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    Click to read Ronni's bio Ronni Lynn (Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Gemini) has been studying and practising astrology for over 30 years. She is interested in the psychological and spiritual effects that planetary influences have on us. Ronni uses astrology as a tool to help others evolve and develop their higher selves.
    Each month, with the event of the New Moon, we are given a space to renew ourselves spiritually, take stock of our lives, and recharge our energies. It is a wonderful opportunity to set goals for the month, writing down our deepest desires and heart-felt wishes. The new moon column that she writes will help readers find inspiration and guidance.
    Ronni is also a graphic artist and a classical singer. Visit her at her own website:
    Zodiac Art.

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    Cancer, by Jessica Galbreth

    New Moon Reflections
    the New Moon in Cancer 2005

    On Wednesday, July 6, 2005 the new moon will be in the sign of Cancer, the Crab. This will happen at exactly 7:03 am eastern standard time (12:04 GMT). When the Moon is exactly conjunct the Sun (sharing its astrological degree), it is no longer visible in the sky and at this point in the lunar cycle it is called a "New Moon". This occurs once every month (in rare instances, twice) and marks the beginning of a new monthly astrological cycle. Ronni's monthly column explores some valuable ways to get the best out of the new lunation.

    The New Moon signifies a start of a new personal cycle each month. It's a time to renew or revise our goals, reach for what we wish for most and renew ourselves. When setting goals or aspiring towards our dreams and desires it is important to keep a few things in mind. First of all, our wishes can only involve ourselves. We cannot try to change others, only our attitudes towards those people, in hopes that they will respond favorably to us. Another important aspect of this process is to meditate on the qualities of the sign that the new moon is occurring in. These astrological qualities will give us powerful hints on what to strive for, and how to approach or strategize towards what we want to accomplish.

    It is a good idea to set approximately 2-10 goals or wishes each month. The wording of your wishes should resonate within you, giving you a feeling of peace and joy when you read them back to yourself. If not, cross that wish out and try writing it another way, or go onto a different wish. Jan Spiller in New Moon Astrology also suggests that you do not combine several wishes into one wish! Keep your thoughts clear and separate, and write them down each month. I recommend a special notebook or journal exclusively used for this purpose.

    Write down your wishes as close to the time of the actual new moon as is possible. You have up to 48 hours to write them, with the first eight hours being the most potent.

    Visualize Your Wishes

    It is often best not to include a wish unless you can clearly visualize it coming into fruition within your imagination. If not, there may be preliminary steps you need to take first, so instead, try visualizing these. Trust your feelings and intuition in this process- you will know instinctively what feels right. Some wishes become realized soon after the new moon. Others are more resistant and can take many months. Keep repeating wishes each month until they begin coming true as long as you continue to believe that they are right for you. When things in your life such as people, events, and your own attitudes begin to "shift", welcome this new change as evidence that your life is changing as a result of your positive intentions. Each month I will share my reflections on the new moon based on the sign it moves into to help you in your own process. Using the New Moon in such a way is what I call Astrology in action!

    The Changing Moon

    On Wednesday, July 6, 2005 the new moon will be in the sign of Cancer. This will happen at exactly 7:03 am eastern standard time (12:04 GMT). Cancer, the fourth sign of the zodiac, represents our inner emotional nature and is ruled by the Moon. The Moon is always changing as is our emotional response as humans. The fourth house of the natural zodiac represents the home, childhood, parenting/nurturing, and feelings of emotional security or insecurity.

    The Language of the Soul

    Cancer's emotionalism helps to create our sense of self, creating an emotional foundation. I refer to this foundation as our inner home environment, or how we feel about ourselves in the core of our beings. In his series of books called Conversations With God, Neale Donald Walsch makes a profound statement: "Feelings are the language of the soul". During this month it is very important that we listen to our own feelings and that we honor them, as they are a window to ourselves. Feelings function as another language to us when there are no words to express an inner experience. This is not something that we can intellectualize but rather, just acknowledge. Our inner emotional responses need to be embraced without judgment.

    There are two kinds of Cancerian responses, as in all astrological signs; there is both the evolved (positive) and the primitive (immature) option. The positive/negative Cancerian axis involves emotional security versus emotional insecurity; self-love versus feelings of inadequacy. All of our feelings pass through a filter of one or the other. The secure person feels love, for example, unconditionally, without needing anything from the other person. Should feelings be reciprocated, this could be the foundation of a beautiful relationship. If not, the love just flows back to the self as another beautiful experience. After all, it was something from ourselves that brought the feelings of love to the surface.

    Feelings of Self Worth

    Love comes from the self and returns there. However, if your sense of self worth is lacking, you experience love as a "need". You may need the other person's love to cause feelings of self worth. Unfortunately, you will never be satisfied this way, even if feelings of love are returned. An external source of self-worth is temporary and out of your control, leading to more feelings of insecurity. You will never truly be satisfied until feelings of self-worth find their foundation in self-love. Self-love comes through self-acceptance. It starts with accepting all things about yourself, including your faults. Accept yourself exactly the way you are. If something needs to be changed, move onto a better version of yourself, slowly and lovingly, as you are only a work in progress.

    If you were fortunate enough to come from a childhood environment where you felt basically loved and nurtured this feeling of emotional security and the ability to bond with others has created a beautiful foundation of self-love for you. This is like a well that you can freely tap into when times get difficult for you emotionally. On the other hand, many of us had less than perfect childhoods, and some have even lacked a sense of being nurtured / mothered. This is an obstacle, but many people, with courage, can overcome early negative conditions. Through learning the process of opening up to yourself, and experiencing self-love, you will be embarking on a journey of growth and joyous discovery. In this case you have to learn self-love and realize on a deep level that you are worthy of this self-love. This means opening up the possibility of experiencing, taking ownership of, and appreciating all aspects of yourself.

    Receptive and Vulnerable

    Part of the Cancer influence is learning to become receptive and vulnerable to others whom we feel safe with. When we let down some of our defenses we open up the possibility of giving and receiving love. We can experience the joys of nurturing and being nurtured-either by another or by ourselves. Nurturing oneself is a Cancer theme! This is a good time to nurture our bodies- seek out health care for any physical problems, and generally take care of ourselves. A wonderful way to nurture ourselves emotionally is through self-acceptance by resonating our feelings. The first sign of self worth is realizing that your feelings count. Other people's feeling count too, naturally, but until you allow your own feelings permission to exist you cannot interact with others with any sense of authenticity.

    Sometimes we feel blocked, that is we cannot seem to get in touch with how we feel. More often than not, such blockages are caused by tensions or defense mechanisms blocking the release of our feelings. In this case it would be beneficial for us to try to "get out of our own way". We can get out of our own way by releasing tensions. A form of psychotherapy, whether traditional or unconventional might be a choice right now. Practices such as Yoga or meditation may help you release blockages. Did you know that when you release tense muscles you also release old emotional baggage? Every unpleasant feeling (or "blockage") that you have has a physical entity that you can sense in your body (usually in your muscles). Taking up activities that release unwanted muscle tensions such as dance, yoga, or singing/voice lessons can be very helpful.

    The Home Environment

    Since the sign of Cancer rules the home environment, this would be a wonderful time to buy or rent a new place to live, or to fix up your existing home. Anything that helps you feel more emotionally or physically centered and secure is favored during a Cancer new moon. Happy times with family and loved ones are favored now. This is the time to strengthen bonds between yourself and the ones you love.

    This is also an appropriate time to nurture yourself. Embarking on any positive self-improvement program can be just the ticket right now. It's a good time to begin daily walks, daily meditations, daily journaling, or to provide the body with more nourishing foods or supplements. It's just a great time to take better care of yourself. Just applying a little bit of daily effort to nurture yourself can enhance feelings of self-love.

    The next new moon moves into the sign of Leo on August 4 at 10:05 PM, Eastern Standard Time.

    Come visit me then or a day before for more New Moon reflections. –

    Ronni is also a graphic artist, creating designs that reflect astrological influences in the quest for beauty, harmony and balance. Her web site Zodiac Art features 25 designs for "Artistic Astrological Charts", unique gifts, birth announcements, and greeting card designs for each sign of the zodiac.

    In addition she loves all kinds of music and is a classically trained singer. She gives voice lessons and workshops.

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