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    Yakutia Mystery: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Hurricane Katrina


    The Twilight Zone:
    Yakutia: Valley of Death  [part three]
    What Lies Behind the Tunguska Explosion?

    Continuing his investigation of these remarkable unexplained phenomena, Dr Valery Uvarov of the National Security Academy of Russia gives us more insight into this Siberian mystery. Across a vast area of sparsely populated Yakutia in Siberia can be found strange metallic structures and evidence of devastating nuclear-type explosions. Two years from now, 30 June 2008, will be the 100th anniversary of one of the most mysterious catastrophes: the explosion of a body from space near the Podkamennaya (or Stony) Tunguska River in Siberia. There can scarcely have been another event in the past century to compare with it.

    The total power of the explosion exceeded the combined power of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki more than 2,000 times over! Apart from that, the Tunguska explosion caused:

    • an anomalous glow in the sky that was observed as late as 10 days afterwards, and the intense appearance of silvery clouds;
    • massive radiation of light and heat;
    • disruption of the normal functioning of meteorological instruments and the appearance of surface earth tremors;
    • a tremendous sound wave that travelled twice around the globe;
    • the felling of trees over an enormous area of over 2,000 square kilometres;
    • weak traces of radioactivity, detected in tree samples and the polar ice layers dating from 1908;
    • anomalous properties of the soil and minerals in the area of the Tunguska explosion;
    • the unusually rapid growth of vegetation at the epicentre of the Tunguska explosion;
    • cooling of the Earth's climate in the following few years.

    Despite the fact that such a tremendous event did not go unnoticed, the first attempts to discover what had actually occurred in the remote Siberian taiga were only made many years later, in 1927. Since then, dozens of research expeditions have visited the area, hundreds of scientific papers have been written and several hundred hypotheses put forward about the causes of the event. Not one of them, however, has been able to explain fully the complex phenomena that preceded and accompanied the Tunguska explosion. Some of the phenomena observed by eyewitnesses simply do not fit within the framework of existing theories. Much of what happened then cannot be interpreted at all from the standpoint of present-day scientific thinking.

    More than that, one gets the persistent impression that we have come up against something completely outside the bounds of our customary understanding of the world about us. Perhaps today we are closer than ever before to a solution to the mystery that will become a turning point in the development of human consciousness. But it will require a certain boldness, the ability to look with an open mind untrammelled by the dogmas current in science in order to properly assess the most inexplicable episodes of the event.

    Scientific Evidence

    The work carried out by generations of scientists and researchers provided us with a very rich stock of facts and scientific material, making it possible to shed light on the true causes and nature of the phenomena that took place almost 100 years ago in the area of the Podkamennaya Tunguska.

    We shall not go over the key elements of each of the main known hypotheses here, but instead concentrate on those facts that have always remained in the shadows and for some strange reason have never been given the attention they deserve. Amazingly, taken together with an ancient epic poem, these facts present a completely different picture of the event that took place early in the last century.

    At the very beginning of this study, we should stress that both before and after the Tunguska explosion there were several other events connected with it in a certain way, being links in a single chain. Therefore, using the methods employed in criminal investigations, we shall combine them in a single "case". In order to see the reality that has for so long escaped the eyes of researchers, we shall have to shift our gaze backwards and forwards in space and time to look at events separated by tens, even hundreds of years.

    Grandpa Matvel and Valery Uvarov "Grandpa" Matvei (108 years of age), a witness of the 1908 Tunguska explosion, with the author at the Evenk settlement of Siuldiukar in 1997.

    To this end, we shall turn to the accounts of eyewitnesses, of which even in such a sparsely populated part of Siberia there were thousands. Even in the late 1960s it was possible to find some 3,000 people who remembered that extraordinary event!

    Before we turn to the facts, we ought to share what we surmised in the course of our investigation: an hypothesis about the Tunguska explosion that will be unexpected for many, but which was formed during the analysis of a large amount of data. Drawing on the testimony of thousands of witnesses to the Tunguska explosion, the findings of researchers, the text of the Yakut epic Olonkho, the reconstructed chronology of events and an analysis of the consequences of the explosions described not only in the epic but also through the efforts of scientific researchers, it is possible to put forward the reasoned suggestion that in the immense, uninhabited territory of northwestern Yakutia there is an ancient underground technical installation.

    A very, very long time ago, someone constructed in what is known as "the Valley of Death", a complex that still today is protecting the Earth from meteorites and asteroids. Of course, such a suggestion is staggering. It is hard even to contemplate such a possibility. It follows that for thousands of years, something existed alongside us that exceeds not only our current achievements but even our boldest fantasies about what might be achieved—and we failed to notice! Naturally, none of those who researched the various scientifically inexplicable consequences of the Tunguska catastrophe could have imagined that all the traces left by the explosions were the result of the activities of some ancient cosmic defence complex left by unknown builders!

    Local Legends and the Shamans' Warnings

    Here is one detail preserved in the ancestral memory of the local population, passed down through the millennia in an ancient epic poem. The legends passed on by word of mouth tell how this land was once suddenly wrapped in impenetrable darkness and the surroundings were shaken by a deafening roar. A hurricane of unseen force arose and the land was shaken by mighty blows.

    When everything had calmed down and the darkness had dispersed, an unprecedented sight met their eyes. In the midst of the scorched land, glowing in the sun stood a tall vertical structure that was visible at a distance of many days' journey. For a long period of time, the structure gave out unpleasant, ear-splitting noises and gradually diminished in height until it had disappeared under the ground altogether. In place of the tall structure there was an immense, yawning, vertical "orifice".

    In the course of our exposition of the facts, we shall present several texts from the Olonkho which testify strongly in favour of the stated hypothesis because of the obvious technological nature of the events described in the ancient tales. It is surprising that the people who translated and analysed these texts did not notice or even suspect this.

    Let us begin with a detailed reconstruction of events, trying to form an integral picture of what preceded and accompanied the 1908 catastrophe.

    The first to learn of the coming calamity were the shamans of the native tribes. Two months before the explosion, rumours of the approaching "end of the world" began to spread across the taiga. Going from one settlement to another, the shamans warned the people of an imminent cataclysm. The people began to move their herds from the upper reaches of the Podkamennaya Tunguska to the Nizhniaya Tunguska and further, towards the River Lena.

    The exodus of the Evenk began immediately after a suglan (gathering) of all the nomadic clans who moved around in close proximity, which took place in the month of Teliat (May). A secret conference of the elders had resolved that the cyclical course of their wanderings should be changed and that the clans should move close together along the new course.

    Then there was a big ritual occasion at which the "Great Shaman" announced the "End of the World":

    The ancestors said that they had to move from their traditional places. No one should be there after the month of Teliat in the month of Muchun [June], thus said the ancestors... The upper people want to visit Dulia... No one should see that.

    And so the nomads began to move across the taiga...

    Obeying some inner sense and supporting, as it were, the pronouncements of the shamans, the wild animals began to leave. The birds flew from their nesting grounds, the swans left the lakes and the fish disappeared from the rivers. An immense expanse of taiga, measuring several tens of thousands of square kilometres, lost its fauna. Only those who did not believe the shamans' words remained in the danger zone.

    All this speaks for itself. Obviously some early warning of the approaching event was given through the shamans who "spoke with the spirits of the ancestors". The animals, birds and fish reacted instinctively to the approaching danger, reacting to the negative influence of the Earth's increasing electromagnetic field in that part of the taiga.

    After studying the texts of the Olonkho, talking with local hunters and those still alive who remember the distant events, we formed the impression that the complex in question is scattered across different parts of the taiga and located mainly underground.

    Leonid Kulik
    Leonid Kulik, the first researcher into the Tunguska explosion.
    (1930's photo from the KMET Library)
    The Installation's Power Plant

    Destruction or deflection of meteorites and asteroids is achieved using a force field which is conveyed in concentrated form by some kind of electromagnetic formations that resemble glowing, fiery spheres. In essence, these are something like ball lightning, with the difference being that the largest ball lightning known to science is about two metres in diameter, whereas the spheres used to deflect or destroy meteorites are of gigantic dimensions—some 60 metres in diameter!

    It was their flight that was seen in 1908 by thousands of people across much of Siberia, with the result that the witnesses of the Tunguska event attributed the whole thing to the appearance of a series of huge ball lightning!

    The "plasma spheres" are apparently generated by a power plant located deep inside the Earth at a site that was quite deliberately chosen by someone. It is associated with a geophysically distinctive area of the planet: the East Siberian magnetic anomaly. The periodical Tekhnika Molodiozhi (issue 1, 1984) called it "a magnetic super-anomaly, the source of which lies at a depth of half the Earth's radius". In other words, the power plant of the complex draws on the energy of the planet and is itself to some degree, it would seem, one of the causes of this super-anomaly.

    Preparation for countering the approaching Tunguska meteorite (it was indeed a meteorite; Kulik was in a certain sense correct) began two months before the explosion, as is confirmed by the behaviour of the shamans and the fauna of the taiga. Roughly 10 days before the explosion, the "Installation" located in the Valley of Death shifted into an active phase. It was the activation of the power plant, and the increase in its energy level occasioned by the complex beginning its preparations for the generation of energy (electromagnetic spheres) acting upon the environment, that became the cause for the appearance of major atmospheric anomalies associated with increased tension in the Earth's electromagnetic field.

    The effect of the Installation was so powerful that in the 10 days before the explosion, in many countries of Europe as well as western Siberia, the darkness of night was replaced by an unusual illumination as if those areas were experiencing the "white nights" phenomenon of high-latitude summers. Everywhere there appeared, shining brightly in the twilight of dawn and dusk, silvery clouds stretching east to west that formed along the lines of force, like those that occur between the poles of a magnet. There was a sense, as noted by E. Krinov, one of the researchers into the Tunguska explosion, of the approach of some unusual natural phenomenon.

    Many years later, researchers from Tomsk came across a forgotten publication by a Professor Weber about a powerful geo-magnetic disturbance observed in a laboratory at Kiel University in Germany for three days before the intrusion of the Tunguska object, and which ended at the very hour when the gigantic bolide exploded above the Central Siberian Plateau.

    In part four of this fascinating article, Valery Uvaroz examines the personal experiences and eyewitness testimony of those who have been involved with the Tunguska mysteries

    Read part four of Yakutia: Valley of Death.

    Yakutia Mystery: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Hurricane Katrina

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