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    Richard Giles, writer, astrologer and Feng Shui consultant, was born in Adelaide, South Australia, spending his childhood in sunny bliss in the climate of the City of Culture. The Vietnam war and conscription turned him towards another way of life. Spiritual journeys in Thailand, India and Indonesia with Buddhism and meditation led him to a new analysis of the world. He took up the study of astrology and more recently Feng Shui.

    Richard lives in sunny Queensland in the cool mountains in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, where he works as an astrologer and Feng Shui practitioner doing consultations and continues writing for various magazines and newspapers.

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    2002. Chinese Year of the Water Horse   part 2

    Year of the Horse February sees the commencement of the Chinese New Year. Traditionally, using a Solar calendar, the Chinese start the year on the 4th February and begin a new animal cycle in their zodiac. The New Moon of 12th February, 2002 however, is the official New Year celebration day.

    Fire is considered to be the energy of spiritual illumination and rules inspiration, spiritual teachers and gurus, so many will rise to prominence during the year. Some will help mankind. We could also be in for a few surprises from others as the element of Water exposes them to scrutiny by literally having Water dumped on them making their original promises or appearance dissolve like vapour.

    Psychic awareness is ruled by the Water element so the human psyche will also receive much attention during the year 2002. Expect that the issue of psychic powers will receive much more prominence in the media and become accepted by many at all levels of society. Ordinary people who have no experience of psychic abilities may find themselves opening up. All in all a very active and rapidly shifting year.


    What's personally in store for individuals this year? Lets look:-

    THE HORSE: (Born 1930/42/54/66/78/90/2002) This is going to be great year for the Horse - your year. You'll be in a positive mood and feel very successful. Avoid too much strain over your work and goals. Allow it all to happen and keep a steady pace.

    THE SHEEP: (Born 1931/43/55/67/79/91) A busy year for you. The Sheep and the Horse have a special affinity so this is going to be a good year for you. Get ready for big moves and changes. Working together in partnership is important for you this year.

    THE MONKEY: (Born 1932/44/56/68/80/92) This is a year when you may find yourself having to move faster than you necessarily want. Make sure you can arrange time out for yourself now and again. Making snap decisions is on the cards this year so allow yourself to do it that way.

    THE ROOSTER: (Born 1933/45/57/69/81/93) At times this will be an unsettling year as things tend to move quickly. Its going to be a busy year and a good one for socialising as well. Its possible there'll be romance in the air. New challenging ideas come your way.

    THE DOG: (Born 1934/46/58/70/82/94) The Dog and the Horse get on really well so you can expect a very exciting and satisfactory year ahead. If you've prepared the ground since the Dragon year (2000) then you'll have success and recognition flowing to you now.

    THE PIG: (Born 1935/47/59/71/83/95) Be selective this year and take on things you can handle avoiding those you cannot. Communications will be important to you this year. Opportunities will present themselves from everywhere, even from your past. Take them.

    THE RAT: (Born 1936/48/60/72/84/96) The Rat is not in the best position this year as the Horse is directly opposite you in the zodiac.Expect opposition and some setbacks. Be cautious and be careful. Remain alert and assess everything that presents itself.

    THE OX: (Born 1937/49/61/73/85/97) You are used to a steady and patient approach to work loads. This year will test your patience as it will be a year of twists and turns. Practice your patience well and you'll be better able to deal with the Horse.

    THE TIGER: (Born 1938/50/62/74/86/98) The Tiger and the Horse get on well so this will generally be a helpful year. Much energy will be available to you so direct it well and don't burn yourself at the wrong end of the candle. Many areas of your life will flourish for you this year.

    THE RABBIT: (Born 1939/51/63/75/87/99) New opportunities will present themselves this year and whatever you are doing can go into acceleration mode. Now is a good time for new ventures. Go where these opportunities take you.

    THE DRAGON: (Born 1940/52/64/76/88/2000) A year for building your reputation and seizing the right moment when opportunities come your way. There will be some disruption and some surprises, so don't try to control everything.

    THE SNAKE: (Born 1929/41/53/65/77/89/2001) Last year may have been a time of much activity and work. This year keep going with the momentum generated and use it again. Keep a straight head though and don't take on as much this year. This is a very delightful year for friendships.

    Richard Giles is a Feng Shui practitioner and astrologer and is available in Australia for consultations on your home and business. Click to contact Richard Giles.

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    Year of the Water Horse: part 1 | part 2 | Daily Forecasts | Asperitus SpeaksYour Year Ahead

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