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    by Rob Tillett

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    CancerCancer Daily Forecast for April 2023
    (If you know your rising sign, read that too, for a balanced forecast. Go to Forecasts)

    Daily forecasts for April 2023 written by Rob Tillett.
    Click here for Moonbeam's
    Month in Brief.

    Go to TopSun Apr 1: April Fool
    Start the day with a prank or a bit of humor at home - take someone in with a canny or clever stunt. After that, enjoy a day that focuses on domestic activities. Get the chores out of the way and make a purchase to brighten up your home. Family matters require attention and someone may need help or comfort. Read more on the April Fool! Insightful colors are strawberry and cream. Lucky numbers are 24 and 32.
    Go to TopMon Apr 2: Money and Security
    Money and security are the main things on your mind, Crabs. It's well worth your while pushing yourself into doing boring things like the paperwork. Once you have that organized, not only will you feel better, you'll be able to spend with a clear conscience. At the moment you want everything at home and in your emotional life to be wonderful. Family members rally around to help each other over temporary hurdles. Fortunate colors are merlot and striped agate. Lucky numbers are 2 and 11.
    Go to TopTue Apr 3: Very Compassionate
    You are in a position to give more now, and you are sensitive to the unspoken needs of those close. You can be very compassionate with Venus moving into your twelfth house, but watch that you do not become emotionally overloaded, soaking in too much of their problems. You have strong ideas about change in your working situation, but workmates may want to stick to the status quo. Tread lightly. Compassionate colors are pale rose and honey chrysoberyl. Lucky numbers are 3 and 12.
    Go to TopWed Apr 4: Day Dreamer
    Are you feeling like putting your feet up and daydreaming your way through the day? If you can manage it without upsetting your schedule, why not indulge yourself? Mercury stations today, so guard against taking people at face value in financial negotiations and partnerships, even though the possibilities may seem limitless. You will all too easily allow yourself to be misled into trusting people who are unreliable, unrealistic and perhaps even downright dishonest. Responsible colors are spearmint and chrysoprase. Lucky numbers are 13 and 10.
    Go to TopThu Apr 5: Subtle Hints
    As Mercury is still in his retrograde shadow phase, beware of committing yourself to things that are beyond you. It's no good promising more than you can deliver. It could be a good time to start new projects as long as you take practical advice and move at a steady pace. At times you are not clear why you feel frustrated, or what is blocking you. Listen to the subtle hints and pick up on the undercurrents in your environment. Balanced colors are gunmetal and tourmaline. Lucky numbers are 15 and 41.
    Go to TopFri Apr 6: Find Quality Time
    Are your loved ones beginning to complain that they never see you? Take the hint, and find time for your nearest and dearest. You have ambitions to fulfil, but you also need to lead a more balanced life with time for play and relaxation as well as work. This Full Moon is quite a good time to retreat for some peace and quiet, to get away from the outside world. Stick to familiar surroundings. Read more on Easter. Beneficial colors are mahogany and apricot. Lucky numbers are 22 and 37.
    Go to TopSat Apr 7: In The Limelight
    Now's the time for self-promotion, Cancer! Are you looking for the limelight? You'll be flirting, laughing, singing and dancing. The stars promise more emotional depth in relationships with loved ones, whether children, adults or indeed social companions. Suddenly you see that what has been holding you back in the past has been your own narrow-minded outlook, not ill luck or life being difficult. Expressive colors are sultana and peach. Lucky numbers are 60 and 78.
    Go to TopSun Apr 8: Intuition on Target
    You may be feeling under-appreciated this Easter, but there really is no need. Enjoy this quiet time, since it won't last long. Your role is to be giving rather than receiving. Female relationships are particularly meaningful, and a woman may provide valuable assistance. Your emotional level is high, and your intuition right on target. Intuitive colors are silver and chrysoprase. Lucky numbers are 11 and 5.
    Go to TopMon Apr 9: New Experiences
    Cancer, it's definitely a time to look for new experiences, to do anything that's original, experimental and a little bit inspired. Why not let yourself be a little more artistic while you're at it. You won't be quite as socially outgoing as usual by evening, but don't get gloomy. You will emerge softer, wiser and maybe revitalized because of the deeper connections you have made. Soothing colors are blackberry and parchment. Lucky numbers are 65 and 46.
    Go to TopTue Apr 10: Regenerate Your Body
    With the Moon in your sixth house, you are in an ideal phase to work on and regenerate your body. If you do have any ailments, prompt and sensible attention from trusted professionals and sound remedies will result in improvements. Ignoring physical problems and hoping for the best will not work. A small adventure beckons, which should put a sparkle in your eye. Adventurous colors are kiwifruit and tan. Lucky numbers are 21 and 61.
    Go to TopWed Apr 11: Talents On Display
    You can find a way around other people's resistances today, Cancer. If you want them to shift ground, you can be persuasive. If you want straight answers, you can bring things out into the open. There is no need to fight things through to the bitter end. This is your peak time of year for work or community activities. Recognition is likely if you strive to get your talents out on display. Inspiring colors are turquoise and mocca. Lucky numbers are 51 and 13.
    Go to TopThu Apr 12: Future Possibilities
    Discuss future possibilities now. Seek out sounding boards for your brighter inspirations. Your livelier friends will adore you because you are up on the latest advances and don't harp on about how things used to be. You are very open to new ideas, especially those likely to upset others, because you have a slightly rebellious streak. And you have the courage of your convictions. Effective colors are aubergine and basalt. Lucky numbers are 46 and 43.
    Go to TopFri Apr 13: Life Is Changing
    Be as straightforward, firm and tactful as you possibly can, Crabs. Friday 13 is not the day to take the long way round. Have you been letting other people pull the wool over your eyes? Often it's easier not to say when you discover you have been let down. But don't tell little white lies just to keep the peace. It always comes out into the open at the wrong moment. Your life is changing slowly at a subtle level now. Check out Friday 13th! Advantageous colors are violet and citrine. Lucky numbers are 53 and 26.
    Go to TopSat Apr 14: Put Them At Ease
    Finances remain steady, except you're inclined to overspending. Leave other people to do the more practical, solid things. Put them at ease and make them feel a little bit happier. Even though Venus is sensitized, love may not come as easily at the moment, partly because as Mars stations, you are holding back, oversensitive to rejection. You would rather shut yourself away than let your feelings be seen. A call from a past love is possible. Read more on Mars retrograde! Ideal colors are saffron and beige. Lucky numbers are 21 and 24.
    Go to TopSun Apr 15: Travel Plans
    It's tricky to settle down to anything requiring concentration today, so avoid being stuck in a corner. Why not firm up those travel plans? Let your imagination soar. Think long-term and don't let career concerns create problems at home. Adventurous colors are bright yellow and green aventurine. Lucky numbers are 8 and 10.
    Go to TopMon Apr 16: Go Easy
    Venus under pressure in your twelfth house makes you sensitive to suffering. You are likely to feel the urge to work behind the scenes to help or care for those who are less fortunate. As Mercury hits your midheaven, you are at your best in a work situation where you are able to express your ideas or share your knowledge and skills, but go easy: changes may bring opposition from workmates. Controlling of the work situation can be very difficult to handle. Positive colors are bottle green and ivory. Lucky numbers are 9 and 10.
    Go to TopTue Apr 17: Bright And Breezy
    A bright, breezy mood will keep you very busy, Cancer. You want to know the commonsense reasons for doing things and are irritated by workmates who rattle on about grand ideas and indulge in flights of fancy. Let a little of your own creative imagination get to work. If your feet are too firmly on the ground, you won't get very far. Beneficial colors are sage green and tawny brown. Lucky numbers are 65 and 24.
    Go to TopWed Apr 18: In Control
    It's good that you're sensitive and responsive to the mood around you, dear Cancer. You have incentive and ambition, but you're putting it across in a beautiful way -- in between the ups and downs. Why not sort out a situation that has been bugging you lately? This is a good time for cleaning out, reorganizing and generally unravelling tangles. There's a bonus too: it puts you back in control! Fortunate colors are silvery green and terracotta. Lucky numbers are 9 and 10.
    Go to TopThu Apr 19: Fortune and Friends
    Cancer has a reputation for being a Ms or Mr Money Bags, and it's true that you are generally able to earn a comfortable living. Now that the Sun is marching into Taurus, your house of friends and associates, you may find yourself chatting with your pals about new ways to increase your income and realize your dreams. Fortunate colors are sage green and desert sand. Lucky numbers are 2 and 20.
    Go to TopFri Apr 20: Friends Around
    You need friends around today that make you feel loved and appreciated. You want and need protection, advice and reassurance regarding your long-term goals. Obviously no one makes your mind up but you, but that doesn't mean to say testing ideas and picking up information won't be useful. Briefly, you'll find a peculiar atmosphere at home, or in close relationships. You'll feel as if there is a smokescreen around you, so you're not sure what's real and what's fantasy. Ideal colors are jade and teal blue. Lucky numbers are 68 and 65.
    Go to TopSat Apr 21: Soft Focus
    Your romantic life may feel more ethereal and lovelier under the sensual New Moon, so you're cruising along in good style. It's possible that you will experience the better side of companions, because you're seeing life through soft focus. Yet, you often feel lonely and under-loved at the moment. Time spent on your own need not necessarily be lonely -- it will give you a chance to connect with your deeper feelings and creative talents. Ideal colors are milk coffee and pale blue. Lucky numbers are 11 and 25.
    Go to TopSun Apr 22: Take Advantage
    Take advantage of the opportunities that appear now, dear Cancer. Your bouncy self-confidence attracts positive responses from everyone, especially colleagues and neighbors. New studies beckon, because your curiosity sends you in search of new and better answers. The planetary influences are also good for technical or computer-oriented studies, mathematics or astrology. Beneficial colors are dark grey and maroon. Lucky numbers are 66 and 1.
    Go to TopMon Apr 23: Just Temporary
    You are naturally intuitive and now vaguely uneasy about a sense that you know is right, Cancer. Someone is holding you back, but you are can't quite decide why, or what, to do about it. Be patient and recognize that this is only a temporary phase. Throw your energy into behind-the-scenes activity, and learn to pull strings a little more subtly. Things are out of joint today, so if you are pulled into complex situations you will feel frustrated or blocked. Expressive colors are lime and lemon. Lucky numbers are 27 and 33.
    Go to TopTue Apr 24: Channel Your Energy
    It's important to channel your energy into doing as much work as possible today. The effort involved in organization achieves something worthwhile. Be wary of high-risk areas, people and situations. At work you may be digging your heels in too hard. You could be right, but may not have found the best way of persuading workmates. A more flexible approach will help to smooth out tensions and disagreements. Favorable colors are cherry blossom and white blossom. Lucky numbers are 66 and 44.
    Go to TopWed Apr 25: Subtle Change
    Watch a tendency to be intense, even slightly obsessive. If you can be tolerant of other people's viewpoint, and open to feedback, you'll make progress faster. You need to change, to lift your life up and shake it a little bit. Don't let it become stale or dull or lifeless. You've been in a corner lately, and now is the time when there's a bit more sparkle and excitement. Lucky colors are burgundy and taupe. Lucky numbers are 28 and 63.
    Go to TopThu Apr 26: Moon In Cancer
    The Moon in your sign always has that ebbing and flowing quality, one moment outgoing and charming, the next moment, withdrawn. You don't know from one minute to the next what you are going to do, say and think It's rather pleasant, but you need more stable, practical people around you just now. Overeating could be a hazard today, since you feel the need to comfort yourself. Fortunate colors are antique gold and copper. Lucky numbers are 53 and 47.
    Go to TopFri Apr 27: You Decide
    It's well worth your while pushing yourself into boring things like paperwork. Once you have that organized, not only will you feel better, you'll be able to spend with a clear conscience. You'll be sorting out longer term plans for the next twelve months at the moment, so bounce your ideas around and see what feedback you get. Helpful, practical advice will put you on the right lines, though obviously the decision will be yours at the end of the day. Bold colors are translucent red and honey gold. Lucky numbers are 49 and 41.
    Go to TopSat Apr 28: Fair Winds
    If you keep your feet on the ground, there are fair winds blowing for you now. It's just a question of finding the right balance between confidence and commonsense. You can probably plan and organize particularly well at this time. Be practical, self-disciplined and work thoroughly, with an eye to detail so you won't have to double-check everything and redo things in the near future. Auspicious colors are deep purple and walnut brown. Lucky numbers are 5 and 48.
    Go to TopSun Apr 29: Expect The Unexpected
    Now is the time when you get the courage to tackle challenges, so grasp them with both hands and don't stop to think too hard. Keep a balance, but don't lose your momentum. This is a time of new activities and new encounters, so expect the unexpected and you won't be disappointed. You have lots of confidence and a really dynamic, highly- strung vitality. Let yourself sparkle! Advantageous colors are bright red and silvery grey. Lucky numbers are 23 and 17.
    Go to TopMon Apr 30: Pleasant Chat
    Everyone seems good for a pleasant chat today, Cancer, but don't compromise just for the sake of peace and quiet. If there have been arguments, this is the time to put the right word in the right ear. Suddenly everything will calm itself down. Your views at work will be sought, for you've got all the relevant info. Just don't drown everyone in too many facts and figures. Businesslike colors are magenta and mocca. Lucky numbers are 4 and 9.
    More Daily Forecasts On Line Soon!
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