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    An Ancient Sword in a Museum.

    Pisces' Moon:
    Pisces Solar Festival [part 2]
    Subtle Meanings of the Full Moon in Virgo 2007

    Malvin Artley completes his analysis of the subtle effects of the Full Moon in Virgo for 2007, the Pisces Solar Festival. He examines the planetary aspects and the meanings of the significant degrees, especially with regard to Uranus. He discusses retrograde influences among other things. He notes a change of feeling: "Is it the 'calm before the storm'? I think not. It is more a calmness borne of being in the right frame of mind—of knowing that one is on the right path and that life will work out as it needs to be. That calmness and stillness is what comes over us when we have found the right path. That state of being is how the higher Self or Soul is at all times. It is eternal, ageless, infinitely old, yet forever evolving."

    The full moon of Pisces for this year is an eclipse, and a “moon wobble” as well. “Moon wobble” is a term coined by the late American astrologer Carl Payne Toby. I described its effects in the Sagittarius letter of 2006. There is a very interesting sub-current—an inner script, if you want to call it such—that is playing out and about to end with this eclipse. I will describe that inner script in due course.

    This will be a full lunar South Node eclipse, which portends endings of emotional scenarios and closing the door on certain chapters of life, depending upon what is activated in a person's chart. This particular eclipse belongs to a Saros series called 'Nine New North', and it is associated with accidents and sudden changes. It is said to be a particularly physical series of eclipses, but my experience has shown something more than that.

    In particular, from what I can see, this class of eclipses produces what may best be called 'a state of precipitation', and that particular dynamic was introduced by the Uranus transit over the eclipse point in the period from the 25th Mar-8 May 2006. Uranus is the 'Lord' of this particular eclipse and it thus produces what is known in occultism as a 'dynamic point of tension'. On the whole—and people have been feeling this state of things building in recent days—this point of tension, as it is called, pushes people to the breaking point, hence the emphasis on physical accidents. If we do not pay close enough attention to our inner well-being, then inner tensions that remain unresolved can externalize in the form of physical accidents. In other words, change is upon us, and the force for that change is irresistible. No one resists Uranus. It brings us change, like it or not.

    An Ancient Sword... and a Powerful Statesman

    The full moon takes place in Australia at 10:18 AM AEDT on March 4th, (23:18 UT on 3 Mar 2007; 5:18PM EST in the US). The symbol for the degree for the Sun defines the tone for the full moon period and it reads thus:

    “An ancient sword, used in many battles, is displayed in a museum.” — 13° Pisces

    This symbol denotes the use of the spiritual will in the resolution of life's 'battles', or challenges. It is an admonition to stand courageously in the face of things and 'do the right thing' whether painful personally or not. What is implicated here is a Soul-faculty, built up through the course of many lives that enables us to wisely choose the proper course of events and to work for the greater good, for that is always the purpose of spiritual will. This is a degree that promotes self-empowerment. If there is something upon which you need to act, this eclipse shows that it is time to do so, or life will take care of it for you. It is of interest to note that the most potent time for acting has actually just passed, although there is still a window of opportunity. Uranus began to activate this eclipse point on the 14th of January, was exact on the 4th of February and just passed out of orb on the 22nd of Feb. Not to worry. The effects of this eclipse will be felt for some time to come and will 'ripple through'.

    The symbol for the degree of the Moon shows what is highlighted for us and that with which we must deal. It reads:

    “A powerful statesman overcomes a state of political hysteria.” — 13° Virgo

    To what do we turn when it comes to the structure of our lives? Is it personal satisfaction, public need, spiritual inspiration, simple necessity—what is it that drives us to organize our lives? That is what is being confronted with this symbol.

    We have all been easily swayed in some way and at some point in our lives in times of crisis by people who have 'it'—charisma, sex-appeal, raw power—any of a number of qualities. There is always some way in which we can be swayed. This is especially true when we are in a negative state. In a positive sense the dynamic of this symbol leads to organized and well-functioning societies. In the negative it leads to a populace that is easily seduced and manipulated. The same applies to personal life as well.

    What is implicated in the symbol is the emergence of powerful figures or forces in our lives in times of chaos and crisis. In the highest interpretation, the 'statesman' is one's higher Self, with the 'hysteria' being the normally unruly and sometimes overly excited persona. In other instances the 'statesman' may very well be some figure who comes into our lives in times of crisis to restore order and to show us a better way. That person may or may not be the best thing for us. At any rate, the combination of these two symbols points to the need for us to 'seize the day' for ourselves and not to rely on someone else to bring restorative energy to us. This is the age-old battle between personal empowerment—which always comes from the higher Self—and looking for someone else to set things right for us. In short, this eclipse is about ending dependency upon others and fighting our own battles in life, but that does not mean we have to do it alone. This is about self-salvation and a more beneficent organization to our lives.

    The Action of Uranus

    In regard to the preceding, I mentioned that there is a subscript that is playing out through this eclipse, and that has to do directly with the action of the planet Uranus. In the orbital pattern of every planet in the solar system there are periods of time when a planet appears to move backward in the sky. These periods are known as the planet's retrograde phase, and they offer up unique opportunities for experiencing life in a different way than is experienced under the planet's normal influence.

    There are distinct phases to this retrograde cycle, something which I have never addressed in these letters. As the planet begins the retrograde phase it appears to stop moving in the sky. This marks what is known as the 'retrograde station'—'station' meaning that the planet appears to stand still (retrograde station meaning the standstill before it turns retrograde). Then, it slowly begins to move backwards. The important thing to note here is that the planet only appears to move backward, meaning that it is our perception with regard to the dynamics of the planet involved that is altered somehow, and not the actual order of things. Next, the planet will move backward for a time and then reach a station at the other end, known as the 'direct station' (stationary prior to moving direct). The entire sector of the zodiac in which the retrograde motion occurs is what is known as the 'shadow area' of the planet's movement through the zodiac, and that is activated as the planet approaches its retrograde phase, as well as after it turns direct. In other words, if Uranus (since we are talking about Uranus in relation to this eclipse) stations retrograde at 15 Pisces, as it did, and stations direct at 11 Pisces, then the shadow area is 11-15 Pisces. That was activated on March 4th last year when Uranus wandered into its shadow area and the entire cycle will finish on March 7th this year. So, what does this mean to us?

    The shadow area, as the name implies, is a unique experience with regard to consciousness. In psychological terms, it defines exactly what the name suggests—unresolved areas of our life or psyche that need to be addressed. So, when a planet enters its shadow area by transit or progression during the initial approach to the retrograde station we get either the vague or distinct impression that something is amiss with life. Indeed, outer circumstances may actually indicate to us that our lives are somehow out of order, but it might be something upon which we cannot quite place a finger. With our present Uranus consideration, that first shadow phase was from Mar 4th to 19 Jun 2006. We were then given a glimpse of where we were not moving forward with our lives nor instituting those 'better conditions' and needed changes for our spiritual progress in life which Uranus ultimately represents. To put it another way, we were given 'warning shots across the bow' and told that we needed to change and if we did not, then we would be given the 'opportunity' to take a closer look at things during the retrograde phase. Check your diaries, then, and look back at your life in that period.

    During the retrograde period of any planet we are, in a sense, thrown back upon ourselves in some way. With Uranus retrograde we often feel that we have somehow taken a step backward and done the very opposite of what Uranus represents—movement into the future. Uranus turning retrograde can indicate sudden reversals of fortune. Uranus direct can appear to do that, too, when it activates certain sensitive areas in a chart. The difference between the retrograde and the direct action of Uranus is distinct, however, even though it may appear the same on the surface of things. Changes in fortune under Uranus direct will somehow always lead us into a better future with greater clarity of vision, even though the circumstances around it may be very unsettling in our personal lives. Changes under Uranus retrograde force a different dynamic upon us. During that period, in a sense we are shown those areas of our lives where we have missed opportunities for growth and we enter a cycle wherein we feel confused, disoriented, and unable to move forward and often have a strong inner sense of shock. When Uranus turns direct again we are given the opportunity for self-correction and, when Uranus leaves the shadow area, we should find ourselves on the right track again, all being well. Uranus leaves its current shadow area on the 8th of this month and enters its next shadow area the day after, culminating the current Moon Wobble, setting the stage for the next phase of Soul work and finishing the Mercury retrograde period. We can all breathe a sigh of relief then and get about the work of the next stage of our growth. Let us be clear: There is a big piece of work and clearing that is about to be completed and this eclipse will 'seal it off', in a sense.

    Eclipses Come in Pairs

    There is one more area to be addressed with this eclipse and with what is happening in the world. We should keep in mind that eclipses always come in pairs. After the first one of the pair takes place the next one occurs roughly two weeks after. The next one will be a partial solar eclipse close to a 0-Aries point, which can often bring major world events when they are triggered. Both of these eclipses will be short-lived, the one on the 4th being 'finished' by Saturn (Saturn bringing completion, culmination and fulfillment) in Sept 2008 and the second in Oct 2009. Major world events are coming in the next couple of years and we will have a look at all that in future letters. Suffice it to say that we are all being set up to be where we need to be and doing what we need to be doing when that period is finally upon us. Most of us have probably seen a lot of emails about energy shifts, world upheaval, catastrophes, financial collapse and the like. The eclipse triggers to come will usher in some of that. A lot of what has gone around is nonsense, in my opinion, but we can look for some big changes in the world stage over the next few years. There is no real need for concern if we can see the larger picture, but change is certainly upon us, whatever that might mean. On a final note, the current eclipse has been triggered by Uranus from 14 Jan-22 Feb this year, so what it will bring for us has already been revealed. It is just a matter of seeing things through if there is something upon which we need to act. With that, let us have a look at the planetary dynamics of this current figure.

    Freedom is the Catch-Cry

    The first thing that stands out is the t-square with Jupiter squaring of the full moon axis. Freedom is the catch-cry here. Jupiter wants to expand. Uranus wants to be free. The square, however, makes people want to do things out of timing unless the course of action is clearly thought through. However, Jupiter is in a Grand Trine with Saturn and Venus. Now, this is a 'money trine' as well as a marital trine. This full moon will see the course of relationships of all types decided for a long time to come—at least until 2008 when Saturn finalizes this eclipse. There are many beneficial changes that will come of this for people, as well as a lot of healing since Venus is also in trine to Chiron.

    For those readers who have planets or angles at 20 degrees of fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius), the Saturn Neptune opposition has just completed its exact degree. It has brought major changes in beliefs and personal relations. What we would like to fondly imagine about people and life in general and the cold reality of situations has come into focus and some big adjustments have had to be made. Saturn tries to structure and Neptune defies being structured. At the same time there is an opportunity with this opposition to set up new structures for life on more realistic foundations. Saturn and Neptune together, regardless of the aspect, are about giving form to one's visions or dreams.

    The Moon is the apex of a yod with the Venus/Chiron sextile at the base. What is highlighted in the yod is the need for emotional security, but since this is a lunar, South Node eclipse, such security may seem fleeting at the moment. If one is willing to be open to new connections with others, healing in an emotional context can come and some brilliant things can appear from the eclipse. If emotions are wasted upon trying to stick with old patterns then the yod will work against a person and strong, compulsive patterns will come to the surface for reckoning. Other than that, there are no other significant aspects to cover other than the Mercury sextile to Pluto which will greatly aid in communications after Mercury goes direct on the 7th. On the whole, then, we will need to wait and see what we have in the middle of March after the dust has settled from all the changes taking place due to this eclipse and the Moon Wobble.

    This has been an interesting letter to write, meaning the experience of it. A week ago in my mind I thought it should go out, but every time I would sit down to write it there was no inspiration and I would often have to lay down and sleep. What we think as far as schedules and traditions is sometimes not the best approach. Sometimes events conspire to give us just what we need—not necessarily what we want. This has happened with me a couple of times in the course of writing these letters. Perhaps it is Pisces escapism for this one. Perhaps it is my own higher Self taking me out of body because I have had to delay sending them at other times. One thing that has come clear to me this week is that there are forces afoot that are not giving people answers right now until the last minute. Uranus is like that. We don't know what will happen when Uranus is active until it happens. Whatever the case, now I have been able to complete it and we will see what comes of what has been outlined in the preceding paragraphs.

    Infinitely Old, yet Forever Evolving

    I was out for a walk a while ago and I was taking in the night sky. Late-night walks are common for me. The stars beckon at such times when sleep is not always a constant thing. Sleep has been difficult for many people of late. The Moon is full now and I was immediately struck by something that has been elusive of late as I looked at my constant and eternal muse—stillness. Calmness is perhaps a better term. There is something about this full moon, regardless of Uranus being Lord over it that carries a quality of calmness. Is it the 'calm before the storm'? I think not. It is more a calmness borne of being in the right frame of mind—of knowing that one is on the right path and that life will work out as it needs to be. That calmness and stillness is what comes over us when we have found the right path. That state of being is how the higher Self or Soul is at all times. It is eternal, ageless, infinitely old, yet forever evolving. Though outer life may roar away around us, the Soul is ever the silent and constant Watcher and Guide in life. When we enter that calmness and silence, we know.

    As we look at what lies ahead for us, then, do we feel calm or do we feel the roar of a life that keeps going around the same track and never resolves? Do we feel a need to escape from what confronts us or do we move with surety and calmness into a future that we know is correct? There is no winning or losing in life. There is only a path to follow that takes us to our proper destination. As is always the case at key times in life, all we need do is to take enough time to sit in silence and commune with the highest to which we can attain within. The answers always come. May it be so with you all. Life is a festival of the Soul, at least it should be. May this solar festival give us all cause for celebration and a much brighter future, no matter how it might seem in the immediate moment.

    Blessings, everyone!
    4 Mar 2007

    This concludes the article.

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    Yin Yang Malvin Artley is an accredited member of the American Federation of Astrologers. His primary focus over the past 25 years has been on the sciences as they express occultism and with bridging work between the two. His special interests in those fields are the human subtle energy system and all the chakras, or energy centres, physics and technology, astronomy and all aspects of Chinese occultism.
    He sends out periodic emails about astrological happenings and developments. These letters are sent out as a gift and a service. If you wish to be added to or deleted from the mailing list please let me know. If you feel inspired to pass them on please do so, but do so without alteration or charge. They are sent to people of many persuasions, not just astrologers. Blessings. Click here to subscribe to Malvin's periodic letters.

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