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    God's Firmament: Part 1 | Part 2 | Aches to Quakes | Yakutia Mystery | Hurricane Katrina

    The Twilight Zone:
    God's Firmament & the Earthquake  [part one]
    True Secrets Will Rock Science

    Nicola Tesla (10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943), the scientist who discovered Alternating Current, understood the ether and had time to investigate its effects in our world. Modern-day scientists are rediscovering what Tesla understood. The staggering amount of energy in the ether has scientists in awe. The interactive energy of the ether is known today as “Zero Point Energy” or ZPE. Larry A. Park, a senior computer engineer and holder of patents for earthquake prediction, explains how modern science has taken a wrong turn on the ether.

    Science took a wrong turn in 1887

    Science had taken a wrong turn in 1887, when Albert A. Michelson and Edward W. Morley conducted a famous experiment, called the Michelson-Morley Experiment. This wrong turn formed an errant foundation our current physics and science rests upon, starting from Albert Einstein (Einstein’s Postulates & special theory of relativity) to modern day electromagnetic theory. This wrong turn will rock science to its foundation when realized. It will shatter theories and rewrite a century of books. Among the most devastating will be a crumbling of modern astrophysical theory on formation of our universe (big bang, age of, redshift, and more). Yet, an early scientist was acutely aware of this errant path, but considered it a blessing. Why? A quote:

    “I am even grateful to Einstein and others, because through their erroneous theories they lead mankind away from that dangerous path I followed.”

    Who is this scientist? It was Nikola Tesla, inventor of our current AC electrical power system. What does this have to do with earthquakes? This wrong turn has kept science from understanding a power which permeates our universe and is the power inside an earthquake. But this power is the fear Tesla expressed in ‘dangerous path’. It is a fear that mankind will develop this power for the harm of mankind, rather than for the benefit of mankind.

    This article is a bit lengthy and a little technical at times; please bear with me, there are a number of points to assemble here. But they are touched upon briefly.

    Earthquakes are predictable

    Now is the time where science needs to correct this wrong turn. Why? Too many people are suffering the tragedy of earthquakes in the world. These deaths may be averted. How? The earthquake energy starts hours to days before the ground shakes and is reliably detectable to give warning. Tesla accidentally stumbled across this effect in a resonance experiment, yet everyone has misinterpreted the real physics of what actually happened since today’s science or understanding is based on this wrong turn. Earthquakes are predictable. Technology exists now that proves this and the real physics behind the earthquake. More on this further in article.

    Science built foundation on ‘sand’

    Before explanation, let me state that a good part of science is based on proper observations and theory. Science assumes a solid foundation, such as an analogy of ‘built upon rock’. However, if ‘built upon sand’ the foundation will shift and everything above could come crashing down. Already today, astrophysicists are searching for ‘missing mass’ in our universe, referred to as ‘dark matter’ as theories are having difficulty in explaining our universe and its formation.

    New Hubble space telescope discoveries have led to viewing galaxies far distant and beyond original land-based telescope observations. This causes problems for light ‘red shift’ and original expanding universe theory (i.e. galaxy speeding away faster than light – how can we view its light if so?). The Standard Model of particle physics has some serious problems – it cannot explain the ‘dark energy’ or ‘dark matter’ that astrophysicists are looking for. Theories are continually modified to account for a ‘shifting’ foundation. A foundation error can ripple throughout science.

    Nicola Tesla
    Nicola Tesla
    Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein
    ‘You are wrong, Mr. Einstein – ether does exist!’

    Pretty powerful words. Again purportedly from Nikola Tesla’s discovered manuscripts. It continues:

    “They say much about the Einstein’s theory now. According to Einstein the ether does not exist and many people agree with him. But it is a mistake in my opinion. Ether’s opponents refer to the experiments of Maykelson-Morli [Michelson-Morley] who made attempts to detect the Earth’s movement relative to the fixed-bed ether. These experiments failed, however it didn’t mean the ether’s non-existence. I always based as fact the existence of mechanical ether in my works and therefore I could achieve positive success.”

    – Nikola Tesla
    [transcribed manuscript found in old fire-helmet as small manuscript book used as lining]

    Tesla knew of the existence of ‘ether’ or a ‘medium’ which the Michelson-Morley experiment tested to determine its existence, as Tesla developed technology that interacted with the ether. The Michelson-Morley experiment didn’t take into account a ‘swirling’ of the ether matching the earth’s rotation. Einstein thus formed his famous Special Theory of Relativity based on this erroneous indication of ether’s non-existence. Tesla continues:

    “What is the ether and why is it so difficult to detect it? I reflected on this matter for a seriously long time and here are the outcomes I have been led to: I think that all the contradictions about whether the ether exists or not are the result of wrong interpretation of ether’s properties. The ether has always been presented as an śroform environment [gaseous]. That was the essential mistake. The ether has a very strong density. It is known that the more dense a substance, the higher is the speed of wave propagation within it. When comparing acoustic speed in the air and the light speed, I have drawn a conclusion that ether density is several thousand times higher than air density. It is not the ether that is śroform [gaseous], but the material world is an śroform to the ether!”

    – Nikola Tesla

    In other words, ether is a medium that permeates our entire universe – but we don’t see it like we see and feel objects in our world. Yet this ether is intensely linked to every atom in existence. An analogy is that ether exists as an intimate shadow to us and our world, but it is not directly observable. This intimate shadow is far denser than atoms in our world. This intimate shadow exists even in empty regions of space. It exists everywhere in our universe.

    Is “Ether” God’s Firmament?

    Some think of it as a ‘firmament’ that our universe exists within. Tesla continues:

    “A good example for such an interaction becomes apparent in gravitation, which should rather be named, universal compression. I think the material bodies do not gravitate between each other but it is the ether that makes one material body to press to another.”

    “We wrongly call this phenomenon gravitation.”

    “We can also feel ether’s reaction when sudden acceleration or braking.”

    “The stars, planets and all the universe appeared from the ether when some part of it, due to certain reasons, became less dense.”

    “It can be compared with formation of blebs [air bubbles] in boiling water, although such a comparison is only rough. The ether tries to return itself to its initial state by compressing our world, but intrinsic electric charge within material, the world substance, obstructs this. It is similar to that when the water compresses blebs [air bubbles] filled with hot water steam. Until the steam does get cold, the water is unable to compress the bleb. With time, having lost the intrinsic electric charge, our world will be compressed with the ether and is going to turn into ether.”

    “Having come out of the ether once – so it will go back into the ether.”

    – Nikola Tesla

    Certainly, Tesla had a much different viewpoint than current scientific theory has today on matter formation. But Tesla was intimate with understanding of this ‘medium’ of ether and had time to investigate its effects in our world. His working understanding of ether led him to uniquely insightful realizations.

    Zero Point Energy

    Other modern-day scientists are rediscovering what Tesla understood. The staggering amount of energy in this ‘ether’ has scientists in awe. So much so that they speak of God. The interactive energy of the ether is known to science today as “Zero Point Energy” or ZPE.


    Question: I have been reading your article about Zero Point Energy, and I am fascinated by it. I was hoping you could elaborate on how in on cubic centimeter it contains more energy than all stars and space, that really baffles me.”

    Setterfield: Thank you for the question. It lets me know there have been some misunderstandings, and I am happy for a chance to clear them up.”

    “The Zero Point Energy (ZPE) is indeed pervasive throughout the whole volume of space. Each cubic centimeter has the same amount of ZPE. It is an extremely large amount, but not quite as large as you seem to have been led to believe. Certainly, each cc [cubic centimeter] contains more energy than expended by all the stars in OUR GALAXY in a million years, but this is a ‘few degrees’ less than all the stars in space! How is this possible?

    “Think about a rubber band. Stretch it. Stretch it more. Until it is almost ready to break. You have just invested it with quite a bit of energy – all contained in that little bit of rubber.”

    “In the Bible, we read twelve times that God says He stretched the heavens. If this verb is correct, and I believe it is, then the entire fabric of space has been invested with energy past our ability to even imagine it. This is why each cc of space has such an enormous amount of energy in it. We cannot feel it because it is all around us and in us equally – and, besides, we’re used to it! But it is there. The pressure of our atmosphere gives a good picture. You cannot feel fourteen pounds per square inch of pressure on your skin, but it is there. On the other hand, if that pressure were suddenly (or even slowly) released, you would literally explode. The same with the ZPE.”

    “I hope this helps. The energy itself is from God – from his action in stretching out the heavens.”

    Zero Point Energy in our universe becomes a mind-boggling thought. For a cube about 1/3 an inch square is contained more energy than expended by ALL of the stars in OUR GALAXY in a million years!

    In part two of this article, Larry Park continues his discussion of Zero Point Energy and how scalar waves can affect the environment, enabling the prediction of earthquakes, among other things.

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    God's Firmament: Part 1 | Part 2 | Aches to Quakes | Yakutia Mystery | Hurricane Katrina

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