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    Future Trends: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5American Catastrophe

    American Catastrophe:
    Future Trends for the Bush Administration
    ... and the World
     [part two]

    Note: this article has been reformatted to comply with current technology, but otherwise contains the same content as the article published in 2001 on this site at the time of the 9/11 attack on NYC.

    The first part of this article discussed the way Presidential Inauguration charts can show the development of issues under the Presidency. We now look at Bush's potential in more detail.

    Sun and Its Aspects
    Sun is conjunct Neptune in Aquarius/10th in the Bush administration chart. (2) This is not a strong combination of planetary energies by any means, except in the sense that it means that reality itself can be altered. As this chart is in operation for the next four years, it is well worth considering what Neptune stands for in some depth. While I have mentioned much of this before in other articles on this site, I'd urge readers who are unfamiliar with this material, the meaning of Neptune and Neptune in Aquarius, to read it before going any further.

    At best Sun-Neptune denotes weakness, frailness, impressionability, and moodiness; there is a tendency to withdraw from worldly involvement. But as this is a mundane chart, and as this conjunction falls in the strong 10th House, these debilitating traits do not so much characterise the administration itself but rather describe the issues and central concerns of that administration.

    Recent events have shown America, indeed the seat of government itself, to be vulnerable to terrorism. The chart for the attack on the Pentagon has the transiting Midheaven at 3 Leo in exact opposition to the midpoint of Sun-Neptune (see chart). This attack then, not only brought a period of depression, and of mental and emotional stress to the administration, but immediately ended (Immum Coli conjunct Sun-Neptune) the administration's isolationist stance to the rest of the world and put the country on a war footing.

    This administration's priority now is on shoring up defences at home as well as dismantling terrorist organisations abroad. In this context then, Sun-Neptune means the Bush administration will, necessarily, engage in a great deal of covert activity in order to achieve these goals. In other words, there will be much that will remain unknown to the general public on the military, diplomatic, and investigative levels throughout the course of this campaign.

    On the other hand, there is a real possibility that the goals of this campaign are too vague, too open-ended, ill-conceived, or just plain wrong. But, given the tenor of the times, outraged Americans will not be concerned with such niceties. In any event, we all should be prepared for the fact that this campaign will be marred by great disappointments and periods of chaos, because any Neptunian scheme always contains the potential to backfire upon its instigators.

    At another level the 10th House Sun-Neptune means that the President, as the figurehead of the administration, will come to represent something greater than himself, namely, the strongly felt desire to retaliate which swept through American society following the horrifying attacks.

    This article goes on to consider the effects of the aspects to the Sun and Saturn in the unfolding of this significant series of events..

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    Future Trends: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5

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