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    Leo the Lion, by Boris Vallejo
    Leo the Lion, by Boris Vallejo

    Leo. Star Quality!
    an eternal flame that grows stronger with time...

    Astrologer Sue Hopper has had a close relationship with Leo all of her life. Even though she's a Pisces, she is drawn to their loyal and loving natures – and their proud star quality! Her first crush was on Robert Plant, a Leo if ever there was one. However, conquering the Lion was one of the magnificent Labours of Hercules, so with the Sun now in lordly Leo and Venus there too it's the right time to publish this pean of the Nemean!

    My first star crush was on Leo Robert Plant, lead singer of the legendary rock band Led Zeppelin. Plant is the epitome of leonine talent and sex appeal, able to move from fiercely passionate to tenderly lyrical and back again without missing a beat. Leos are nothing if not intensely passionate about whatever it is that moves them, and they have the charm it takes to generate a large fan base. Take for example Madonna, Mick Jagger, Dustin Hoffman, Robert Redford, Daniel Radcliffe, Hugo Chavez, Bill Clinton, and current President Barack Obama… the one thing they all have in common is that they were born when the Sun was in the sign of Leo.

    Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin
    Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin

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    Leo's star quality is obvious, but what about everyday Leos? The truth is there are no run-of-the-mill, average Leos… you just haven't yet discovered their talents yet. That beautiful music you hear coming from down the street? Your shy neighbor is a gifted pianist who could make your heart break when she plays music she's composed, but you'll never know it if she's an introverted Leo. Not every Leo longs for the spotlight, but I've yet to meet a Leo that didn't deserve recognition.

    Take for example my tall, green-eyed friend who sports a mane of strawberry blonde curls. With her regal form and flair for fashion, she turns heads wherever she goes. The woman is drop-dead gorgeous. She has the unmistakable presence of royalty, but she chooses to use her Sun-given powers to serve the community. In the ten years I have known her, she has worked tirelessly as a school volunteer, organizing golf tournaments to raise money and tutoring students who need extra help in reading. She doesn't do it for the recognition; she does it because she has an enormous heart of gold, something found only in the most evolved Leo-born.

    Leos are also among the most loyal friends in the zodiac. Born on the last day in July, my oldest friend has been in my life since I was 11 years old. Our friendship was born out of a moment of compassion she had for me… I had just experienced a broken bottle of Love's Lemon Fresh perfume in my purse at school and she rushed to help me clean out the citrus scented bomb in the girl's restroom. We have shared nearly all of life's milestones, from childbirth to divorce, remarriage, and now our children getting married and having children of their own. We can go months without seeing each other but are always in each other's hearts… another one of Leo's gifts. It is as though there is an eternal flame within them that grows stronger with time, and an innate understanding of the nature of love.

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    The key to understanding the Leos in your life is to know what house their Leo Sun is placed in. That house placement is given extra energy from the Sun and should be studied carefully for insight into the individual's nature. My volunteer friend has hers in the tenth house of career harmonizing with her moon in the sixth house of service, and that is where she shines—serving others and making them feel right at home. She's a leader with a heart for helping. A fantastic hostess, she's an extravert who enjoys being with people. But then there is my Leo daughter, born with her Sun in the eighth house. She's not a 'people person' and needs to spend a lot of time alone, in her own thoughts. But through these deep thoughts of hers, she's figured out what she wants to do in life: be a critical care nurse, which is right up the eighth house alley. What better way for an introverted but caring Leo to focus her energy—helping others in their moment of greatest need. I have no doubt she will save many lives, and she won't have to waste any energy on small talk while she's doing it.

    To understand Leo is to know that they need to channel that immense solar powered energy into something meaningful and authentic to their being… they are happiest when working at being their glorious selves, and we are the happy beneficiaries of their many talents and generosity. If you have a Leo in your life, be sure to give him the recognition he needs but might not ask for. It's the little things that warm their hearts… an anniversary remembered, a favor noticed. Let her know she is appreciated for what she contributes in her own unique way, and you can be assured she will continue to give world-class performances, whether it is on the stage or behind it!

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