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    Sailor Saturn

    Effects of the March 2007 Eclipses
    as Saturn slows, how do they affect you?

    The effects of the Lunar and Solar Eclipses in March 2007 will have far-reaching effects on our lives. Mary MacLean, following her analysis of the effects of Saturn's transit in Leo, discusses these effects in relation to our natal charts. Saturn, slow-moving Lord of Karma, restructures the foundations of our social awareness and karmic realisation. His cyclical switch between retro and forward motion through the zodiac is also highly significant and as Saturn slows towards his station in April 2007, these Eclipses are highly energised.

    As I look forward to the next six months, three things stand out.

    • First, the Full Moon Eclipse on March 3, 2007 takes place at 13 degrees of Virgo and
    • Second, the New Moon Eclipse on March 18, 2007 at 28 degrees of Pisces will take us through to the end of July.
    • Third, Saturn goes direct in April at 18 degrees of Leo.

    If you keep a day timer or journal, it will be easy to see the goals you set for yourself. This is where it all starts to happen. It will start with the unexpected changes that come with the Full Moon Eclipse and end with the goals you set with the New Moon Eclipse. This is followed by the direct motion of Saturn in April and finalizes your intentions to further your aspirations. It seems as though we are ready to again take a step forward in our lives. In the past twenty-four months we have slowly but surely moved forward in redefining a particular area in our chart.

    For those of you who are not familiar with the houses and meanings, I will give a shortened view of where the eclipses will fall in your chart. You will need your natal chart in front of you for this, or if you do not have a chart, just judge by your Sun sign, which is also a valid technique. The other instruction I would give you is to take note of any natal planets that are conjunct or in opposition to the eclipse, by at the most 3 degrees on either side. These will be very important in understanding the changes. The Eclipse will take on the energy of the conjunct planet. [Obviously this is difficult if you do not have a birth chart or do not understand the symbols. If you do not have a chart with a key to the symbols and would like one, please see our AstroShop. Or calculate your own here. – ed.]

    Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

    Identifying the house that the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse takes place in will give you the area to look at for changes. If the Full Moon Eclipse is conjunct or in opposition to a natal planet, your interest will be more personal and the effects are more direct. If the area is without a natal planet, just that area of the chart will be affected. In this case, the Full Moon Eclipse is in opposition to the transiting planet of Uranus, giving this eclipse an unexpected change in circumstances. If conjunct the Sun or Moon, you can rest assured that this will need all of your attention!

    I may have oversimplified finding the Eclipse on your chart as not too many people have 0 degrees of a sign on the cusp. You will have to look at the degrees on the house cusps to accurately find your area of interest.

    The first thing to identify is the actual location of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and the New Moon Solar Eclipse. Find 13 degrees of Virgo in your chart. For instance, if you have:

    Aries rising: 13 degrees of Virgo will land in your sixth house of health and everyday work. This will bring an issue to the forefront of your life that needs a careful examination. Full Moon Eclipses produce extremely emotional changes that show up and alter the area of your life where they land. In the 6th house, this is the area of everyday work and health. You may encounter an unexpected change in these areas.

    Taurus rising: the Full Moon Eclipse will land in your 5th house of creativity and a produce a spontaneous creative insight...

    Gemini rising: the Full Moon Eclipse is found in your 4th house of home and core issues promise unexpected changes in the home. This is important, as it is one of the primary houses and can be very personal to you. Home, naturally, is where you live, but it is also the place deep inside you where your deepest issues and resolves reside. Also remember if you make a change to your home, you are also making changes to your core issues.

    Cancer rising: the Full Moon Eclipse is found in your 3rd house of communications engaging your mind and your close environment.

    Leo rising: finds the Full Moon Eclipse in the 2nd house of personal finances and love giving rise to changes in love and money.

    Virgo rising: finds The Full Moon Eclipse in the 1st house of initiation, action and personality; generally how you would appear to the outside world. Manifesting mega personal movement is a possibility, or maybe the time of change in terms of personality or hair color, whichever you decide.

    Libra rising: examines The Full Moon Eclipse in the 12th house of the past and subconscious. Usually, this is the house of hidden matters; however, with a Full Moon Eclipse, maybe not hidden for long. The opposition from Uranus in the 6th can bring health issues to the forefront.

    Scorpio rising: finds the Full Moon Eclipse in the 11th house of goals, hopes and dreams. There is also a creative instinct that is part of this equation.

    Sagittarius rising: finds the Full Moon Eclipse in the 10th house of career. When I say career, I mean the many hats we wear, or labels we have. When the Full Moon Eclipse lands in the 10th house, it can mean an unexpected change in career, in labeling, or just being known by a different label.

    Capricorn rising: has the Full Moon Eclipse in the 9th house of philosophy, legal matters, education and foreign affairs. This is a mental house as well as a spiritual house; therefore, issues in response to this Eclipse can show up as unexpected changes to any one of the above subjects. This house usually requires some mental gymnastics.

    Aquarius rising: finds the Full Moon Eclipse in the 8th house of partnerships resources and other people's money. This is also the house of sex, death and taxes. Mainly, this has to do with others and usually it is referring to finances from another person or company: IRS, mortgages and money owed to you for a service or situation. Any changes in these areas tend to be unexpected.

    Pisces rising: finds the Full Moon Eclipse in the 7th house of partnerships – business or personal. This can be important, as it refers to our emotional relationships as well as business. Partnerships, especially personal partnerships are an important area for all of us and unexpected changes in this area can translate into a decision-making festival.

    The end result of any aspect depends on the natal promise in the birth chart. The promise in your birth chart is the structure of your natal chart and the aspects to your natal planets. The aspects made to your birth chart will tell you how a situation unfolds. If one of the planets in your natal chart is aspected by an Eclipse point or transit, the result will be the same as the natal energy. If it is part of a trine then there will be an ease in the change. If it is part of a square or opposition, it can be stressful.

    New Moon Solar Eclipse

    Next, you will have to find the New Moon Solar Eclipse in your chart, as that will tell you where the current challenges of this eclipse will be experienced. The New Moon Solar Eclipse gives us the area we will be working in for the next six months. When the Eclipse is conjunct or in opposition to a natal planet, the change will be quite personal for you.

    • The New Moon Eclipse conjunct your natal Sun denotes a big change in your personal life.
    • The conjunction to the Moon often denotes home or career changes.
    • Mercury's conjunction to the Eclipse point delivers a constant stream of challenging communication that needs to be either spoken or learned or communicated in some way.
    • Venus's conjunction or opposition to the Eclipse brings about challenges concerning love affairs and/or money matters.
    • Mars conjunct or in opposition to the Eclipse point signals action, assertiveness and challenges that deal with personal energy.
    • Jupiter's conjunction always deals with expansion unless it couples with Saturn. Jupiter involves challenges that deal with expansion in what ever area it resides. Money and travel are also in Jupiter's realm.
    • Saturn's conjunction or opposition are challenges that deal with responsibility. (Taking responsibility with the conjunction and giving up responsibility with the opposition.)
    • Uranus conjunction and opposition is always about eccentricity, freedom and unexpected desires. You will always be surprised with Uranus in aspect to the eclipse.
    • Neptune's conjunction or opposition is always about illusion, or more, exactly confusion. Confusion and illusion are two sides of the same coin. This eclipse produces a generous amount of confusion or illusion.
    • Pluto conjunction or opposition to the eclipse demands change almost immediately. It can be challenging for just that reason alone. Pluto always seems to bring with it an intense time and in some cases passionate experience.

    Now that you have seen the coming challenges, the next point to find is where Saturn will go direct. You must locate 18 degrees of Leo in your natal chart. The house that this is located in is where you are currently redefining yourself. Saturn went retrograde at 25 degrees of Leo and will return to 18 degrees before it will go direct on April 19th, 2007 (UT).

    Think back to late August and early September of 2006. Imagine that when Saturn goes direct we will be reliving that time, only now there will not be a retrograde and everything that we have learned in the retrograde period will enable us to make a knowledgeable decision about the future.

    Actually, all the degrees past 25 degrees of Leo are outcome degrees. What do I mean by that? When Saturn passes the point where it went retrograde, situations that began at that time now resolve. This is double duty time. Not only does this direct motion conclude the previous Saturn retrograde, but it also finalizes the total transit of Saturn in Leo, completing a cycle that began nearly 2 years ago.

    Now I know this is asking a lot if you are a novice at Astrology, so get close to someone who knows a little more and work together on this. Find a star study pal.[This work is difficult if you do not have a birth chart or a "star study pal" or do not understand the symbols. If you do not have a chart with a key to the symbols and would like one, please see our AstroShop. – ed.]

    If you track these three points, you will know where you are going and when you will get there. There is definitely more to it than this but these are the high points. Good Luck!

    This concludes the article.

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