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    Reubens painting of Castor and Pollux - click for moreCastor and Pollux Abducting the Daughters of Leucippus, by Peter Paul Reubens

    June Boys
    so in love with Gemini...

    Leading astrologer Sue Hopper, a dreamy Pisces with the iron will of a Mars in Aries, describes her experiences with the glorious sign of the Twins. Castor and Pollux were heroes in ancient times and it is said that they were sons of Jupiter. Since Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces, perhaps it's appropriate that Gemini and Pisces should cross swords in this delightful article, as Jupiter moves into Taurus and Neptune, the new age planetary ruler of Pisces enters the sign of the Fishes, just as Mercury speeds through Gemini in the wake of a Gemini solar eclipse!

    I don't recall the exact moment when it dawned on me that the majority of guys I have fallen for have been born in the month of June. Perhaps it was when I found myself having a relationship with a man who actually shared the same birthday as a previous lover – June 10th.

    It took a conscious effort on my part to keep from calling the new boyfriend by the old flame's name, but it didn't help matters that both their names began with the letter "R". Of course, the more you try not to say something the more it tends to hang at the tip of your tongue, waiting to trip you up at the most inopportune moments. Inevitably I would stumble and say "Oh, whatever your name is!" in a effort to shrug off my faux pas. Needless to say, we remain friends but the love affair was probably doomed from the start.

    Gemini men should be off-limits...

    As a Pisces female, I've always known that Gemini men should be off limits to sensitive hearts like mine. Oh, I've read every book on the matter and know full well that it is an attraction that, more often than not, leads to tears and heartache.

    Yet over and over again, since I was old enough to bat my eyelashes, it has been flighty Mercury boys who attract my attention. I've thought perhaps it might be because my maternal grandfather was born under the sign of the Twins, causing me to unconsciously play out some kind of unresolved issues that my own Pisces mother had with her father. After all, we tend to repeat the relationships we see modelled by the parental figures in our lives.

    If that is the case, I've resolved it in the same way my mother did: by marrying a Capricorn man. The equivalent of a cosmic about-face, there is nothing like a strong dose of Saturn to cure you from an addiction to Mercury. Oh, there are days that I miss lazy afternoons spent doing crossword puzzles together in pen, but more often than not I'm glad to be married to a man who considers Responsible to be his middle name.

    Deepest Attractions

    Perhaps our deepest attractions are celestially hard wired in ways we have yet to understand. In 1998, I found myself unexpectedly pregnant with my third child. It seemed like a bolt out of the blue, except for the fact that transiting Uranus was in the process of conjoining my fifth house natal Mercury and Venus.

    It was almost as if the Universe was opening a door for me – like it or not – because the cosmic clock was ticking. Birth control methods are useless when Uranus has his way, and I suddenly found myself about to do something I never expected to do again: bring someone else into this troubled world.

    Cosmic Coincidence??

    When the doctor announced the expected due date of my son to be somewhere around June 10th, I had to laugh at myself. If I couldn't make a relationship with a Gemini work, then I would just give birth to one! You might even call it the ultimate do-it-yourself project. This time, not only have I been swept off my feet by a Gemini male, I have also been given the opportunity to enjoy the sweet dance between the Fish and the Twins without the pitfalls of romance.

    True to form, my Gemini son will hang perched on my knee, unable to decide whether to climb in my lap for a cuddle or to scurry off to play with his toys. I've learned enough about the Gemini archetype to simply relax and enjoy the ride. Who knows... with a Capricorn father and a natal tenth house Saturn, the little guy could turn out to be the best of both worlds for some lucky Neptune girl one day... he already has his Pisces Rising sister wrapped around his little finger, so he will have plenty of practice.

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