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    American Catastrophe: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5Future Trends

    in Relation to September 11th 2001

    We have looked at some of the astrological factors at work behind this massive catastrophe, as well as the curious role of the number 11. Now we will look more closely at the numerology, courtesy of Lyn Busuttil.

    Statue of Liberty A few weeks ago, feeling very unsettled I had an intuitive vision that something, somewhere in the world was going to happen, causing mass destruction of people which, would change our lives immensely.

    Approximately 11 days before the catastrophe in New York, I had a dream, there was an explosion of mass proportion, somewhere in America. Hundreds of people were killed, traumatised and lost under rubble.

    I rarely watch television, but, like most of us, our TV remained 'on' for most of the day of the 11th September (12th in Oz). As I looked at the scenes where the World Trade Centre stood and eventually collapsed I became increasingly uncomfortable – one scene of debris stood out more than most, it was exactly as appeared in my dream – a cold shiver ran through me. Needless to say, I began using the system of numerology to try and put some understanding into what had happened.

    These are my calculations:
    The ancient mystery temples had a pillar on either side of the entrance similar to the number 11.
    The pillar on the right is called Jachin meaning He shall establish.
    The left pillar is called Boaz which means In it is strength. (from Morals and Dogmas:9) .
    In numerology all Master Numbers have greater energy & stronger vibrations than the single digit numbers. For example:
    11's are Leaders & prefer to stand, alone. (The higher levels).
    2's are the Followers. (The lower levels).
    All numbers resonate to positive as well as negative & destructive energies or vibrations.
    The positive vs negative/destructive aspect of the 11 is:

    Positive: To illuminate light – to uplift all of humanity
    Negative/Destructive: To rule or to enslave others – to destroy

    The American people write their dates with the month before the day
    September 11th = 911 which happens to be America's emergency services phone number!

    In numerology 11 represents
    GOOD (positive) and EVIL (negative). How interesting that George W Bush used the word EVIL in his speech to the nation/world.

    More food for thought:
      this word may not contain 11 letters (though THE PENTAGON does - ed.), but lets look a little further;
      Each letter of the alphabet also has numerical value. The numerical value of Pentagon is 11
      contains 11 letters. More details later.
    • Some of our past (destructive) leaders such as:
        numerical value = 11
        numerical value = 11
        numerical value = 11
      All of them were evil leaders and misused their power for the sacrifice of humanity. So isn't it ironic how the accused, OSAMA bin LADEN's numerical value totals 11!

    For a more in-depth, or esoteric interpretation of the numerical value of letters in the alphabet, I have compiled something more for us to think about. Rather than using the single digit [the root number] I have used the 'Full' number to each letter in relation to it's position in the alphabet.

    Example: TORTURE (full nos.) (root no.)
        117 (36) 3 + 6 = 9
    9 represents HUMANITY (positive). If we look at the full no. 117 in the negative or extreme destructive aspect 11 = wrong use of power and 7 = in a sadistic way.
    Therefore, TORTURE on the higher and lower levels represents the wrong use of power to humanity in a sadistic way.
      FIREFIGHTER (full nos.) (root no.)
        111 111 (75) 7 + 5 = 3
    3 represents in relation to this word 'accepting challenges, wanting to do the right thing'. 111 'the helpers of humanity'.
      NEW YORK (full nos.) (root no.)
        111 111 (39) 3 + 9 = 3
    3 represents in relation to this city (in the negative) 'corrupt - slaughter' (in the positive) 'humanity'. On the higher and lower levels New York was the location were 'Humanity was slaughtered in a corrupt way'. 111 'The highest principle of the soul'. (The World Trade Centre being the tallest building where lots of lives/souls visited and were lost).
      AFGHANISTAN (full nos.) (root no.)
        100 (46) 4 + 6 = 10
    1 represents in relation to this country 'The leader into destruction'. 100 (being the ultimate number in numerology), The Journey's End'.
      CATASTROPHE (full nos.) (root no.)
      (A word used to describe the negative/destructive aspect of the master vibration of number 11) 126 (45) 4 + 5 = 9
    9 represents 'HUMANITY'. 126 (using each number separately), 1 represents 'Leaders', 2 represents (in the negative) 'Havoc and Disharmony', 6 represents 'the people'. Therefore, on the higher levels of leadership, 'The leaders of Afghanistan caused havoc and disharmony to the people – Humanity'.

    In the USA system of hobo signs, 11 stands for
    'here you can take whatever you want'.

    To conclude:

    The 11th card in the Goddess tarot deck, 'Oya' is the goddess of Strength. (Humanity certainly does require all the strength in the world at this current time).
    Oya, the Yoruba goddess is the patroness of female leadership and strength. The strength to create power between opposing forces. Perhaps we need to seriously consider women in power and leadership roles for the sake of humanity!

    Written & compiled by Lyn Busuttil, numerologist
    Adelaide, South Australia
    18th September, 2001

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    American Catastrophe: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5Future Trends

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