012 dear Taurus! Don't forget to follow up on the monthly and daily forecasts for more in-depth predictions.


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