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    Rob Tillett has been an astrologer for more than three decades.
    In previous incarnations a poet, musician, magician, healer, dramatist & composer, he is the editor and publisher of Astrology on the Web and has written many articles on this website.
    Rob lives in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, on the east coast of Australia.

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    Environmental Stress

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    Environmental Stress
    The Slow Destroyer

    According to researchers, our health and wellbeing — and our sex life — are affected by emissions from mobile phones, computers, televisions, microwaves, electromagnetic pollution and other unseen stresses of modern life. Natural formations generate energies too, and some can be harmful. Rob Tillett, founder of Astrology on the Web, has worked with the human energy field for more than 20 years. He examines this 21st century threat to health and happiness.

    People living in the twenty-first century are all too familiar with the concept of stress. There aren't many of us these days who have not experienced the tension generated by our lifestyles. It's depressing. But now it seems there is another type of stress to add to our problems!

    There has been a lot in the news lately about the effects of Environmental Stresses of various kinds, especially phone towers, EMF, wireless networks and the like. It seems even to have begun to decimate the population of the bees in North America. This is truly spooky. Other people's hostile energies are also quite a problem. In fact, Environmental Stress is a major source of difficulties for nearly everyone in our civilisation. Do you feel unnaccountably tired in the workplace? Have you ever noticed an unpleasant feeling, a sense of discomfort or foreboding when you enter a particular building? Have you found that certain places make you feel dopey and dazed, or somehow ill at ease? Do some people just mysteriously affect you badly? Well, you're not imagining things.

    Environmental Stress

    Discovered by Baron Gustav Freiherr von Pohl in 1929 and researched by other German doctors as far back as the 1930's, this nasty new development is called Environmental Stress. Environmental stresses have been found to be generated by things in our environment, as opposed to the regular stresses caused by our activities within that environment. Environmental stresses do not seem to be related to our activities in any direct way at all; they seem to be far more closely related to the effects of the places in which we live and work. Location can be a very important factor in our physical and mental wellbeing.

    Energy Fields

    Modern research has demonstrated that all objects, whether animate or inanimate, are surrounded by discernible energy fields. kirlian leafSome of these can even be photographed, using high voltage flash or Kirlian techniques—though skeptics are yet to be convinced. These discoveries line up with the esoteric teachings of what had long been thought to be mystical belief, professed only by yogis and mystics.

    Advances in nuclear physics show that traditional concepts of matter (at least as taught to me at school!) have now been superseded. Quantum mechanics shows that sub-atomic particles are a complex combination of wave-forms and energy packages—in other words, matter, as we experience it, hardly exists at all. Can the experience of "matter" in our daily lives be little more than the interpretation of our none-too-sensitive sense apparatus? Well, yes, according to the theorists, this stuff called matter actually consists of electromagnetic and even more subtle energy fields.

    Energetic fields interact with one another, given the right circumstances. Since all objects and all creatures—including human beings—are composed of electromagnetic fields, it seems reasonable that people and objects, both natural and man-made, can and do interact with one another in a subtle, electromagnetic way. In particular, the effects of swimming in a field of constantly stimulating energies can have serious consequences for sensitive (and not-so-sensitive) individuals.

    Click to check out the Energy Egg
    Important Discovery

    The effects on human beings of some of these forces in the environment were first discovered by doctors investigating cancer clusters in parts of Germany (initially in the village of Vilsbiburg, in Bavaria, which had the highest cancer death rate of any town in Germany at that time). They found that the areas where there were significant occurrences of cancer all lay on crossed geological fault lines. People sleeping in beds immediately over these faults were especially affected. The inhabitants of certain houses, or as discovered later in England even of entire streets, were being afflicted with the identical symptoms of severe chronic diseases, such as cancer, leukæmia and glaucoma—for no apparent reason other than just living near each other!

    Geopathic Stress

    This factor was first termed Geopathic Stress [Geopathic="Earth-generated Sickness"]. In effect, the people exhibiting these symptoms almost seemed to be allergic to living in their own houses! But why? Here the mystery deepened. Careful investigation of the bizarre 'cancer houses' revealed a common factor: the particular rooms that seemed to cause cancer were each sited directly over crossed energy grid-lines, an underground stream, a geological fault, or a concealed subterranean air pocket. These zones appeared to be generating emanations that were not susceptible to detection by scientific instruments available at the time. A lead sheet placed under such a bed, after long exposure, developed coloured areas indicating that the normally inert lead had been changed by the emanations.

    Armed with this evidence, the research teams went back to the laboratory. They were eventually able to demonstrate a weird fact: when a geopathic stress line crosses another, or when any body of water flows, or when air is trapped in a sizeable underground pocket, a measurable energy field is generated that attacks the nervous systems of higher life forms! One of the consequences of repeated exposure to this attack can be the destruction of the immune system, the body's capacity for resistance to disease and to the pressures of everyday life. shell in motionExperts believe that an accumulation of environmental stress is the early trigger for any kind of chronic problem, but particularly cancer.

    German doctors eventually detected several other environmental stress factors. These factors directly attack the human organism, weakening the immune system and actively inhibiting appropriate responses to prescribed medication. Research has been ongoing, though the destruction of much of Germany due to World War II rather broke the continuity, but not the interest. A lot of work has been done, but here I must declare my own interest. In England, the Institute for Advanced Health Research—Stephen Kane and associates (including me)—focused on this intriguing subject. In the closing decades of the 20th Century, intensive research subsequently discovered as many as twenty hitherto unknown types of harmful, environmental stress. The Institute in England is now closed, but Stephen Kane, our very own "Energy Doc", is still concentrating on solutions to the problem.

    Many cases of 'incurable' diseases, including cancer, multiple-sclerosis, heart disease, asthma and leukæmia, are stimulated by long-term exposure to environmental stress. Environmentally based, stress-causing energies were classified as Water Stress, Frequency Stress, Electrical Stress and so on (see Table #1). Sadly, millions of people are ill today from chronic exposure to environmental stress, with little hope of cure, or even accurate diagnosis, by conventional medical techniques—and the problem is not going away. power transformersMobile cell phones, phone towers, personal computers and nanotech devices are just the latest in a long line of culprits!

    Hostile Energy Emissions

    American research has produced results linking Electrical Stress with heart disease and leukæmia. Research at the Institute also found correlations between Water Stress and asthma, multiple-sclerosis, and a variety of other chronic, painful conditions. Grid Stress has been linked with cataracts; Frequency Stress has been linked with depression, hyperactivity, recurring headaches and epilepsy. Material Stress is known to be associated with neurological damage and severe allergic intolerance. There are many other remarkable findings that lie beyond the scope of this article.

    Stephen Kane is still a leading figure in the field of research into Environmental Stress. Hidden Secrets of Real Health, written in conjunction with Lynda Kane, is now available on line as an e-book (his earlier books, including Body Tuning and Eliminate Your Allergies, are milestones in the field).
    Can Environmental Stresses Be Blocked?

    Well, that's the big question. Environmental stresses have always been with us, but never to this extent. People are now being attacked by dangerous energy emissions from a range of computers, mobile phones, appliances, televisions, refrigerators, time switches, heat pumps, geopathic stress and so on. These emissions will not just disappear of their own accord—and it is only quite recently that the subject has begun to enter mainstream consciousness through some sectors of the media. While the vast, profit-driven pharmaceutical industry is focusing on drug therapies to deal with the symptoms, these stresses can be inexpensively blocked, thus relieving the symptoms by removing their environmental causes.

    It is worth bearing in mind that many homes and schools are located in areas of natural environmental stresses—stresses that are causing havoc in the lives of our children. Some building and insulating materials put out fields that can cause fluid retention, depression, or even neurological diseases. Click to Check Out the Energy EggThis is only the tip of the iceberg: the hostile energy emissions of a wide range of manmade items and an assortment of powerful natural phenomena are being amplified and accelerated by our greatest technological achievements.

    The Energy Egg

    A cool new device has been developed to block the hostile energies of environmental stress. This is the Energy Egg, an effective personal environmental stress eliminator. Ki (or ch'i) is the name given to the natural healthy energy that is stimulated in yoga, tai-chi and other similar disciplines. This protective energy can be controlled and directed—the Energy Egg is a ki generator, designed to respond automatically to the presence of environmental stresses in the body's energy field. In other words, it helps the body eliminate harmful energies that lead to all kinds of everyday problems.

    Many varieties of environmental stresses are known to have harmful effects upon the human organism, but the Energy Egg is able to counteract them. (See Table #1). Some of the symptoms of chronic ailments can be correlated with specific environmental stresses. (See Table #2). Using the techniques outlined in Hidden Secrets of Real Health it is possible for anyone to discover whether environmental stress is affecting his or her home or place of work.

    Research into environmental stress is under constant review. There is ongoing product development at Energy Solutions, including the Guardian Angel, a more advanced version of the Energy Egg that can be tuned to eliminate environmental stresses in a specific area, rather than for a particular individual. Watch this space for more information on groundbreaking discoveries that heal our subtle energy fields by counteracting environmental stress!

    Go Forward Now, check out the Energy Egg!



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