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    Future Trends: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5American Catastrophe

    Unfolding Astrological Themes  [part 2]

    Leading astrologer Ian Thurnwald continues his examination of the trends flowing out of the terrorist attack on the Pentagon. This part of the article describes some specific astrological themes which are about to unfold.

    The aspects of Mars which culminate over this period are the main indicators of what will occur. These aspects are: Mars/Pluto (30°), Mars/Jupiter (180°), and Mars/Saturn (150°). They operate from Sep 29 to Oct 1 in the USA, (which is Sep 30 to Oct 2 in Australia).

    Jupiter and Saturn are also in aspect (30°). This aspect operates from Sep 30 to Oct 12 in the USA, (which is Oct 1 to Oct 13 in Australia).

    A Mars/Pluto combination can indicate major changes brought about either by violent and disruptive energy, power struggles, or the imposition of power over others, or as a result of ambition, or long, difficult work. As this one is a minor positive aspect, it's likely to indicate change brought about through the intensive investigations which are underway the world over. There may be a breakthrough that produces damning evidence of a direct link between bin Laden's al-Qa'ida network and the terrorists. This needs to be evidence which can be made public and which will allay the fundamentalists, thereby giving the US a free hand to take action.

    The Jupiter/Saturn combination is another minor positive aspect. It suggests that the restrictions imposed by the circumstances (especially on the diplomatic front), which have demanded a patient and careful approach, will ease.

    In general a Mars/Jupiter combination indicates the culmination of a project. Positively this means successful action, successful conquest, but only if action is backed up by intelligent planning which takes account of the limitations of the situation. Negatively this can bring conflict through hasty action and an overbearing approach, or failure from overextending resources. Obviously, the US approach to date has been a positive one. In this case, the coincidence of the Mars/Jupiter opposition with a full moon alerts us to the fact that the project in question is one which began in earnest during the 3-day new moon period of Sep 16th to 18th. (1)

    At this time we saw US allies begin to pledge support for an international coalition against terrorism. It obviously also marks the start of intense diplomatic manoeuvring to shore up the support of certain Arab and Islamic nations. We also saw a stepping up of the military build up in preparation for the campaign. From the new moon to the 1st quarter (Sep 24th) we saw the intentions of the project being firmed up with President Bush declaring war on terrorism (Sep 21st), plans being finalised, and the promise of publishing the evidence being made (Sep 24th). (2)

    Again the obvious conclusion to draw from this is that the diplomatic foundation of the project will be set in place and, in light of what the other aspects say, that proof will be produced to show that this is a fight with just cause.

    The general negative influence of a Mars/Saturn combination has already been mentioned above, and there may be more delays. Positively, however, this energy manifests as working purposefully and with meticulous care in relation to the matters at hand. The fact that this aspect is the final one in this rapid sequence of aspects, is perhaps another indication that the fight against resistance (which is already underway on the ground in Afghanistan) has finally been legitimated and can proceed.

    Hand, Robert. 1976. Planets in Transit: Life Cycles for Living. Edited by Margret E. Anderson. Whitford Press: West Chester, PA.

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