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    by Rob Tillett

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    Gemini Gemini Daily Forecast for June 2023
    (If you know your rising sign, read that too, for a balanced forecast. Go to Forecasts)

    Daily forecasts for June 2023 written by Rob Tillett.
    Click here for Moonbeam's Month in Brief.

    Go to TopFri Jun 1: Buzz Buzz
    You have so many things buzzing around inside your head that it's virtually impossible to keep track of them all. Do yourself a favor and try to work through things in their order of priority, otherwise you'll get really irritated with the way they spiral out of control. Don't get your wires crossed, as good news is coming later in the day, with either a financial or a romantic flavor. Prosperous colors are amethyst and peach. Lucky numbers are 35 and 1.
    Go to TopSat Jun 2: Warm Hearted Gemini
    You're in a warm-hearted and generous mood today, especially when dealing with loved ones and members of the family. You want to give them as much of your time as possible, and also to do anything else that will keep them happy. The only snag will come if you're trying to spread yourself too thin and you end up making promises that will be difficult, if not impossible, to keep. You may forget all about them but other people won't. Creative colors are olive and ochre. Lucky numbers are 4 and 78.
    Go to TopSun Jun 3: Lateral Thinking
    Do a little lateral thinking today and it will work wonders. Don't feel hidebound because you're supposed to do things in a certain way, because this is a great opportunity to try a different approach for a change. Even so, you may have to play down your unorthodox opinions when talking to anyone who sticks rigidly to convention. Liberating colors are ivory and burnished copper. Lucky numbers are 5 and 58.
    Go to TopMon Jun 4: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
    It's a red letter day for relationships under the Lunar Eclipse, because you're facing important, far-reaching changes. Pressure has been building since the Gemini Solar Eclipse on May 20. If you've known for some time that things aren't working out, you're about to reach a crisis point as the present situation can't continue much longer. The New Moon in Gemini on June 19 sees progress, though this eclipse cycle will have a far-reaching effect. You may have to be cruel to be kind, or more forceful, in order to get your point across, but do you have any viable alternative? Beneficial colors are salmon and sunflower yellow. Lucky numbers are 26 and 3.
    Go to TopTue Jun 5: Receptive Twins
    Youre receptive to all sorts of ideas and influences today, so enjoy opening your mind to some of the many wonders that the world has to offer. You could be enthralled by a spiritual or religious topic or belief, or become engrossed in ways to make the world a better place. Dont underestimate what happens to you now because it will have a powerful effect on you if you let it. Auspicious colors are russet and sepia. Lucky numbers are 27 and 31.
    Go to TopWed Jun 6: Soapbox
    This is a great day for talking about ideas that occurred to you yesterday, but choose your audience carefully; you don't want to chat to anyone who will pour cold water on them or make you feel like an idiot. You also don't want to get on your soapbox and feel that you must convert everyone you encounter, because it won't go down well. Favourable colors are laurel and magenta. Lucky numbers are 31 and 7.
    Go to TopThu Jun 7: Let Your Mind Wander
    Enjoy letting your mind wander in exciting directions. You can't live another moment without buying a book on your chosen new subject, or you might want to enroll in an evening class that will teach you more about it. Paper work, writing, meetings, and discussions involve finances. Transacting business, increasing income, conserving monetary assets, monitoring expenditures, and comparison shopping are on your agenda. The prospect of travel is also very appealing now, so how about it? Stimulating colors are tan and navy. Lucky numbers are 22 and 68.
    Go to TopFri Jun 8: Charm And Tact
    You're blessed with charm and tact today, as Venus smiling in your sign makes you a force to be reckoned with. In fact, if you're trying to sweet-talk someone into submission you should be carrying a government health warning, because it will be almost impossible for anyone to resist, and they might even find you seriously addictive. Sounds fun! Soothing colors are lilac and peach. Lucky numbers are 12 and 38.
    Go to TopSat Jun 9: New Directions
    If you feel like branching out in new directions today you won't like it if anyone tries to restrict you or make you toe the line. It's time to make your own decisions and follow your instincts. Some of your ideas may seem outrageous or highly controversial, yet you'll still want to pursue them, so prepare for some opposition. Dynamic colors are sapphire blue and emerald green. Lucky numbers are 32 and 2.
    Go to TopSun Jun 10: Think Big
    Are you thinking big today? Oooh. So exciting. All sorts of possibilities are open to you and the last thing you want is to feel blocked. If you're currently facing obstacles or problems, do your utmost to find a way round them. Be sure to keep at least one foot on the ground, otherwise you could get embroiled in projects that are so unrealistic they'll simply turn out to be a waste of your time. Positive colors are burnished gold and nutmeg. Lucky numbers are 28 and 41.
    Go to TopMon Jun 11: Metamorphosis
    It's a superb time for Gemini! Fortunate Jupiter moves into your sign, emphasizing your uniqueness as an individual, your appearance, and the glittering facets of your personality. There's no need to overdo it in coming times: people will be impressed whether or not you make the grand gesture. Fortunate colors are ultramarine and pumpkin. Lucky numbers are 1 and 10.
    Go to TopTue Jun 12: Push And Pull
    What a strange month it's turning out to be, because you're feeling pulled in two directions. On the one hand you're grappling with powerful emotions about some of your relationships, and on the other your mind is expanding in some very exciting directions. This is a day for taking refuge in the bigger picture and in finding sense in what's happening to you right now.. Favorable colors are cream and chocolate. Lucky numbers are 40 and 13.
    Go to TopWed Jun 13: Write It Down
    Discussions and conversations are generally silky smooth today, because while you're eager to put across your ideas you also want to hear what other people think. Friends and associates will help you with your dreams. Find some time for yourself and either put your thoughts down on paper or read an inspirational book that will help you to gain some insight into the experiences you're going through at the moment. Liberating colors are mother of pearl and charcoal grey. Lucky numbers are 1 and 66.
    Go to TopThu Jun 14: Nuts And Bolts
    This is a good day for getting down to the nuts and bolts of your life, Gem. For instance, you might want to check your bank statement and make sure it's in order, or chase up some other financial arrangement in case it's hit a snag. If you're shopping, you'll find some bargains as you're definitely not in the mood to squander your hard-earned cash. Auspicious colors are ruby red and smoky quartz. Lucky numbers are 24 and 35.
    Go to TopFri Jun 15: Diplomacy
    There are times when it's best to maintain a diplomatic silence and times when you need to speak up, and today you definitely need to say what you think. However, be sure you know what you're getting into. Don't provoke a bout of verbal fisticuffs and then wonder what you've done to deserve the tongue-lashing. You'll be getting as good as you give, so be careful. Uplifting colors are lemon and burgundy. Lucky numbers are 25 and 48.
    Go to TopSat Jun 16: Talk About It
    The best way to deal with everything that you're going through is to talk about it, Gem. There is so much you need to get off your chest that you probably won't know where to start. But do you know when to finish? There's no need to talk the hind legs off several donkeys, so change the conversation if you see someone's eyes starting to glaze over. Auspicious colors are tangerine and scarlet. Lucky numbers are 3 and 60.
    Go to TopSun Jun 17: Time For Fun
    Hey, the Moon's in your sign so it's time for fun! It's your year now, so be yourself and shine! Today is a very fortunate day for you, especially if born early in Gem, so take advantage of the blessings that the cosmos is just dying to shower on you. Break with tradition and try a new slant on life. Liberating colors are dark red and turquoise. Lucky numbers are 29 and 50.
    Go to TopMon Jun 18: Relief Has Arrived
    Let's face it Gemini, you need some light relief and luckily, it's just arrived. This is a wonderful day for revelling in home comforts or in anything that makes you feel warm and cosy. You might want to eat the entire contents of your fridge or cake tin, or go out for a calorie- laden meal, but that feels like the right move if it helps to soothe that edgy feeling. Some people are just too picky. Ideal colors are crimson and coffee. Lucky numbers are 34 and 50.
    Go to TopTue Jun 19: New Moon
    Treat today's New Moon as the start of your personal new year, Gemini! This rare second New Moon in Gemini brings the opportunity to embark on a fresh chapter in your life. The world is your oyster right now, even if it doesn't feel that way, so be brave and rise to the challenge of initiating new experiences and encounters that will lead on to better things. If you need to boost your self-confidence, consider giving yourself a makeover so you'll know you're looking your best. Favourable colors are snow white and peacock blue. Lucky numbers are 4 and 69.
    Go to TopWed Jun 20: Coiled Spring
    Some people will fight like a tiger for what they believe in today, and you could be astonished by the vehemence of their reactions if they start to feel vulnerable. Of course, you may be the person who's so ready to spring to your own defense, in which case you should try not to overreact or set up a situation in which someone feels the need to retaliate. Inspirational colors are aubergine and tangerine. Lucky numbers are 12 and 36.
    Go to TopThu Jun 21: Restructuring
    Having enjoyed the cosmic focus on Gemini for the past month, as the Sun slips into the waters of Cancer at the Solstice it's time for concentrating on your values and priorities in life. You need to restructure these or give them more importance than they've enjoyed in the past. This is not something to be taken lightly, especially if right now you need every ounce of comfort you can find. So focus on activities and people that make you feel good about yourself. Beneficial colors are aqua and apricot. Lucky numbers are 2 and 8.
    Go to TopFri Jun 22: Clever Gemini
    This is a great day for reminding everyone how clever and innovative you can be in the right circumstances. It's exhilarating! Show a new side to yourself and hatch up some brilliant schemes. You're at your best when thinking about how to push ahead with your career and long-term plans. Why not plan to make your money go further? Fortunate colors are avocado and mustard yellow. Lucky numbers are 20 and 8.
    Go to TopSat Jun 23: Busy Bee
    The next few weeks are going to keep you busy, Gem, as Ceres joins the other celestials in your sign. Never a dull moment. This is just what the doctor ordered if you're currently wondering what to do with yourself or you're trying to fill a gap in your life. Local events and neighborhood activities will occupy a prominent place in your diary today. Advantageous colors are silvery purple and walnut brown. Lucky numbers are 14 and 13.
    Go to TopSun Jun 24: A Battle Of Wills
    Some people are very persuasive and stubborn today, determined to get their own way come what may. Your best bet is to let them get on with it all by themselves, and to leave them alone until they've come to their senses again. Don't get drawn into a battle of wills, because it will be emotionally exhausting and you won't get anywhere. Stabilizing colors are onyx and silver. Lucky numbers are 29 and 47.
    Go to TopMon Jun 25: Thinking Caps On
    Do you want to swell the coffers in some way? Then put on your thinking cap today and you'll come up with some good ideas. If you're currently involved in a property deal or home improvement plan, this is a great day for taking another look at your budget and making sure it's still viable. However, you must resist the temptation to borrow more money if you know you really can't afford it. Ideal colors are grapefruit and copper. Lucky numbers are 6 and 28.
    Go to TopTue Jun 26: Busy Busy Busy
    Mercury, your life-ruler, changes sign today to lovely Leo, the lively Lion. Your attention turns to such concerns as cars and other vehicles, computers, or mechanical and electrical equipment for home or office. It's busy, busy, busy, and your phone is running hot. There's much more correspondence and running around than usual. Get creative! Beneficial colors are jade and amber. Lucky numbers are 2 and 3.
    Go to TopWed Jun 27: Venus at the Station
    With the emotional Moon in your fifth house of pleasure dancing with luscious Venus in your sign, you may be too sexy for your car, too sexy for your job, too sexy for your shirt... but later in the day the water gets rougher. Sensual Venus turns direct in Gemini, increasing your personal magnetism, but restructuring your sense of yourself in coming weeks. Moths will be drawn to your flame. It's time to make your plans. Soothing colors are amber and ivory. Lucky numbers are 1 and 5.
    Go to TopThu Jun 28: A Different Side
    You're longing to show a new side to your character today, so what do you have in mind? If you're usually worried about playing a part, living up to your reputation or setting a good example, you'll want to put all that to one side for the time being and just do what comes naturally. The more straitlaced you usually are, the more liberating this will feel. Maybe you should do it more often... Creative colors are lime and gold. Lucky numbers are 16 and 62.
    Go to TopFri Jun 29: Hidden Depths
    This is an excellent day for making a big effort to get on well with colleagues and people you meet in the course of your work. So instead of feeling your heart sink when you have to talk to the resident bore, do your best to make everyone's life sparkle. You'll be astonished when you succeed, yet delighted to find that this person has hidden depths. You may not want to plumb them very often, but it's good to know that they're there. Opportune colors are pale grey and daffodil yellow. Lucky numbers are 4 and 75.
    Go to TopSat Jun 30: Zest And Vitality
    Put zest and energy into the day's activities, especially if they involve rushing around from one place to another, or keeping up with your partner. Enjoy being busy and productive; you'll be amazed at how much you manage to get done. In fact, whenever the pace slackens you'll start to feel restless and bored, wondering what you can do next. Auspicious colors are spearmint and navy. Lucky numbers are 9 and 17.
    More Daily Forecasts on line soon!
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