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    Esoteric Astrology

    In this article, Vickie Powell discusses Esoteric Astrology, the astrology of Soul Connection and the Soul Component.
    astrology greenglobe The Soul Component
    Esoteric Astrology is astrology that focuses on the development of the Soul component in the human being. This can be seen as developing 'Soul Purpose', or becoming 'Soul Infused'. By this I mean allowing another, deeper energy to pervade our human awareness. The 'Soul Infused' human sees life from a perspective of soul orientation and is working from soul, instead of still being under the influence of the current collective unconscious. Many people are already doing this, but are not aware of it as Soul Influence!

    Perhaps this is rather a tricky concept to understand. It is not about feelings or emotions, but about a different way of thinking, acting and working in life.

    astrology greenglobe The Soul's Work
    Anyway, for our purposes, the Sun represents the Personality that Soul needs to be developed, so the Soul's work can be done. The Moon represents the innate emotional state that a human is born with - the drives and awarenesses that we feel comfortable with and that we can get 'stuck' in, instead of developing the Personality/Sun traits. The Ascendant symbolises the goals inherent in the Soul's purpose - and the other planets and points all mean specific things with relation to soul use and development: for example, Uranus stands for the genius potential in the chart.

    Now in consultations, the esoteric astrologer would still look at the Sun, Moon and Ascendant to determine the basic principles, just as for the human who has not yet become soul-influenced. That is always our starting point. The chart works for them in the same way as it does for exoteric and humanistic astrology. It is only when the soul qualities are being felt in a client that there is a need to investigate what's happening in relation to transits and the concepts to do with Soul's purpose and development, as indicated in the chart.

    It is not an astrology that can be 'put' onto people who are not ready for it. There is usually a lot to be done in the humanistic realm to start with anyway - even if a client is feeling a strong calling that could be considered from the Soul arena.

    Soul working in a human being is when the human is becoming involved in mass/group stuff - but not for the sake of ego power/recognition. These are two different types of energy.

    So we are talking about a different consciousness with regard to the average human. An astrologer would have to question clients about their feelings and behaviours in life before they could realistically ascertain whether the soul element was starting to work.

    astrology greenglobe New Age Astrology
    Esoteric Astrology is a very interesting study that is becoming more prevalent as the New Age enters our consciousness. Aquarius is very much about group awareness and connection through groups - and look at the internet with regard to world connection now!

    New Age Astrology is a title I have presently given to the course that I am developing and will be made available to those who want to learn it. This may seem a 'glib' title, but I believe it is to the point regarding the new age developments that are already happening to many people around us. This course will explain 'life' development from the perspective of astrology. It is not about learning astrology in the normal sense. It is a way of helping people in the area of their own personal growth, using astrology as the map, along with other skills that are useful to develop a more successful life.

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