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    Leo, the Lion
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    2010 Horoscope Forecast
    Leo the Lion in 2010 
    reclaim your world!

    Giant Jupiter, the Lord of Fortune jollies up your house of finance and joint monies, encouraging you to take a ticket in the lottery of calculated risk. Saturn, the Measurer of Effort, in Libra brings travel, communications, education and business involvements or schemes into focus, urging you to lift your game and even alter the place, the players or the rules by which you play. Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld, sends you on a mission to review and then renew the routines and rituals of daily life, scouring the depths for the root of a problem, or working on the foundations of how you go about your business. Tick the boxes! There'll still be radical developments, romantic inclinations, or just plain confusion with partners—and you'll need to know which one you're dealing with, as they won't always be easy to distinguish.

    Midyear will open a door to the lights on a far horizon, revealing a flash of possible futures. One thing's certain... you'll need a change of diet, whether that's the diet of comestibles, environmental influences, work conditions, information, or people. Is it 'rubbish in, rubbish out' or 'quality in, quality out'? You're a feline of style: the regal one! Be stylish and informed in your efforts to get life on track the way you want it.

    First cab off the rank is Warrior Mars, moving in reverse in your sign. If it seems things are going against you, or you're unable to move ahead as you wish, slow down and review your approach or action strategy. You'll feel frustration or attract the frustration of others but, once again, the same solution applies. This is not the time to get a new project off the ground, or strike up the band for major do or celebration. Patience will be the only virtue necessary for a time, although being able to admit you are impatient or wrong (you?) will assist at crucial times. Watch for clumsiness (or irritation) and give yourself a licence to let off steam. Put on the music and dance—or bash the pillow until you feel better. You'll learn about yourself at this time, especially if you apply the rule and ask the question. If it's not working, are you doing it right? March 10 will see matters ease, as the feisty red planet creaks out of reverse and starts moving forward. Give things time to get back up to speed.

    Slower than Mars, but powerfully determined and implacable, is Saturn—on the move in the sign of the Scales and ready to shift the balance in your solar third house. It's time to listen, learn and apply the new knowledge, forging new associations, gaining education or info and brushing up on your skills and experience with the art of communication. When in doubt, consult someone older, or hire an expert. You'll deal with officialdom or older folk, but beware the bland or smooth response that gives nothing away. You'll also spend time in communication with cultured or artistic people. If you're working on new plans or a new direction, play the hand close to your chest. No blabbing or jumping the gun! You'll enter into new business schemes, or forge working relations with someone that is in some way your opposite.

    Exchanges with siblings or neighbours will be in the frame. You'll need to evolve a new style of dealing with any concerns, putting things on a new footing. It's time to enter a new phase of communication and thinking, one where the crucial pause for thought, or the delay, will play a part. Focus on digesting what's being said, and become a good listener. If you don't incline naturally, then circumstances or pressure will push you that way. You'll turn your focus inwards on an important long-term style or body of expression, or you'll somehow play the long game with your doings. Some of you will simply be quieter or less communicative. Prepare for a shift of culture or timing with travel of the 'round and about' or commuting kind. January and August will be turning points that will presage an end in a cycle of contact, or a change in associates or interests. Saturn hits reverse in Libra on January 13.

    Saturn returns to Virgo on April 6. Old issues or concerns with money or personal spending will resurface, needing attention and solutions. You'll finalize a contract or a payment schedule, so deal with the black and red of it. You may return to an earlier phase of income and spending, or revert to past margins, to solve an old problem—or because of an immediate purpose. You'll need to review the relationship between personal spending and major obligations such as credit or the mortgage, especially at the end of May. Be ready to deal with financial people, expert or nit-picking and critical. Sort what needs it, especially as Saturn moves forward on May 30. Dealings will be easier then. Saturn returns to Libra on July 21, sending you into a changing world of communications. Be sober and reflective as you take things in, learning to gauge people and their responses more skilfully.

    2010 Love and Money Relationships: the Journey to the Heart  Go to Top

    Venus in Capricorn, fresh from a crossing with Pluto first up, places the focus on social relationships as they operate or develop with work, health or daily life. You'll have come to a cyclical end with any one of those already, or you'll go down the road of transformation at some time this year. Negotiations over pay, staff or conditions will play a part at work, as will social or professional contacts in the turnover of health routines and daily business. Females will feature in social or working relationships, especially those experienced, uncompromising, or simply tough.

    If you've any thought of a work-related liaison, secret or not, give it a wide berth, as there'll be consequences of a powerful or determining nature. Relations with authority or with magnetic or manipulative people will feature in the daily turning of the world. It'll help to recognise when someone else is in charge. Some relationships will have an intense or karmic quality, so don't take interest or umbrage as an emotional shelter, work out what's going on. For the singles, a new relationship beckons from the cluster of contacts in daily life. For those in a relationship, you will find the practical necessity or the demands of responsibility will set a limit on romantic activity or the freewheeling life. Social activity may come more from work or day-to-day connections, and dealings with the public will feature for some. What will be important for this year is to find the right mix of love and money, so that you're not wasting effort or time on social or romantic involvements that don't really contribute, or give something to you.

    With Jupiter in Pisces and your solar eighth house from January to June and again from September to the end of the year, money will be the issue. You'll be looking for investments or financial ventures that will feather the nest or increase your holdings. Some will look to buy a house, whereas others will look to use what you have to make money, whether that be putting the cash on the line or drawing from the resources you hold. The important factor in financial dealings will be a serve of common sense. Where Jupiter is involved, there can be a tendency to gamble, take risks or generally go OTT. Take the advice of experts, study the wider picture of the markets and the financial climate; learn to sharpen your instincts, or trust gut feelings. This last does not involve rose-coloured glasses, or the wearing of them.

    With Jupiter in your solar eighth house, some of you will take an interest in matters occult, esoteric, or erotic. You'll decide to pursue an intensely personal special interest, or study topics which will open doors on the hidden forces at work in this world, or in your subconscious. If you choose this path, stay grounded and culture what you do through the teachings or advice of experts.

    Keep an eye on the period from April 20 to July 20 when Chiron, the Wounded Healer, slips briefly into Pisces and your solar eighth house. An unusual individual or situation will bring a new experience of intimacy, or open a door on what's missing in from your intimate experiences. You may be reminded of past hurts or concerns that involve your sexuality and consider therapy or healing as a solution. You'll also consider learning practical skills with an esoteric application, such as healing work or reading the Runes. This time will launch a new cycle, or simply bring a taste of things to come.

    2010 Home and Family Home and Family Go to Top

    With the eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn this year, there will be shifts in contact or proximity with family. Departures or arrivals will alter the operations of family life, coming as a consequence of intense personal change in the lives of others, or in your own life. Whatever occurs or whoever comes or goes, give yourself time to make the adjustments in the habits and patterns of daily life.

    On October 8, Venus turns retrograde in Scorpio, your solar fourth house. There'll be a shift or an unexpected reversal with family or domestics: the affairs of love or money will be the cause, or at the root of any changes. There may be absences or delays that affect romantic or personal life. There may be problems putting together purchases for the home, or with social gatherings or celebrations scheduled for the home. Some of you will find you're cooped up with an irascible individual, while others will find a key player is absent when you need them. Anticipate this period by being careful with the budget, keeping cash or credit in reserve for emergencies or the unexpected. Watch the temperature at home, as there may be tension in the air over the affairs of love or money: tension that could erupt in time, or with provocation. Wayward behaviour will catch you out, so stick to the straight and narrow. A family member may be unhappy or unable to contribute for a time.

    On November 8, Venus rolls back to Libra, causing a withdrawal or a downturn with social life or communications. Give yourself time to talk matters over or work them through. Others will contribute by their presence, or their absence. The Goddess rolls forward on November 18, bringing relations back into balance and setting the scene to restore good feeling or forward movement at home over time.

    If you're moving house at any point but especially at the end of January or August, check out the neighbours.

    button Work and Health Go to Top

    The march of the year brings a series of eclipses in your solar sixth and twelfth houses, as well as mapping the journey of Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, through the sign of Capricorn, a power set to transform daily routines or working life. One of the important things for you this year will be to look at any pattern of indulgence with regard to diet and change the habit of the underlying emotional response that drives it. For the most part, if you change the way you eat, you can improve your health and sense of well-being. That defines an important issue, because good eating is not just about 'going on a diet', it's about understanding what makes your body tick and why.

    Conversely, it's also about what holds the body back, or impedes healthy function. Watch patterns with food or drink that are enforced by social situations, or the camaraderie of the workplace. Make sure you're not doing something because everybody else does. Equally, examine your diet and health routines as they organise themselves around the pattern of work or daily life. Watch for 'eating on the run', the junk food fix, and other indulgences that simply go with the pattern of the day or the people you're around. If you make the hard decisions to change the way you eat and look after yourself, you can benefit from this transformation. Don't focus on minor or fiddly adjustments, get to the nitty-gritty of how you do things and alter that.

    As Pluto, sailing through Capricorn clashes with Saturn in Libra at the end of January and again at the end of August, there'll be shake-ups or changes in work that will alter the sense of responsibility or authority that you have, thus changing your relations with co-workers and members of the public. Aim for the promotion, the upgrade through study, or the total change of direction. Some of you will consider a change of work, because you're unhappy with the stresses or the daily demands of the job you are in. This is an era in which to put healthy living high on the list of priorities, not sacrificing care just for the sake of keeping pace. Pluto in your solar sixth house demands over time a transformation of the routines and operations of daily life.

    2010 Career Matters Career and Finances Go to Top

    Saturn in Libra tests Pluto in Capricorn, bringing pressure to transform or transmute the daily circumstances of your life. With work, take the course that upgrades your skills, or apply for a new posting or position. Some will receive a promotion and have to deal with a significant shift with authority or relations with co-workers. Take a different stance, or get used to a different position. It may also be you'll come into conflict over the authority of others and have to work out a strategy to deal with the tension or irritation. Negotiation and diplomacy will be amongst the ways and means. Don't deliver a fiery blast or turn tail and stalk off. Instead, learn how to communicate—or stay silent in such a way as to get what you want in the end. A quantum leap in the art of communication will be a necessity, born of changed circumstances. For some, a health concern may cast an influence on issues of mobility, or matters of where you go and when. What is important here is the step up or the shift into a new corridor of operation. Learn the language and the skills to do things in a different way. For some, there'll be a quiet period of planning and subtle action to execute an important long-term move.

    A flash of fire begins with the move of revolutionary Uranus into Aries and your solar ninth house on May 27. He'll bide his time rather than journeying far, but will find himself in union with Jupiter, as the Lord of Fortune also hits Aries on June 6. For a month or so, new ideas will bedazzle you, or new horizons will call. Options for the future that flow from travel, study or legal matters will pepper the horizon with summoning lights. Set your sights, but look to 2011 before you really make the break for freedom. Unusual people or circumstances will open you up to a wider picture of the world, or to a journey of the higher mind. For some, a late marriage will open doors, while for others a remarkable individual or situation will alter your course. These two options may of course combine. All of this will unfold in time, as does the future. You might find an opportunity or plain good luck from early June to early September. Jupiter reverses on July 23, then flits back to Pisces on September 9. Nonetheless, your career will career in a new direction or location at a future point.

    2010 Mercury the MessengerMercury the Messenger  Go to Top

    Mercury moves into retrograde motion three times a year, for about three weeks each time. This phase heralds a time of confusion and misunderstandings that can affect arrangements, travel, transport, appliances, machinery and communications. The breakdowns that occur are a function of neglect, inattention, simple misunderstandings or component failure. They will often bring to the fore the very contingency we should have planned for and didn't. When the retrograde phase occurs, watch out for such possibilities as well as putting off major decision-making, or the signing of crucial documents and agreements. We tend to miss things while Mercury is in reverse motion and then have to come back and do them again. A process of review in the retrograde phase can efficiently show where problems might lie, helping us with damage control or the mending of things. Double check arrangements at these times! What you think you've said and what others have understood will often prove to be two different things.

    Mercury is in reverse in Capricorn as the year starts, clashing with Warrior Mars in your sign, also reversed. A powder keg with work or health is waiting for someone with little patience, or a wild impulse, to light the fuse. Don't fly off the handle if you don't have all the info, don't jump the wrong way under pressure and don't push the barrow of your own frustrations. Review routines or systems and reorganize to deal with anything that's gone amiss. If there's a health problem, it may well be brought about by stress, or by doing too much on the run. Work quickly but eat slowly and digest well. Watch the habits that come with your levels of daily activity or involvement. What you need is routine, not the irregular charge. Get to the bottom of communication difficulties, especially with co-workers and reorganize travel patterns to accommodate change. Service everything you need to work, including you. Mercury moves forward on Jan 15, emerging from the shadow on Feb 4.

    Mercury's second retrograde cycle starts in Taurus on April 18. There'll be testiness, especially in professional dealings, or relations with authority. Mercury turns tail in your solar tenth house, soon clashing with Mars moving forward in your sign. You'll have to act on the spur of the moment. If so, get it right and take authority for what's done. You'll have words over protocol, career, authority or organization; be sure to get the right end of the stick, as poor communications will be a problem. There'll be difficulty balancing your professional schedule against personal desires. Put duty first. Pressure or problems with money will be pivotal. You'll either have to adjust to new responsibilities, or revert unexpectedly to old ones. Watch for confusion about what's expected. If you're in charge, be thorough rather than speedy. Be diplomatic if dealing with the public. Mercury rolls forward on May 11, emerging from the shadow on May 29.

    The sign of Virgo and your solar second house is the arena of Mercury's third turn for the year, so money will be in the frame, especially personal spending and resources. Be sure you keep a bit aside for the unexpected expense or forgotten bill. Double check your payment schedules, account details on transfers and keep an eye on the general run of minor business that can easily get lost or go wrong. Discuss minor fiscal concerns with the relevant people. You will find a budget or a planned expense hasn't come out the way you thought. Watch for a hole in the pocket with loose change or small amounts and don't end up using the card because you forgot to get the cash. Don't cost yourself! This may be the start of a period of review. You may catch up with problems you've previously ignored, or you'll start on a course of remedial surgery with the ailing dollar. Mercury turns direct on September 12, favoured by Pluto, then emerges from the shadow on September 27.

    Last of all comes the busy Messenger in reverse in Capricorn from December 10, tearing up the pavements of communication with work, health or contacts in the daily routine. Prepare for changes of arrangements or poor communications; you might find yourself at odds with co-workers, or struggling with the public. You'll be overcommitted or have to split your attention to get through the schedule. If there's a misunderstanding, it will be just that, needing time for cooling off, or an effort at clarity. Someone will be absent at a crucial time, or support will be lacking or unreliable. As this carries with it a total Lunar Eclipse on December 21 in the sign of Gemini, there'll be a likely loss in communications with an associate, a business contact or a friend, especially so as Mercury moves back into Sagittarius on December 18. A divergence of opinion may cause tension or confusion. Someone will depart the scene, perhaps for good. You might find yourself with a shift in associations as an old link passes, leaving room for a new one to come. This will be a frustrating time, especially with equipment that doesn't work or people who aren't clear. You'll be back on old duties, or switched to less familiar tasks. If you're too busy or scattered, you could find yourself with minor ailments that will need a remedy. It's called 'rest'. Mercury moves forward on December 30.

    2010 Lady Moon Lunar Life with Lady Moon Go to Top

    Your Full Moon comes on January 30, touching up retrograde Mars in your sign, as he joins with Lady Moon on the occasion. You will be ready to spit the dummy or air the build-up of past grievances—and the slightest impediment to your progress will set off the fireworks. You may also encounter a tempestuous or provocative individual. There'll be a frisson or a fascination throwing off sparks, so don't get singed. You may find yourself frustrated over where you stand with someone in a personal situation or relationship. Someone from the past will come back onto the radar, eliciting feelings that surprise you or move you greatly. Check out what you want in relation to what others want to give, as fountains of feeling erupt under the love light of Lady Moon. Watch out for accidents if you're rushing about or boiling over because things aren't going according to plan.

    Your New Moon comes on August 10, bringing a dose of cosmic crackle. With Jupiter and Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn, pressure on the Lights will push for a reconfigured 'you' to negotiate difficulties or testing situations, where health or work will wrestle with a wider world of travel, study or the law. You'll have to adapt to the demands of a pressing situation, being careful to focus on what you can and can't say or do. You'll be looking to a broader horizon, but may not have the means or the opportunity to tread its sandy beaches or far climes. There'll be fiery tests, where devilled details or difficult people will impede progress. It will be a matter of 'what not to say' or trying to read a situation or a person correctly, especially when there's a basis for misunderstanding. You'll triumph or get through, but not with the broad or bold stroke. You may have to alter your image or presentation to meet specific conditions.

    EclipsesEclipses Go to Top

    Eclipses of both the Sun and the Moon often indicate the end of a cycle or a significant change in the direction or pattern of the affairs governed by the house in which the eclipse falls. Eclipses of the Sun may affect work, direction and relations with people in authority. Eclipses of the Moon may affect matters of home, family and emotions as well as relations with women and children. Both may affect your health.

    A Solar Eclipse comes with the New Moon in Capricorn on January 15. A contact, a task, or a usual part of daily routines or work will vanish from the schedule, for a time or in the long-term. This is not a potent eclipse, but there will nonetheless be disruption or delay in the execution of the daily round. A minor health matter may interfere with routines, or you may decide to rid yourself of a poor habit or practice that's become part of your day over time. There'll be a blip on the screen or an ending with a regular duty, or you may find that you're back to where you were with routines. Watch health and energy, take a remedy for what ails you, then see where you stand later on. As Mercury comes out of retrograde on this day, you may find that a temporary delay or change in tasks will have run its course.

    A Lunar Eclipse comes at the Full Moon in Capricorn on June 26 and you'll be bouncing like a ball in a cosmic tennis match, as Mercury in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn and both clash with Jupiter and Uranus in Aries. Crossed swords or haste will make safety the priority, especially where daily routines are involved. If it's an issue with work or health, will there be an expert or a means to find a remedy or resolution? Such a test will be tougher or more demanding than you think. If you're yearning for overseas adventure, don't plan it for this point, as you may end up with a health concern or find you're stranded or delayed on one side or the other of a vast body of water. There'll be harsh or hot words and you'll need to avoid overreaction or exaggeration. This will be crucial, as you'll need to negotiate a tricky or demanding situation. An end or a departure will affect the family, and legal matters or overseas travel will be involved. Health is crucial, so make changes to preserve or improve conditions. Diet or emotional life will be an essential area for review. A familiar figure will depart for a time (or for good), a female especially. There'll be a sense of loss with home or the usual security blanket.

    The New Moon in Cancer on July 11 brings a total Solar Eclipse into the hidden reaches of your solar twelfth house. Health will be a priority, so focus on what's needed for remedy or restoration, as your energy will be low or your diet or routines will need adjusting. There will be an end of an association or involvement in either a personal or a working sense, one that will come out of the blue. Someone will disappear or head to climes unknown, leaving you without a familiar presence. Such changes may be a temporary disruption, or they may be of a permanent nature. Somehow, a feeling of closeness or security will be tied up with whatever or whoever departs. You may end an association or involvement, or it may come to a close on its own behalf, taking you by surprise. A developing pattern of change emerges in your creative or spiritual life, as one cycle comes to a close or peters out, leaving a hiatus until you're inspired to begin something new. For some, there'll be a loss of faith, while others will just run out of puff. It may be that you'll be unable to continue with an interest or activity, due to a duty of care you have to provide.

    December 21 brings a total Lunar Eclipse with the Full Moon in Gemini. Once again, there's a problem or confusion with communication as Mercury reversed in Sagittarius joins the Sun to oppose the Moon at this blockage of the light. Poor communications or arrangements will contribute to problems with friends or groups. This will bring about a hitch or a glitch, where nothing goes according to the plan and there will follow an ending, either temporary or one of the 'stone cold' variety. A special project or an interest may fall off the perch and sit waiting for restoration, or a transfer to the recycle bin. Questions arise about where you're putting effort and time. Are you scattering effort? Do you have too many irons in the fire? If the answer is 'yes', it's time for an edit. A change in romantic or creative interests will bring about a change with social involvements with friends or groups. It may simply be that a friend or long time associate heads to another horizon. Be ready to say 'farewell'. In one way or another, there'll be a change with regard to mobility, ease of movement, or communication. Watch for problems with the car, the phone, or the PC.


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