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    American Catastrophe: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5Future Trends

    American Catastrophe part 4
    – Ceres & the Nodes

    Statue of Liberty

    In the earlier parts of this article, we looked at the effects of some of the fixed stars active in the attack chart. This section continues that investigation and expands the discussion to cover some other important aspects.

    We go on to consider the effects of planets and power points on the chart of the US, NYC and the US constitution.

    The major aspects in the chart of the First Attack are opposition between Saturn and Pluto and the opposition between the Moon and Mars, along with the inconjunct (quincunx) between Jupiter and Pluto.The Moon is also applying to the conjunction with the Dragon's Head (Moon's north node), a karmic power point in the chart which has the strength of a planet. Mercury is rising in conjunction with the ascendant and in partile (exact) trine to Saturn.

    As mentioned earlier in this article, in themselves these aspects are fairly unpleasant, but not enough to stimulate such a massive effect in the world. Their cumulative effect, combined with the stimulation of the fixed stars discussed earlier on the key charts of the USA, especially the chart of the US Constitution, the symbol par excellence of the Land of the Free, have set the scene for an extreme release of cosmic stress, violence, confusion, destruction and hatred.

    An interesting factor is the emergence of the asteroids (goddess planets) into a position of prominence in this situtation. In the New York City chart, attack Ceres (the great mother) at 9° 21 Capricorn is partile (exact) square aspect to NY Jupiter (growth; expansion; fortune) at 09°26 Libra and the NYC ascendant less than a degree behind. The great mother, or the principle of unconditional love, Ceres is the goddess of fertility, of the crops (we get the word "cereal" from Ceres). The myth of Ceres and her daughter Persephone explains the cyclic rhythms of nature. Ceres rules the cyclic structure of the natural world and the rhythms of womanhood and fertility, parenting and reproduction.

    Astrologically, Ceres describes the ways in which we face the issues of self-worth and self-esteem, relationships to our parents and children, attachment, dependency, loss, separation, rejection, grief, sharing, work and productivity.

    Attack Dragon's Head is exactly conjunct NYC natal Ceres. Attack Ceres is exactly conjunct the Dragon's Tail in the USA chart. Attack Dragon's Tail is exactly inconjunct US Ceres. This is most significant. When we can surrender our notions of eternal paradise and immortality, we can relinquish old attachments (often from earlier existences) which restrict or hold us back. Ceres shows that only when we have been humbled by and have accepted the mysterious cyclic forces beyond ourselves can we be restored to a state of true fullness. Then we can truly understand how our cup must be emptied in order to be filled afresh. Ceres shows where we form our strongest attachments. She highlights the kind of separations that can be traumatic, and what we may be required to give up (or share with others) in order to grow. Here are the ways in which we seek for something that seems to be missing, something we didn't get enough of, as well as the ways that can help us mourn such a loss. Ceres can also indicate the kind of experience that constitutes a rite of passage - the most profound transformation: the death and rebirth of the self.

    In astrology, the Moon's Nodes are not planets in the strict astronomical sense, but rather sensitive points on the ecliptic, where the Moon crosses from north to south latitude and vice versa. The body of the "energy dragon" is the fourth-dimensional path of the Moon by declination, as she weaves her web around the earth. The nodes are commonly known as the Dragon's Head (Caput Draconis in Latin), the North Node, and Dragon's Tail (Cauda Draconis), the South Node, although in Indian Astrology they are known as Rahu and Ketu. The Dragon's Head is considered somewhat benefic (good), whilst the Dragon's Tail is considered malefic (evil) in influence.

    The Dragon's Head (North Node)

    Aspects to the North Node concern or affect relationships to prevailing trends, attitudes and opportunities. The Dragon's Head represents your karmic objectives in this lifetime. It points the way towards soul growth and evolution. The sign holding the Dragon's Head reveals the flavour of your karma in this lifetime, while its house placement shows the area of life in which you need to develop, or become conscious of this karma. Square and opposition aspects from the benefics and conjunction, square and opposition from the malefics are unfortunate, according to the matters signified by house and planet afflicted.

    The Dragon's Tail (South Node)

    Aspects to the Dragon's Tail display the results of innate unconscious tendencies and karmic patterns as they emerge in the life. They tend to be separative and destructive. Any aspect to the South Node from any planet is unfortunate for matters to do with the house and planet activated thereby. Past life hangovers are represented by the position and aspects of the Dragon's Tail.

    These astrological functions do not in any way make the tragedy easier to bear, but they do place it in a context of a major shift in world consciousness -- and an outworking of a karmic wake-up call for all Americans and Westerners in general.

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    American Catastrophe: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5Future Trends

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