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    The Healing Power of Gems: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | Energy Egg | Love Egg | Wealth Egg
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    Uma Shankar Shukla graduated (B.Com) from Delhi University. He started teaching Astrology in the School of Astrology. Uma won a gold medal in 1997 in Astrology, having accurately predicted many events. He is skilled in providing health tips from Yoga and Meditation.
    He is now working as a freelancer with newspapers and magazines in India, providing articles on Astrology, Feng-shui, Numerology, Ancient Science, and Meditation etc. Uma enjoys writing, reading and listening to music. He has been married since 1998.
    Uma is a great contributor also to our sister site, TruthStar, as well as publishing his own Vedic astrology site,

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    The Magic of Gems (2)
    The Magic of Gems (3)
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    The Healing Power of Gems [part 2]
    the secret vibrations of stones

    Gems can protect us against the bad influence of malefic planets, for they release positive energy. They can also reinforce the good influence of the benefic planets, if used properly.

    Each gemstone has its own energy, which stimulates the body through the chakra system, in accordance with the individual horoscope. You should not attempt to use the energy of gems for healing without seeking the guidance of a skilled astrologer.

    We will now look at the character of some of the main semi-precious gemstones:


    moonstone Moonstones are a form of silicate from the feldspar group. They are examples of the commonest mineral in the earth's crust and are found in a wide variety of rocks. Their chemical composition can be written as the general formula X(Al,Si) 4O8 in which the X may be either Calcium, Sodium, Potassium or Barium. Moonstones in particular belong to the orthoclase feldspar group, found in igneous rocks such as pegmatites and granites or in crystalline schists and veins and in particular sedimentary ore deposits. The best known moonstones are found in Switzerland, Piedmont Italy. Moonstones have a translucency and a greyish white color that looks as if you are actually viewing the Moon on a cloudy night.

    According to Indian astrology, moonstones are also known as chandramanis or the semi-precious stone for Moon. People wear a moonstone to propitiate a negative Moon in the birthchart, or at times even if the Sun is found in a powerful but negative position, as it then provides a cooling effect.

    Wearing a moonstone brings about peace of mind , the ability to concentrate, the fruition of love and prevention from betrayals in love and marriage The waxing and waning of the Moon, a fundamental part of the astrological system, plays an important role in the determination of our destinies. Contrary to popular belief, the lunar phases of darkness that can creep into one's stellar chart in the form of the umbras and penumbras of rahu and ketu (Moon's nodes) merit close attention and treatment. More on the Moon's nodes.

    The moonstone plays the same role as the pearl in gem therapy, with one major difference: it is capable of causing a great deal of cooling that may result in the wearer being exposed to health ailments associated with colds and chills. Therefore it is better to wear the moonstone only in conjunction with another stone that is capable of producing heat, or associated with stellar bodies that are heat-generating, like the planet Mars (coral) or Sun (ruby). Ideally moonstones should be worn set in silver, with a stone of minimum weight of 5 and a quarter rattis on the little finger of the left hand. [One rattika = 0.59 metric carats. – ed.]


    topaz Topaz is found in Minas Gerias, Brazil, Nigeria, San Diego California, Rhodesia, Corneal, Mourne Mts, Ireland, Urals , USSR, Burma, South west Africa and elsewhere. Topaz occurs in its natural colour of golden yellow, but is also found in brown, red-blue, colourless or pink. Streaks in the stone are usually colorless and do not affect the astrological value of wearing the stone.

    Known by the formula AL2SiO4(OH,F)2, Topaz is used as a faceted stone and as a cabuchon. Cutting from crown to pavilion at the angle of 40 degrees brings out the best in the stone. Topaz, a lustrous stone, is the birthstone of people born in November particularly of the sign of Scorpio. It crystallizes in the orthorhombic system of silicates. It is often found as water worn pebbles, hence its identification with the water sign of Scorpio.

    Topaz is known as pushprag in Sanskrit, but is not to be confused with the yellow Sapphire. The two are often prescribed in astrology for the same purpose, namely that of strengthening Jupiter in one's star chart. The position of a square, opposed, or hostile Jupiter could mean the deprivation of love of a father, loss of affection with brothers, the minimizing of love of male members of the family and loss of repute, honour and prestige in literary, political and academic circles. The Topaz is worn as an inexpensive substitute for the yellow sapphire on the index finger of either hand, set in gold with a minimum weight of 4 carats.

    In part three of this article, Uma Shankar notes that each gemstone has its own energy, which stimulates the body through the chakra system, in accordance with the individual horoscope.

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    The Healing Power of Gems: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | Energy Egg | Love Egg | Wealth Egg

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