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    The Human Aura: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4
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    Rob Tillett, is a poet, astrologer and musician. As well as being a magician, healer, dramatist and composer, he is the editor and publisher of Astrology on the Web and has written most of the articles on this website.
    The cycles of astrology are reflected in our daily lives, as well as informing the patterns of our human creativity, whether artistic or musical, social, political or financial. The planets rule our moods and our environment.
    Our bodies are more complex than we believe. The physical body is composed of particles and waves of energies. Matter is essentially a construction of our senses: it is really the interaction of patterns of energy, vibrating at interwoven frequencies and intensities.
    Rob lives in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, on the east coast of Australia.

    The Human Aura
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    Energy Body

    The Human Aura [part 4]
    Chakras and Relationships

    The essential nature of Relationship is Energy Exchange. When we meet a person for the first time, we are either attracted, repelled or indifferent to him or her, according to the way in which an energy connection is established.

    The prime attribute of a chakra, as mentioned earlier, is that it can accept Information (which is fundamentally energy with a clockwise spin—the male polarity, or Yang energy) and Prana (energy with a counter-clockwise spin—the female polarity, or Yin energy) from without, in order to process and combine these energies into Consciousness. It can also transmit Information, or Prana, or Consciousness to the world outside.

    Relationships may be understood as the exchange and mutual processing of energies. A healthy relationship is one in which the energy exchange is mutually beneficial. A strengthening relationship is one in which both partners are stronger as a result of the relationship than they would be without it. A weakening relationship, on the other hand, is one in which the energy exchange is actually destructive to the health and wellbeing of the partners. In other words, one that both partners would be better off without! How many of us suffer today in destructive relationships?

    Why is it that some relationships make us stronger, while others deprive us of enjoyment, health, even sanity? If it is true that a relationship is an exchange of energy, how is this energy exchanged—and how does it affect us, for good or ill?

    Swimming in a Field of Energy

    We are surrounded by an energy field that can occupy quite a space around our physical form, this form being simply the densest part of our field: of our aura. When our attention is aroused by the presence of another energy field, be it a person, a place, or any type of animal, plant or thing, our chakras attempt to make a contact with this new field by preparing to receive and transmit energies. This is the natural function of the chakras, for their main job is to create new consciousness, forming our life patterns from the energies they receive from outside the immediate field of the organism.

    We are swimming in a field of energies. Not only do we surround ourselves with a range of energies vibrating at various frequencies, but we are constantly interacting with an amazing range of other energy fields—from the mundane to the cosmic.

    Picture this: at this moment in the city there are at least eight commercial radio stations, plus the national radio, both FM and AM band, six television stations, cable and satellite transmissions and a large number of private systems, such as CB, shortwave and two-way radios broadcasting at various frequencies, or wavelengths, not to mention the range of mobile phones and even the internet. Should I choose to switch on my receiver and tune to one of these frequencies, I could receive a program on that wavelength by courtesy of the originating station and its crew. Should I have a powerful receiver, I could receive programs of information, music and entertainment from all over the world. I could even pick up the broadcasts of stars from sources beyond the known galaxy, if I chose! And all this is beaming into my room, right now, just waiting for me to tune my receiver. It is here all the time. I simply am not aware of it, unless I tune to it.

    These wavelengths are not the only frequencies to which we are constantly exposed. There are many, many types of natural energies of which we can become aware. They include Environmental Stresses like nuclear radiation, Frequency Stress from electrical apparatus, Water Stress from underground streams and so on. They also include the natural radiations of other people!

    Dyadic Relationships

    We are able to accept and transmit energy through our aura, via the chakra system. When we form any kind of relationship, our chakras seek to connect with the appropriate chakras of the other person. When all chakras connect at the appropriate frequency, a dyadic (totally fulfilling) relationship develops.

    On the other hand, should chakras fail to connect with their opposite numbers and conjoin with chakras of a different frequency, chakra fractures can develop, leading to dysfunction in our energy systems that can generate mental, emotional and/or physical breakdown. Note that the higher the chakra's number, the higher and more intense is its frequency or rate of vibration.

    An understanding of the chakra system is essential to an understanding of the way our lives are structured. Chakras are critically important to our health, communication and wellbeing.

    In the final part of this article, to be published eventually on Astrology on the Web, we will examine the various colours and shapes that may be seen in the aura and endeavour to explain these phenomena in language that will hopefully be comprehensible! We will also outline ways you can see and measure the effects of your aura and the auras of your friends. We will publish a chart of the nature and function of each chakra and examine the workings of the life-centres, insofar as they affect our health, wellbeing and relationships.

    This is the end of the article.

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    The Human Aura: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4

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