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    Year of the Water Horse: part 1 | part 2 | Daily Forecasts | EclipsesYour Year Ahead

    Saturn versus Pluto: the match of the year!

    Richard Giles, astrologer and feng shui consultant, has contributed this piece (written for the April/May edition of the Maple Street Coop newsletter) about the coming events around the eclipses of May/June 2002 -- a key time in this year of the Water Horse. Chinese astrology also predicts that June especially, will be a trigger point for better or for worse, for great moves in the world and in individuals.

    Hasn't this been an earth-shattering, ground breaking 6 months? It seems that we have lived a lifetime in just the last year and whatever we shared as our way of life in the past has been torn from us all leaving us unable to hold onto anything. While life goes on for some, many others have had their worlds turned inside out.

    Astrologically we live in tumultuous times. The advent of the 35 year Saturn/Pluto opposition cycle has come home to the world. I first wrote about this back in December 2000 (Coop Newsletter) where I outlined some triggers that could change the world -

    "The two of them (Saturn/Pluto) are about big, fundamental change in the foundation of matter around us. They signal the end of older patterns, the older order. This change will likely be accompanied by turmoil and possibly shortages or restrictions making the transmutation possible. With the changes come eruptions of suppressed tension against restricting circumstances perhaps bringing explosions of rebellion".

    Explosions of Rebellion

    Those "explosions" of rebellion were something most of us did not think possible on the night of September 10th 2001, but by the end of the next day we were reeling from the incredible shock of how fast the world could change. The "explosions" were tonnes of jet fuel ignited 80 floors above New York. The endless reruns of jets crashing into the twin towers, the US's greatest symbols of capitalism, brought the attack on the West into everyone's lounge room.

    To remind you again of Saturn/Pluto's opposition dates:- first was 6th August 2001 (at 13 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius), next was 2nd November (14 degrees) and the final pass is coming on 26th May 2002 (17 degrees). According to Raymond Merriman (Saturn-Pluto and the World Economy The Mountain Astrologer, Dec 2001) an opposition in astrology is like a peak life experience. Its the halfway point in the cycle of a planetary pair that begins at the conjunction -- it often correlates to a crossroads in one's path. Personally you'll be strongly affected if you have planets in the key degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius or Gemini and the effect differs depending on how your planets aspect those degrees.

    There's one more transit to pass, the finalisation of the opposition. It occurs May 26th (in Australia) which is also a Full Moon lunar eclipse, the first in a series of three eclipses over May/June 2002. The next eclipse which is solar, occurs on June 11th at 7.45 am (AEST) followed by a second lunar eclipse on 25th June. The day of the final Saturn/Pluto opposition, which occurs around 12.30 pm, the eclipse comes in less than 10 hours later at 10.05 pm. Saturn/Pluto will be less than a degree from the Moon's Nodes and this connects the opposition into the mass consciousness of the world.

    Mass Movement in Public Opinion

    Its likely in May there'll be mass movement in public opinion as people polarise between the two approaches to September 11. For example, public opinion surveys in Arab countries in early 2002 show more than 70% of those surveyed don't believe the USA's version of events. Whereas in the USA, still around 80% believe totally in George Bush's approach. Somewhere in between, many Europe countries no longer trust where the US is going. Bush's nuclear statements created a furor of response in the international community. Unilateral action by the US has frightened many supporters in the UK and Europe away.

    The Arab-Israeli conflict is deeply embedded in the Saturn/Pluto cycle. In 1946/47 when Saturn and Pluto conjuncted to begin their 35 year full 360 degree cycle (ending in 1982, when the current one began) the state of Israel was born. A solution to the question of Palestinian statehood must be found by May/June or the final cycle opposition will produce even more conflict there.

    Solar Eclipses produce large events in the external world. Traditionally eclipses are always associated with large shifts in political rulerships. This one on June 11th will be no exception sitting as it is on the Saturn/Pluto opposition and the Moon's Nodal Axis. It indicates that short-term, nationalistic agendas may win the day, but it doesn't look good for those authoritarian agendas and may see massive outpouring of protest and dissent in the northern hemisphere if the USA launches a war on countries like Iran or Iraq (Bush's so-called "Axis of Evil").

    Saturn/Pluto has so far lived up to all its promises. We have war, terrorism, authoritarianism, threats to world peace, nuclear perils and a loss of civil liberties in many countries associated with the "terrorist" threat. We also have the fantastic potential to turn things around, for people to see through the web of media manipulation that is now daily altering our view of the truth. Time will tell whether this is the turning point of a new world of internationalism to conquer fear or a New World Order based on loss of liberties and authoritarian control of the world economy that takes away all our freedom to live and trade as we want.

    Thanks to the Maple Street CoopNewsletter. Richard Giles is a Feng Shui practitioner and astrologer and is available in Australia for consultations on your home and business.

    Year of the Water Horse: part 1 | part 2 | Daily Forecasts | EclipsesYour Year Ahead

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