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    Uranus in Aries: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Rune Magic | Fire Festivals | Uranus | Aries | Pisces

    Uranus in Aries [part 2]
    Turbulent Waters, Rising Fires...

    Neil Giles continues his examination of the p[otentially disruptive forces of the ingress of Uranus into Aries in 2010/2011. He notes that the study of history reveals a period of instability accompanying the ingress of Uranus into Aries, accompanied by waves of military or political conflict and geophysical disruption, including civil war, tsunamis, earthquakes, storms and occasional phenomena.

    In these last years, Uranus, the awakener, in Pisces has tumbled us deeper into a world of cloying or repressive control, laying us in among the machinations of secrecy, corruption and the power of hidden influence. Yet, as Saturn in Virgo, Jupiter in a swathe of signs and the Lunar Nodes have pressed Uranus hard, the world of secrets has been racked by revelations, further lies and remorseful but futile confessions by the guilty, shattering the foundations of false traders, the makers of corruption, embezzlers, corporate criminals and thieves. Though the creative and spiritual streams of our lives have grown or accelerated into a new proportion, we've come increasingly under the thumb of rules and regulations (Saturn in Virgo), enmeshed in the hidden plots or the plans of commerce, government and secret forces at work behind the social order (Uranus in Pisces).

    We've been conscripted to the war on terror, a phantom fiasco where multitudes of the military and trillions of dollars have chased around a force that may be only a few thousand terrorists, lead by a US hating billionaire who lives on dialysis when not wielding a Kalashnikov. Why it is that we in the West have trouble understanding that two countries, illegally invaded and driven to the brink of ruin with massive loss of life, want to fight back due to an increasing revulsion for US foreign policy is a mystery of remarkable character?

    War On Drugs

    We've been sold the drug of lies, the drug of truth and the drug of any chemical that comes to hand while repressive legislation and corporate greed try to discredit and ban natural healing, yet seek to gain absolute ownership of each herb and flower and so pursue their nefarious purpose. We are brain-washed into organizing our lives around the daily dose of pain-killers and anti-depressants we are all supposed to down while the drug companies pocket the dollars from the sale of these toxic cocktails. Food corporations send out gangs of armed thugs to persecute farmers who try to accumulate their own seed stock and pursue their livelihood.

    Socially and culturally, we have been skating on the thin ice of vain celebrity and social networking madness, riding a growing chasm between the rich and poor in a world where everyone knows everyone and yet no one actually knows anyone at all in the barren alienation of twenty first century neighbourhoods. We've had cyber assaults, hidden villains, the machinations of the secret or concealed natures and habits of the supposedly respectable and the strategies of the controlled and controlling. Who is the shrieking harpy that lurks beneath the mask of gentility? Who wields the knife or drives a car into a gathered crowd? Who is the enlightened teacher that steps from among the masses?

    With Saturn in Virgo in these last years, clashing over and over with Uranus in Pisces, we've had many collapses in business, politics, religion or education as poor foundations or poor practice undermined the structure. Perhaps we should just fall off the perch rather than continuing to pretend what we have is viable, acceptable or satisfying as a life experience. Pisces is the last of the twelve signs and marks the end of the Zodiac cycle where the spirit that knows the yearning for a return to the source and the heart of love merges with the divine will to be reborn as the fire of a new beginning. That fire is Aries the Ram.

    Sir William Herschel
    The Mask of the Ram
    The Ram

    Aries is the Ram, the sacrifice made for the Spring Equinox that marks the inception of a fresh turn of the astrological wheel. Under a thatch of red hair with a fearsome brow, the Ram is forthright and passionate, a warrior and a fighter, committed to justice or inclined to belligerence, ill-temper or impatience. The Ram will drop the head and charge, breaking down walls or crashing through obstacles or constraints, setting the new into motion or seeking fresh fields and pastures new. However, there may be half-finished projects, failed attention with detail or early demise due to a lack of committed endeavour. Exuberant, vigorous and forceful, Aries will be the individual of destiny or the non-compliant. The Ram must learn to be a diamond and endure, not a mood stone to shift with the moment.

    In this era, Uranus has donned the mask of the Ram, fiery Aries, announcing the start of a new cycle, as we prepare globally to turn once again with the Wheel of Animals, the Zodiac. The grinning and belligerent face is thrust sharply into the business of this busy world, kicking against the pricks or challenging the grip of repression in a passionate search for freedom and beginnings. Aries is a pioneer, a restless seeker who breaks new ground, opens the way to new territories and lights a fuse to the powders of change that explode onto the landscape as the cosmos turns the wheels of Heaven. Aries is also a pugilist who will lash out at an opponent or take action against opposition or enmity. Under pressure and the guidance of Uranus in Aries, will we lead or simply agitate and retaliate?

    The startling genius of Uranus in Aries will take the road of inspiration but the rebel born therein will steam and stamp his way in the climes of insubordination. On these, we step into a shifting world where we can ride the lightning to a new way of life or turn the bullets (literal or metaphorical) of discontent against a regime, an administration or a government whose oppression cloys with constraint. Relations with those higher in the food chain or more practiced with the mechanisms of power will come increasingly under challenge from groups and informed or angry folk that seek to break from the grip of control. The mood is unstable, inclement and yet a wellspring of inspired thinking and daring action. Along with storms and the whole raft of natural and unnatural disasters, we will find ourselves or other folk to be feisty, difficult, wilful and somehow how touched by the wand of wild and weird changes that spin us from our appointed tasks and off to some new group or horizon. While reaching for the future, some of us will revert to older skills and practices, based in strength, iron and physical vigour, all ruled by Aries the Ram.

    Did the Earth Move for You – Uranus Entering Aries

    The study of history reveals a period of instability accompanying the ingress of Uranus into Aries and the entries since the inception of the years AD bring waves of military or political conflict and geophysical disruption, including civil war, tsunamis, earthquakes, storms and occasional phenomena. So, here is a list of thumbnail portraits of the year of ingress for radical Ram. It was the Battle of Mons Graupius in 84 AD where the clinical military efficiency of the Roman Army under the leadership of Governor Julius Agricola broke the power of the massed tribes of Caledon, a wild band of warriors, dispersing them with grievous loss and assuring the Empire's possession of Britain.

    Next time around in 168 AD, the Han Court in China had to fight for survival against the Do Wk rebellion while Rome conquered Thessalonika and the death of the pre-eminent Ptolemy, saw a decline in the disciplines of science and astronomy. Again, the revolutionary one entered the sign of the Ram in 252 AD and Persia and Iran erupted into warfare, the Manichean Heresy was born to trouble the Church with questions on Christ's true nature, Armenia converted to Christianity and the Persians added further religious grist to the mill by invading the Armenians and seizing their throne. Once more around the traps and 336 AD brought the first 'official' Christmas, without the Noel, while changing the political landscape with the partition of the Roman Empire.

    The Dark Ages

    The Dark Ages began in Britain in 420 AD as Uranus entered Aries and the Roman Empire withdrew from the Island of the Mighty, abandoning it to chaos, disorder and conquest by the Northern folk. In 503 AD, Rome and Persia erupted into a cycle of sporadic warfare lasting for fifty years. In addition, Clovis the Frankish King and founder of the Frankish nation converted to Christianity, changing the course of Western history while Korea discontinued its traditional practice of live burial. It was 587 AD that saw Japan wracked by civil war and in 754 AD there came the founding of Vatican City, the impregnable fortress of the Church that still stands today, though the Frankish King, Pepin the Short invaded Italy. In 836 AD in Britain, the invading Saxons at last broke the power of the natives of Cornwall to settle there. The year 1006 AD fired the Heavens with the brightest supernova ever observed in history, lighting the firmament from the constellation of Lupus while 1090 AD saw the Arab fortress of Alamut occupied by a cult of assassins, the Hashshashins.

    Go Forward Read part three of Uranus in Aries, where Neil concludes his discussion of the ingress of Uranus into Aries, listing more historical examples, as well as various cultural references. He also warns of climatic instability, extremes of weather and threats to civilisation as we know it!



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