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    the Science of Number

    Astrology and numerology are closely related, for astrology is partly based on numerical relationships. These two disciplines are symbolic ways of understanding personality and character, but since the most ancient of times, astrology and numerology have helped people know about future events before they happen. Rob Tillett, one of the founders of Astrology on the Web and an expert on numerology, discusses the origins and influence of numerology, the science of Number.

    We are all curious to know about the future. It's built-in to our nature as human beings. What is in store for us? What paths will our lives take? Will we ever be able to succeed? Will we find love and happiness? Where should we choose to maximise our potential, to make a secure life for ourselves and our families? These are issues that always concern the human mind. The deep underlying structure of the natural world and indeed of all human experience can be clarified and explained by an understanding of the numerical relations that underpin them. Numerology is the Science of Number and this study is the basis of much of what we understand in the world today.

    The 29th Olympic Games open in Beijing, China at 8:08 pm on 8/8/08. The eighth day of the eighth month of the eighth year is deemed highly auspicious by the Chinese, so 080808 is the day – and 08:08 PM is the time! It's not exactly rational, it's more like, um... occult! Despite the officially materialistic philosophy of the Chinese Communist government, the promoters have chosen a traditional, mystically auspicious date and time for the opening of the Games. In fact it is numerology at work, since the number 8 has always been considered very lucky by the Chinese.

    Is this a genuine reawakening of traditional spiritual life? 100 million oppressed Falan Gong practitioners would like to hope so. Find out why China is worried. For more on the oppression click here.

    Pythagoras. Click for more on Numerology
    The Greek Philosopher, Pythagoras

    The Greek philosopher, Pythagoras (ca.570 – ca.480 BCE), first formalised the study of Number in the West. His work as a mathematician and geometer is renowned (remember studying Pythagoras's Theorem at school?), but what is lesser known is that he and his followers were primarily concerned with uncovering the inner, spiritual meaning of the underlying numerical structure of our lives.

    There is evidence that Pythagoras studied under wise sages (rishis) in India; he brought the essence of their knowledge of Number, Sacred Geometry, Music and Astrology to the West, influencing Western Culture for millennia, right up to the present time. Yes, Pythagoras's Theorem has an inner meaning as well as an outer one. Understanding the squares on the sides of the triangle is a numerological key to the understanding of life.

    Number: The Basis of All Things

    Pythagoras's school was very influential. His teachings spread rapidly throughout the ancient world, showing how Number lies at the basis of all things. Right up until modern times, this has deeply influenced architecture through the ideals of sacred geometry, but has also had a profound effect on music, art, science and religion. It even lies at the basis of astrology, underpinning our understanding of the relationships between the planets, the signs and the aspects.

    This numerical knowledge is specifically formulated through the study of numerology and anyone who is interested in the inner nature of things would be well advised to study it, or at least to get their numerology explained to them by a skilled numerologist. Numerologists describe our lives in terms of

    1. Expression, or Destiny Number (from the full Birth Name), which covers your life's purpose, spiritual mission, and your field of opportunity.
    2. Soul Urge, or Heart's Desire, your inner likes and dislikes
    3. Dreams, the basis of your personality
    4. Life Path, the direction of your experience
    5. Challenges, the hurdles in life we must develop means of overcoming
    6. Pinnacles, describing the major stages of life
    7. Personal Year, showing how our lives will flow in the coming year
    8. Birthday, the vibration of the birthday
    9. Compatibility, showing how couples can relate through their numbers
    10. Divine Triangle, the spiritual map.
    These are the key factors in Numerology and help to explain our lives, loves and destinies through the power of Number.
    Numerology Reports

    We have set up a system on our sister site that gives free on line access to many of these interpretations. To check out your own Personal Numerology, Soul Urge, Life Path and so on, or to get a free glimpse of your Personal Year Ahead, please click here.

    A computerized reading is not really personal enough, so I have also arranged with my good friend Lyn Busuttil, skilled numerologist and counsellor, to provide individual readings for you, right here on Astrology on the Web, at reasonable prices. Click Here to order your Personal Numerology Reading.

    After many months in development, Lyn has now published Barbara Alison's new Numbers Work! Numerology Cards, which are proving to be popular and intuitive, ideal for numerology readings. Like the Tarot Cards, these easy-to-use Numbers Work! Numerology Cards are valuable both for divination and personal growth. Why not visit Lyn's new site, Numbers Work!



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