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    by Rob Tillett

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    Libra Libra Daily Forecast for April 2024
    (If you know your rising sign, read that too, for a balanced forecast. Go to Forecasts)

    Daily forecasts for April 2024 written by Rob Tillett.
    Click here for Moonbeam's Month in Brief.

    Go to TopSun Apr 1: April Fool
    You're in fine form today, Libra - you can plan and carry out an excellent practical joke. Family or loved ones will be involved. Otherwise, the focus is on finance and personal spending at first but, by evening time, you're in a mood for food and a little indulgence. Enjoy your favourite flavors or tastes. Enjoy a little luxury if you can get a 'lie in' or a bit of pampering. Read more on the April Fool! Positive colors are avocado and mango. Lucky numbers are 1 and 52.
    Go to TopMon Apr 2: Characteristically Tolerant
    Although you are characteristically tolerant of others, Libra, today you need the freedom to do what suits you. You love your friends, but today you seem to be making provocative statements just to stir up the atmosphere and test their reaction. Don't let anything distract you from the essentials. It may not be passionate or very exciting but you will accomplish a modest amount. Fortunate colors are green jade and old leather. Lucky numbers are 7 and 11.
    Go to TopTue Apr 3: New Energy
    As Venus heads into your ninth house, higher education, religion, politics and cultural pursuits take on a more social atmosphere this month. Romance, marriage, or any cooperative venture involving a foreign country or someone of another culture or race is stimulated. Issues connected with a second marriage, or a court decision may also arise. A new sense of energy will emerge in your domestic circumstances too. Resist the urge for name-dropping! Fortunate colors are hyacinth and antique silver. Lucky numbers are 9 and 27.
    Go to TopWed Apr 4: Lame Ducks
    This is not a good day to push yourself too hard, dear Libra. Find time for quiet reflection, and try to be as helpful as you can to other people. Your hunches will be good and your intuitions strong, so trust them. If you have a head full of romantic daydreams and fantasies, watch you don't attract lame ducks who are looking for a saviour. You could end up feeling rather discontented, if you are not careful. Restorative colors are fire engine red and deep purple. Lucky numbers are 10 and 11.
    Go to TopThu Apr 5: Gentle Persuasion
    With the Moon in yours sign this Easter, you long to expand your life and get away from routines. Trim back your high hopes and go one step at a time to get things done really well. Your mind is more active than usual and you are curious to learn more about almost everything. Anyone who disagrees with you will have a fight on their hands! Remember that gentle persuasion often works better than brute force. Beneficial colors are warm hessonite and spring green. Lucky numbers are 5 and 10.
    Go to TopFri Apr 6: Let The Dust Settle
    To be independent, or to cooperate? With the Full Moon in your sign, you can't quite make up your mind for the best. You're unwilling to make the compromises being demanded by someone close, but you are unsure whether you wish to cast yourself adrift just yet. Let the dust settle before committing yourself in any direction. Look for reassuring buddies who'll give you support and let you be free at the same time. Read more on Easter. Favorable colors are red coral and amethyst. Lucky numbers are 1 and 7.
    Go to TopSat Apr 7: Inspiration And Strength
    Sort your priorities, Libra, and decide what really is of value to you. With the Moon in Scorpio you might be tempted to think that only money matters, but there are other things that hold every bit as much interest for you and can lift your spirits when you are feeling low. Hidden sources of inspiration and strength you never knew you possessed will help you through the stress and strains. Calming colors are rye bread and burnished bronze. Lucky numbers are 56 and 63.
    Go to TopSun Apr 8: Spiritual Life
    Would you like your social life to take on a more adventurous hue? Share new experiences with loved ones... They can expand your view of life and teach you a great deal. Allow your inventive ideas to take you down new paths. Balancing the books is a preoccupation but, with Venus in Gemini, you might also be blessed with spiritual light today. Fortunate colors are aqua and garnet. Lucky numbers are 12 and 13.
    Go to TopMon Apr 9: Room To Breathe
    Cosmic influences are not too good for possessive relationships, or relationships where you want to keep everything still and stable. Things fare better if you open up a little. Get rid of suffocating restrictions; give yourself and your partner room to breathe. You are feeling creative, so try reading good books, or even writing them. Romantic fiction or self-improvement books will suit you best. Mellow colors are sepia and mahogany. Lucky numbers are 12 and 9.
    Go to TopTue Apr 10: Lighten Up
    You have a real passion for questioning and searching, dear Libra, but don't be too self-righteous in discussions. Sometimes it's not so much what you say as the way you say it, so lighten up and be less intense. Your emotions may be getting in the way of reason. If you carry on and on about trivia, people may not follow your drift. Beneficial colors are hibiscus and grey. Lucky numbers are 11 and 45.
    Go to TopWed Apr 11: Very Persuasive
    This can be a time of powerful experiences. You are very persuasive, exerting a subtle pressure to move companions to your way of thinking. You have right on your side, as well as good strategy. Ask for what you need, but be prepared to compromise as well. Find reliable mates to lean on. Auspicious colors are strawberry and butterscotch. Lucky numbers are 1 and 20.
    Go to TopThu Apr 12: Fairer Deals
    You need to get to the bottom of financial matters, so be ready to dig in your heels until certain people come clean. It's a time for negotiation and for fairer deals all round. Sit down and talk through money matters with close partners, as everyone has to be clear what the agreements are. Superficial answers will not do. Keep investigating until you find the answers. Advantageous colors are honeycomb and buttercup. Lucky numbers are 53 and 78.
    Go to TopFri Apr 13: Be Creative
    The planets are prompting you to be charitable and selfless, so when the mood is there, why not? Your energy is not limitless but you can work out a way of being helpful without doing anything too physically strenuous. Emotional muddles are difficult to clear up and you could find loved ones evasive. After all, it's Friday 13. On the bright side your air of mystery will attract romantic admirers. Be creative rather than practical. Check out Friday 13th! Romantic colors are carmine and amethyst. Lucky numbers are 9 and 7.
    Go to TopSat Apr 14: Socially Charming
    You need to do one or two things in a more sensible way, but as Mars stations in your twelfth house of secrets, perhaps you need someone more hard-headed than you are. Make sure you've got the right people around to give a bit of a nudge in the right direction. Socially charming and more light-hearted as Venus receives a beautiful aspect from the Moon, it's time to mix with a wider range of people and explore new leisure activities. Read more on Mars retrograde! Practical colors are bubblegum and indigo. Lucky numbers are 6 and 10.
    Go to TopSun Apr 15: Polish Your Halo
    Put aside your own needs and make sure everyone is getting what they want. With Saturn under the gun in your sign you don't really have much choice, do you? Just polish your halo and console yourself with the thought that you will get your rewards soon enough. You might be tempted to overindulge and expand a little. A stroke of luck is in the stars later in the day. Favorable colors are marigold and charcoal. Lucky numbers are 5 and 9.
    Go to TopMon Apr 16: Keep Your Sense Of Humor!
    As Mercury heads into Aries, lawyers and legal matters, debates, contract negotiations, partnership or other alliances, and joint ventures take the focus. This is not the time to be frivolous or scattered, so stay on track. Keep your sense of humor handy - you'll need it. Your words carry weight and you'll be respected for the depth of your understanding. Sort out new ways of getting your message across at work and organizing your daily schedules. Positive colors are carmine and rich yellow. Lucky numbers are 7 and 9.
    Go to TopTue Apr 17: Spread Too Thin?
    Get your list of priorities straight before you start the day. Do not expect instant gratification. Satisfaction or success may come, but not immediately nor without some difficulty. Problems or lack of co- operation connected with household tasks, family-related activities, or social events arise, particularly when such events involve entertaining at home. Ideal colors are smoky purple and ash grey. Lucky numbers are 8 and 22.
    Go to TopWed Apr 18: Solid Support
    Whether at home or work, the support of people who can be there for you will be welcome. Seek out the ones you trust in your life and who have really been there for you in the past. Communication with your love is favoured. Legal matters should go well. If you can find ways to channel your energy in constructive directions, then you could achieve a great deal. Fortunate colors are tan and jade. Lucky numbers are 10 and 27.
    Go to TopThu Apr 19: Note of Intrigue
    The changing Moon in your seventh house keeps the spotlight on what you love, dear Libra. With fortunate Venus adding a note of intrigue to your intimate connections, you may just find the perfect romance, or deepen your delight in your significant other. Creativity is high today, so let your wild and crazy ideas flow. Things don't always have to make sense to be beautiful. Allow yourself free rein. Fortunate colors are cobalt blue and russet brown. Lucky numbers are 10 and 17.
    Go to TopFri Apr 20: The Mysteries Of Life
    If you're thinking about the deeper mysteries of life and how you can transform it, stand steady: understand what is going on and how you can make sense of it, then you can scamper back to normality again. Areas of your home-life need your attention too, such as diet, family, your surroundings and how to improve them. Resist any tendency to over-indulge. Suitable colors are terracotta and cream. Lucky numbers are 37 and 5.
    Go to TopSat Apr 21: Something Sweet
    Floating along in the blue, something sweet could happen to you! It's a New Moon in the other Venus-ruled sign (Taurus), so it's a good time to go deep, but be careful not to be misled by seemingly lovely people. You could become disillusioned and disappointed if you discover they don't match up to your fantasies. Do all you can to breathe a little adventure into your off-duty activities. Use some of this energy more creatively! Favorable colors are mauve and kiwifruit. Lucky numbers are 7 and 22.
    Go to TopSun Apr 22: Inner Voice
    With stern Saturn in your sign for many months, you have had to come to terms with your own hidden needs, Libra. Consequently, you now have a better, more empathetic understanding of those who may be struggling. Listen to your instincts because that quiet, inner voice will tell you all you need to know. Favorable colors are honeycomb and dark red. Lucky numbers are 13 and 38.
    Go to TopMon Apr 23: Higher Ambitions
    You are a great crusader for things you believe in, and enthusiastic about broadcasting your ideas to the masses. However, your main drive is to get your life out of a rut and aim for higher ambitions, but don't set yourself up for disappointment by expecting too much. The stars advise you to avoid any kind of confrontation at the moment. Favorable colors are pewter and burgundy. Lucky numbers are 12 and 15.
    Go to TopTue Apr 24: Powerless
    If you feel powerless or helpless regarding a certain situation, don't respond in kind and try to ride roughshod over other people. Instead, find a third way. You have a real inclination towards investigating every situation right down to its roots, and you'll find facts that escape other, more superficial minds. However, even you can sometimes be too negative; don't look on the black side of life. Ideal colors are violet and mango. Lucky numbers are 31 and 52.
    Go to TopWed Apr 25: Be Tolerant
    The influence of the Gemini Moon is always very original and intellectual, but it can make you too honest, if that's possible. You tend to say things too forcefully, and other people don't always take it very kindly. Step back and be more tolerant, a little more light- hearted, and listen to yourself when you speak. Favoured colors are fire engine red and golden honey. Lucky numbers are 17 and 22.
    Go to TopThu Apr 26: Still In Charge
    Your feelings are on public display at the moment. Work is a bit scattered, but you are supportive of your colleagues. Don't overreact and hear slights where none exist. Be there for other people, because you have to be an anchor now. You come across to some as cool and detached, especially where emotional intimacy is demanded, but that's just because you attention is focused elsewhere. Fortunate colors are aquamarine and cinnamon. Lucky numbers are 67 and 17.
    Go to TopFri Apr 27: Dashing Around
    You're dashing around, trying to sort out what people think, and why they feel that way. At the end of the day, you will arrive at your own conclusions. When the moment comes, you will know what's going to work for the future and where you are going. At times, life seems like a battlefield, as confrontations sap your energy. Take heart, it will only last for a few weeks. Beneficial colors are peacock blue and neon green. Lucky numbers are 5 and 18.
    Go to TopSat Apr 28: Indulge Yourself
    If you feel like indulging yourself, you deserve it after all your hard work recently. However, don't imagine if you let money flow out of one hand, it will float right back into the other. As you have learned to your cost, such an easy-come, easy-go approach often ends up in budget crisis. Luckily, you really are responsible, but be warned: you can become discouraged if you focus on the flaws and inadequacies in your life. Positive colors are strawberry and sable. Lucky numbers are 7 and 43.
    Go to TopSun Apr 29: Topsy Turvy
    Get out and meet new people, Libra. Do things that will give you the sense that you're using your potential. Allow yourself to explore and be experimental. Since you want to find the answers, and you're looking for inspiration, ideas flow thick and fast out of left field, so write them down in case you forget them! Keep some of your wilder schemes within limits -- life doesn't have to be totally topsy-turvy. Beneficial colors are golden rod and mother of pearl. Lucky numbers are 5 and 47.
    Go to TopMon Apr 30: In Your Face
    You're not standing up for yourself very well are you, Libra? You tend to compromise and adjust yourself to other people, in order to get rid of tensions and aggravations. Talk more than usual to your partners, both at home and at work. You need things out in the open, straightened out as simply and quickly as possible. Beneficial colors are rose and burgundy. Lucky numbers are 62 and 10.
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