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    Future Trends: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5American Catastrophe

    American Catastrophe:
    Future Trends for the Bush Administration
    ... and the World
     [part four]

    Note: this article has been reformatted to comply with current technology, but otherwise contains the same content as the article published in 2001 on this site at the time of the 9/11 attack on NYC.

    We continue to discuss the influence of Saturn's aspects on the inauguation chart of President George W. Bush:

    Saturn's closest aspect is a partile inconjunct with Chiron in Sagittarius/8th, followed by a trine to the Midheaven. This is another indication that the evil which befalls the administration brings grievous loss and fatality (8th), it also shakes it to the core psychologically (Chiron in 8th) and demands readjustment and restructuring of its policies to do with public monies and criminal investigation (inconjunct aspect from 8th). As ruler of the 10th, Saturn's trine to the Midheaven, which it also rules, indicates that this Saturn-Algol event will be the defining moment in this President's administration, one that shifts the focus from domestic affairs to foreign policy (Midheaven in 9th Sign/House). And, with transiting Mars entering the administration's 9th just days before the terrorist attacks, the stage is set for military involvement in foreign lands. Fortunately, Mars, exalted in Capricorn, brings some semblance of realism and sober deliberation to the administration's foreign dealings. It also indicates the will to succeed.

    Another cautionary note: while Saturn-Algol is a dire warning of humanity's susceptibility to foul deeds of a bloody and ruthless nature, it also warns against perpetrating such deeds ourselves by acting with inflamed passion and intensity; by losing one's head (Brady, 1998: 188-191). (3)

    Saturn opposes Mars in Scorpio/7th.and squares Mercury-Uranus in Aquarius/10th. Mars is strong in Scorpio, but is actually less hot-headed than it is in Aries. Here Mars indicates that the open enemies (7th) of the administration will be fighters or technicians (Mars) whom are prepared to act ruthlessly and engage in wilful destruction to achieve their ends (Scorpio). However, any conflict perpetrated by such enemies will bring out the survival instincts of the administration. Mars in the Scorpio/7th also stands for the administration's allies and its army; both will act with full awareness of their defined goal. (Note that Mars has always been associated with iron and steel and also rules anyone who uses knives in their profession, such as surgeons and butchers.)

    Given what we've already said about Saturn-Algol, it's obvious that the opposition between Mars and Saturn shows us the perpetrators of the evil. Mars in hard aspect to Saturn is often referred to as the 'death axis' and the aspects of Mars/Saturn in this chart, which were all highlighted on September 11th, describe this in grim detail, including the fact that many women died. (4) In terms of the administration itself, however, Mars/Saturn represents the energy of endurance, the power to resist and overcome great difficulties.

    Mars/Saturn in square to Mercury-Uranus provides more detail about the perpetrators. Mercury can mean people who act as agents or go-betweens for others usually in the commercial sense, but also in the diplomatic and political sense. A negative reading of Mercury in Aquarius indicates people of this ilk who espouse Utopian or crackpot ideas, yet whom are willing to organise themselves in order to carry out their plans for 'reform'. In this negative context Uranus always represents rebels and revolutionaries, and, in Aquarius, it stands for even more rebellious trouble-makers who tend to exaggerate everything, in short, fanatical rebels or terrorists.

    Given all this, the conjunction of the planet of near-by travel (Mercury) with that of aeroplanes and air flight (Uranus), is an ominous warning indeed.

    Before looking at what Mercury-Uranus stands for in relation to the administration (see below) we need to complete this outline of Saturn's aspects by considering its square to Mercury-Uranus.

    This square of Saturn and Uranus is an example of a phase relationship in a cycle of the outer planets. Such cycles are always important and have a powerful influence. As such, the involvement of Mercury here means it is imbued with this Saturn/Uranus energy. Saturn and Uranus are antithetical energies. In a negative sense this tense combination of energies represents: violent people, the use of force, an intervention in one's destiny, the limitation of freedom, and the sudden loss of organs or limbs -- as in an operation, accident... or by being blown to bits. The more positive traits of this combination which the administration is likely to display are: tenacity, toughness, the ability to cope with every situation, the power to pull through and endure (Ebertin, 1972: 184).

    As to Mercury-Uranus in Aquarius/10th and the administration, this aspect specifically indicates the sudden change of mind and focus that the assaults on the nation brought about. This combination also suggests a strong power to get other nations on-side for the purpose of establishing something unprecedented in political history, namely, a world-wide coalition against terrorism. The aspects to this combination describe the details of this process and its probable outcome: The administration will quickly and correctly grasp the implications of this difficult situation and will act accordingly to advance its aims (square Saturn and Mars). The practical organisation of all of this will proceed in a prudent and deliberate fashion (square Ascendant). The administration and the coalition and their armed forces will act with courage, determination, and a strong likelihood of success (square Saturn and Mars). The motivation for all this is the desire to liberate the nation and the world from tension and ensure its safety (square Saturn) (Ebertin, 1972: 124-125).

    There is much more that can be said about this administration chart, but this will do for now.

    This article goes on to consider the effects of the aspects to the Sun and Saturn in the unfolding of this significant series of events..

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