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    The Twelfth House

    The twelfth house describes the private and hidden side of life; your subconscious mind, dreams, the past, and those who wish you harm or work against your interests. The twelfth house relates to sorrow, disappointment, loss, institutions, secret enemies, solitude or confinement, hidden fears and worry. It is known as the House of Self-Undoing. As the 6th house from the 7th, it also has connection with the job or health of your marriage or business partner.

    Planets in the twelfth house reflect particular facets of these matters; for example, Venus in the twelfth indicates those who enjoy being with other people but may nevertheless be very shy in social environments. Their shyness may develop into serious lack of confidence, and as a result, they fall in love with anyone who pays them the slightest attention. Romantic experiences can trap them in other ways.

    The positive influence of Venus includes potential for remarkable artistic talent, and uncanny intuition about people as well as relationships. Venus implies those who are wise, compassionate judges or counselors, creative writers, or gifted poets. They are almost certain to experience secret romance. Their lovers or potential marriage partners may be dancers, reside near the ocean, have disabilities or belong to a minority race or culture.

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