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    Stephen and Lynda Kane are awareness empowerment mentors for kitai practitioners all over the world. They also offer the Energy Solutions service for people suffering from chronic problems that haven't responded to conventional or alternative interventions.
    To contact Stephen and Lynda, please click here.
    Their excellent e-book, Hidden Secrets of Real Health, for restoring and protecting your health, awakening your healing talents and developing your energy awareness is available through

    The Energy Egg
    The Energy Egg (2)
    Energy Egg Update
    The Love Egg
    The Wealth Egg
    The Perfect Pendulum
    Environmental Stress

    The Energy Doctor:
    1. Healing through Energy Awareness
    2. The End of Depression
    3. Sick Medicine
    4. Why Medical Science Isn't Good Enough
    5. Recovery Through Homeopathy
    6. Walking the Spiritual Talk
    7. Putting the Pendulum Down
    8. Clinical Energy Awareness
    9. Living With Energy Awareness
    10. Awakening Awareness
    11. No More Allergy
    12. Attitude of Gratitude
    13. WIFI Dangers
    14. Increasing Wealth Qi
    15. Your Problem is Incurable
    16. Bad Medicine Attacks Herbal Remdies
    Opening the Stareye
    Accepting Now
    Being Alive
    Real Relationships
    The Dawn Light
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    Five Essences of Feng Shui
    Right Place, Right Time
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    Is Safe Sex Really Safe?

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    The Love Egg
    click to learn Hidden Secrets of Real Health

    The Love Egg
    the partnership power you need for higher energy relationships

    The new Love Egg, the Loving Relationship booster from our very own Energy Doc, Stephen Kane, is a marvellous new energy enhancing device that removes negative energies in our bodies that prevent us attracting loving relationships. The Love Egg creates a naturally harmonious state by restoring and rebalancing the body's subtle energies and purifying the environment of negative entities and environmental stress. Made of semi-precious red aventurine, the Love Egg will enhance the ki flows in you that generate loving relationships in your life. It will also remove the energy blocks creating difficulties in your current relationships and attracting new relationships. Let's take a look at what it takes for higher energy loving relationships...

    Many of our clients, delighted with the effects of their Energy Egg, have been asking us to create an Energy Egg for attracting or enhancing loving relationships – a Relationship Ki Generator! It's taken some time to get this Egg stable, but we're delighted to tell you the Love Egg is now available.

    Made of the semi-precious stone, red aventurine, the Loving Relationships Egg will enhance the ki flows in you that generate loving relationships in your life. It will also remove the energy blocks creating difficulties in your current relationships and in attracting new relationships. Let's take a look at what it takes for higher energy loving relationships...

    "Thank you again for all your help. I can't ever remember having such strong, positive energy... last night I went to a party and met a really lovely man! Not only do I seldom meet decent men, but I haven't had the energy to go to a party for years! It's amazing how good I'm feeling!"
    — A.H., UK
    Strengthening and Weakening Relationships

    Any form of relationship between you and someone else reflects a connection – a resonance – between your energy and theirs. For example, a close relationship with a friend reflects the presence of a resonance between your 4th chakras (an energy centre at the bottom of the sternum). Equally, a good working relationship with someone reflects a resonance between your 5th chakras (an energy centre at the hollow of the throat).

    One way of classifying the energetics of relationships is in terms of your “strengthening” and “weakening” relationships. A strengthening relationship is one in which a resonance exists between the same two chakras. Thus, in the case of an effective student-teacher relationship, there’s always a resonance between the 6th (forehead) chakras of a teacher and his students.

    Strengthening relationships cause some of your energy to rise. Simply put, the more your energy is ascending, the more you are creating a higher energy, more fortunate future for yourself.

    The Opposite Effect

    A weakening relationship has the opposite effect: it’s an energetic interaction between two different chakras, which causes the chakras to be damaged and some of your energy to fall. A damaged chakra expresses its malfunction as specific stresses that correspond to the area of the chakra that’s being damaged. For example, the stresses of the right and left energy channels in the spinal cord, where they run through the 4th chakra, are experienced as sorrow and illusory needs (clinging to things that are harmful for you), respectively.

    Apart from generating stresses in your life, weakening relationships also cause unfortunate states or experiences. They can damage your health ki, wealth ki, creativity ki, partnership ki and so on in ways that correspond to the development of problems in these areas of your life.

    Strengthening and weakening relationships are not directly reflected through your feelings. For example, if two people have a good sexual relationship, but, unknown to them, it includes a [weakening] connection between their 2nd and 4th chakras, they will develop a co-dependence that causes them to keep wanting the other to behave in ways that don’t reflect the other’s truth. So unhappiness will eventualy arise, as each partner inevitably fails to live up to the other’s wishes or expectations.

    "I went to my therapist and he remarked that my energy channels were much more open and accessible in the area of my back problem. And since using the Energy Egg on my partner, I'm much less stressed by him – amazing. Now I want him to get one and use it on me!"
    — C.H., UK
    Strengthening Relationships Generate More Fortunes

    When you have an intimate relationship with another person, your energy body forms multiple connections with theirs. Some of these connections will, hopefully, be strengthening, while others will be weakening.

    The more strengthening connections you have, the more you will experience your relationship as being fortunate, because it will increase one or more of your Fortune Ki’s.

    The Fortune Ki’s are five energies that generate your:

    • wisdom
    • inner strength
    • happiness
    • success
    • and awareness.

    The more weakening connections you have, the more your energy body will attract the Misfortune Ki’s:

    • confusion
    • harm (including illness)
    • fatigue
    • failure
    • and ignorance (i.e. lack of awareness).

    Even though the names of the fortunes and misfortunes refer to common experiences, they also describe the specific forms of energy that cause these experiences. So, for example, a weakening connection between your heart chakra and another chakra (not the heart) in someone else will weaken your happiness ki. In other words, it will cause you to experience your life as being duller, greyer, less fulfilling – regardless of how many good reasons (e.g. lots of money, nice possessions, a good job, etc.) you may have for being happy.

    So, as you can see, the impact of your relationships on your life [energies] is enormous. But since we are largely unaware of how our energies are being affected by others, we can barely discern most of the current consequences of our relationships let alone how they will affect us and our lives in the future...

    Forming Heart Relationships

    There’s one particular form of relationship that’s more important for your future well-being than any other. This is called a Heart Relationship, because it includes a resonance between your heart chakra and that of another person. The unique quality of a heart relationship is that it cultivates an energy that helps you transform the difficulties that arise in your life into more Fortune Ki's. Thus a heart relationship empowers you to change problems into new opportunities.

    As the years go by and our energy declines, we tend to become increasingly fixed in our ways. But when things go wrong, our ability to make them better depends on whether or not we have the internal resources to deal effectively with whatever is happening. If we don’t have such resources our ability to manage our new health problem, relationship problem, work problem, etc., will be inadequate.

    All people develop chronic problems or limitations in different areas of their lives over time. These issues reflect the chakras that have become damaged and the forms of life energy they are losing. However, the more you have formed heart relationships with others the more you will find yourself capable of effectively responding to new challenges. Heart relationships bring good fortunes and new energies into your life in ways that cannot be emulated by any other form of strengthening relationship.

    Heart Relationships with Lovers

    When we have an intimate relationship, it inevitably generates its own challenges in our lives. The energies exchanged through having sex enter various chakras where they start generating fortunes, or misfortunes, depending on whether they have been received through a strengthening or weakening connection. If it’s a weakening connection, the consequent misfortunes can only be resolved if there’s also a heart [chakra] resonance to provide the energy needed to transform the issues that appear in your life into higher energy fortunes.

    This is why an intimate relationship needs to include a heart resonance. If it doesn’t, issues will appear in the relationship that cannot be resolved. The energy essential for resolution of relationship problems resides within the heart [chakra].

    Creating and Cultivating a Heart Relationship with a Love Egg
    "When I received my Loving Relationships Egg, I was challenged in a number of ways around relationships... one lovely example: I recently told my mother I am not real with her – I told her a little more of my truth (which I would never have done in the past – unless wanting to suffer a deluge/attack).
    After a life-time of being told everything I do is wrong and feeling I was not important to her, nor loved, she apologised very very genuinely – and told me how important I was and how much she had loved me, and how she had not been able to show this, had felt this to be wrong. I did not ask for this from her, nor expect it, but it was so very lovely to hear."

    — K.E., NZ

    Although everyone has an inborn urge to create high-quality, Heart Relationships, the awareness energy we need to recognise such a relationship is often weak. Most people find it quite challenging to encounter or recognise a ‘soulmate’. And even when you have a heart relationship in your life, it still needs cultivating – just as you need to take care of a garden full of beautiful flowers.

    Positive feelings can arise through all kinds of energetic connections, both strengthening and weakening. But the only connection that empowers us to steadily grow beyond our misfortune-generating self-limitations is a Heart Relationship. Of course, many people are prepared to settle for something less. They are satisfied with a relationship based on money, status, looks, intelligence, education or other qualities that may make others more desirable to them, or good sex, companionship or security. But for those who wish for a higher-quality relationship that can steadily grow in depth over the years, only a heart relationship will do. If you wish for this quality of relationship in your life, a Love Egg is a potentially invaluable friend.

    Even though there are many theories about how to attract the “right” person into your life, none of the thousands of books on relationships, or dating agency programs, enable you to recognise a heart relationship, or to cultivate it once you have one. Academic theories and knowledge can, at times, be very helpful for relationship issues, but they don’t substitute for, or create, this essential heart energy in a relationship.

    The Love Egg is an Energy Egg that strengthens three flows of partnership ki through your body:

    • The 2nd chakra to heart chakra circuit generates sexual relationships that cultivate true love
    • The 4th chakra to 6th chakra circuit generates friendships that cultivate the fortunes: wisdom, happiness, inner strength and success
    • The 1st chakra to 5th chakra circuit generates colleagues who help increase the fortunes in your life

    Like the acclaimed Environmental Stress Eliminator (the Energy EggTM) and the Wealth EggTM, the Love EggTM functions fully automatically, as long as it’s within 5mm of your body or on an Energy Egg Transmitter. This causes it to cultivate flows of partnership ki through your body to attract and steadily increase your energetic capacity for current and future strengthening relationships.

    As for all Energy Eggs, the Love Egg is covered by our unique 12-month, full money-back, guarantee. This is to give you enough time to discover how you and your life start changing as your relationship-generating energies become stronger.

    The Love Egg Transmitter
    “I’ve felt a tremendous benefit and am feeling really good. I’m not reacting stressfully to difficult situations and my writing has tremendously improved. My doctor says I’m looking great, my energy is great and I feel so much lighter!”
    — M.B., UK

    The Love Egg must be kept within 5mm of your body (e.g., in a pocket or pouch). However, you can also keep your Love Egg on the revolutionary quartz crystal Energy Egg Transmitter which connects your Love Egg to you no matter where you are. So, if you find it inconvenient to carry around or are forgetful, you can keep your Love Egg at home on an Energy Egg Transmitter and be assured that you are continuing to cultivate your partnership ki no matter where you are. This is ideal for when you’re::

    • Sleeping
    • Swimming
    • Travelling
    • Wearing clothes without pockets

    The Energy Egg Transmitter is an Original KiTM program contained in a clear quartz base. You simply connect the Energy Egg Transmitter to your body’s energy field through the three main ki channels – known in yoga as the ida, pingala and shushumna – that run the length of your body and beyond (instructions included), then stand your Loving Relationships Egg on it. The Energy Egg Transmitter remains permanently connected to your energy field unless it’s re-tuned to someone else, or is physically damaged. This product is so good that it comes with a 12 month money-back guarantee.

    A Love Egg is 100 percent Guaranteed!

    As for all Energy Eggs and Angels, the Love Egg includes a 12-month 100 percent money-back guarantee so there’s NO RISK for you at all.

    Apart from the fact that the power of the Love Egg is so reliable that we can offer this guarantee, it also gives you enough time to experience the benefits of a Love Egg, without worrying about whether it will work for you. So get a Love Egg – and see for yourself!

    Go ForwardEliminate Environmental Stress! You can rely on the Energy Egg.
    Go ForwardBoost your Prosperity Consciousness! Check out the New Wealth Egg.



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